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Anej's Pretty Pixels

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Hello, and welcome to my art thread!


I'm really new to the forums, but I figured I'd go ahead and post a topic for my art!


I am currently not taking requests, but that may change very shortly. Pixels


I mostly work with humans and dogs, but I'm open to new things, maybe even dragons!


Below you will find examples of both small and large pixels, as well as some other digital and maybe even traditional art!


If you wish to see more of my art that I don't post here, you can check out my Deviantart.





user posted image

Anyone who's a regular on Youtube might recognize the person in this pixel. It's Markiplier!


user posted image

Another Youtuber. Jacksepticeye!


Works In Progress

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image



user posted image

A vent drawing.


user posted image

Another vent drawing, though this time more positive! Drawn as a thank-you to My friends, Markiplier, and the community behind Markiplier.


Digital Art



user posted image

A birthday gift for someone on Wajas.com.



Another gift for a friend on Wajas - One of my Wajas - Another one of my Wajas - Yet another Waja of mine (unfinished) -


Traditional Art



user posted image

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