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Hello! Most of you here probably haven't heard of me, I haven't really been active on the Dragon Cave forums. But hey, better late than never!

In all my years of browsing the internet for adoptable sites, I've never came across a Star Wars themed one, and I'd honestly love to start one where you take the role of a Jawa traversing the galaxy adding to your collection of droids. Of course there would be iconic droids like R2-D2, but I think bringing light to some unknowns through an adoptable site would be a fun idea to play with. I'd need...

Artists (I'm looking for spriters to do the droids, I'd like to see what others could come up with for other art aspects of the site

A couple people with knowledge of coding (I might only need someone who knows SQL, I've only recently been interested in this language)

People to write descriptions for each droid (If the droid is canon, the description must fit within canon)

Knowledge of any legal issues I'd run into

Site hosting

And of course players!

I'd love it if any of you would like to help, you'd be what makes this site an actual thing!

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