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Hello, lovelies. Welcome to my little sprite thread. :3 I'm not a super great artist yet, but I think some of my little sprites are pretty decent. I'll be keeping most of my sprites in the second post, just to keep the thread clean. Go have a look there, and tell me what you think. Any tips/criticisms/ect. would be helpful.


Like them, and want to help me improve? Then give me something to draw! Just know, if I have too much trouble with something (especially if it doesn't have any references) I'll have to decline and give you an unfinished sprite or no sprite at all. Here's a little list of things you should include if you want to request a sprite.


Subject: Give me a few image links if you can.

Pose: I crave images.

Colors: You should know this one.

Stuff/Setting: In a field, sitting at table, ect. I still crave all of the images.


Valentines Present for everyone:

user posted image

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They are simple and really cute. I love them, personally. They make me think back to childhood games I used to play on PC. I especially like that cheese. :3

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