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First Lights

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First Lights


I shivered as I walked through the alleyway leading to my apartment. It's a cold and dark afternoon. It was nearing Hallow's Eve and it's around this time that I hesitate to go out except with my dragon companions. I feel secure with the healing powers of Carmen, a white dragon, who not only has healing over physical injuries but with emotions as well; and the soft singsong sound of Winterstream, a Solstice dragon. This year, without my dragon companions to keep me company, I went outside less and less frequently. I've felt the shadows increasing as winter approaches. It might also be due to the imbalance in nature that forced my companions to go on a quest. A quest that they see was dangerous for a human, even for a mage. I lit a fire on my palm as I pass the dark streets. It's also becoming difficult to do so this year. I sense something is wrong. I could easily magically light a fire despite of the temperature and snow. And it's not even snowing.


As I turned the corner of the street, I've felt a shadow lurking from behind. I ran to my apartment as quick as I can, fumbled on my keys and locked the door. I ran upstairs to my room and pointed at the fireplace. Instantly, light and warmth filled the room. I'm relieved that this was my last day to go out for the rest of the year. I already got supplies that would last me for a fortnight. I've also delivered all orders for my different coloured jar of flames, which people order to give as presents for the festivities. I ate dinner, read a book, and then went to sleep.


The next few days, I simply stayed in my room. Outside, I could see by the window, was dark. Few people were out which was no surprise. I however notice that the surroundings appear to be dark despite it being only afternoon. Houses appear quiet when there should be merriment for the holidays. People celebrate the winter festivities with the hope that spring and life will return. However, the general mood was dull


In the evening, I looked out my window to see if there were already houses preparing for the holidays with colourful lights and lanterns. I already see a few. I then noticed that in the dark corner just near the apartment, there was a soft warming glow. I thought it was only light coming from the neighbors' house but then I saw it move. I felt it approach and as it did, I felt a calming sensation. I had a great desire to follow it.


I quickly changed and put on my cloak. I brought a lantern with me as well. I went out and began to seek for the source of the glow. I managed to go to the next street when my lantern began flickering and I felt myself shivering. I continued my way. The next events were very vague. I remember passing out but not before seeing a shadow then a warm glow.


I woke up to the sound of Winterstream's chirping. She told me how she got here as soon as she can from the quest along with Carmen. She explained that the veil between the realm of the spirits and the physical world was thinner as Hallow's Eve approaches, allowing spirits to roam freely, but it also let the dark spirits enter. Carmen, who was beside Winterstream, said that it was lucky that Edelwina, a Spirit Ward dragon, was around to save me. It was then made clear that it was she who was the shadow that I've saw earlier, as well as the glow. She was the one who were keeping the evil spirits at bay. The gloomy weather was caused by a lot of spirits coming in, causing the great imbalance in nature, performing light-affiliated magic such as fire was difficult as a result.


Well, it all turns out to be alright. The spirits are with us as we commemorate our deceased loved ones, the Spirit Wards keeping the evil away, and the darkness would soon become light as houses hang lights and lanterns in preparation for the festivities.


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