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Does anyone here play Wizard101? c:


It's a game aimed towards kids, but that doesn't mean it's any less fun for us old folk xd.png


Discussion Topics:

  • What are your favorite pets?
  • Favorite main school?
  • Favorite secondary school?
  • Professor that gets on your nerves?
  • Fishing or pet leveling?
  • Favorite world?
  • Favorite professor?
  • Favorite mount that you own?

Here are my answers! c:

I really like ice pets, especially the Ice Hound and the Penguin! My current fav is the Red Panda<3

I always go back to Ice school, so it's my favorite.

I also always go for Balance as my secondary.

My least favorite professor is Myth.

I often get annoyed with pet leveling because it takes so long, so I usually end up fishing (it's good money!)

Mooshu and Marleybone!

The Storm and Ice professors are pretty cool, and the balance professor in Ravenwood.

The crystal unicorn and cloud wyvern.

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Gonna bring this back because I just got back into Wizard101 for the first time in 4 years.


-I have a spark beast, and she's adorable. My favorite pet out of the few that I have.

-I quite like life spells. The first time I ever played Wizard101 I made a life wizard. "Diana Ravenrider".

-Secondary, I like the fire school. Even though the spells fizzle out a LOT. My top wizard is a fire wizard. "Christina Dragontamer".

-If I could pick a professor that gets on my nerves, it'd have to be the myth school teacher (whose name slips my mind right now). He's an censorkip.gif.

-Pet leveling, because I love animals/pets. I'm new to the world of wizard fishing.

-My favorite world (out of the ones I have come across) is probably Grizzleheim.

-Favorite professor is Falmea, because she's smokin' (get it?).

-I only have one permanent mount and it is a crystal unicorn <3


I agree when you say that it's not only for kids. I'm almost 18 and thoroughly enjoy the game.

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i've had several accounts, one of which i actually made my email and password for my email account because i did not want to forget it


What are your favorite pets? i love the dragon!!!!

Favorite main school? probably fire or thunder.

Favorite secondary school? either fire or thunder...?

Professors that get on your nerves? idk, i hate the cow one

Fishing or pet leveling? pet

Favorite world? idk, haven't been to any worlds yet

Favorite professor? idk

Favorite mount that you own? i dont have any mounts rip


im gonna try and get the membership so i can get some coolio things

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