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Flame249's drabble dump

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Alright so I'm not a drawer who likes to post their art... Unless they're dragons for dragon requests but I do write, and hope to do it for a living later to on, so for your entertainment I while occasionally write story requests! For free!*


*but if want entire books with chapters a stuff I will require an egg, cause unfortunately I will have another thing to do...




Ehhh I don't have a title for this yet...



Lyf sat at the table, impatient. Skye mirrored her, fidgeting on his seat. They both wanted to get see the results of the day. She to get her shade wolf, Skye to celebrate. Lyf frowned, a hint of bitterness in her thoughts. Skye never seemed to care about the calendar date, and she had been almost certain that he had forgotten yesterday, but Lyf stayed composed as she hadn't wanted to make Skye's horrible day worse.

But he had rushed out after the lecture and Lyf had went to bed before he came back, she reminded herself, he could have gotten the gift then so she couldn't see it before her birthday. Sighing, tired off this topic she turned herself to the shade wolf she would bond with. Wondering what colour it would be, its personality, and if the bonding would hurt. Skye had insisted that it hurt a lot to tease her, or maybe he wasn't teasing she worried.


She jumped out of her chair excitedly, that was the summons! Hastily she shoved Skye toward the door.

“come on! Come on!” she cried, her voice reaching it's highest pitch. Skye stuck his tongue out at her than walked hurriedly toward the door. Excited as she was for the festival.


The ceremonies of age were typically boring, but the twelfth year was special, as it symbolized the twelve Shade Lords, the protectors of Lotia. Lotia was the island they lived on, separated into four countries. Tila, the land she lived in; then Catina, Dragia and the Badlands which where inhabitable, the only things living there being monsters. Tila, Catina and Dragia were on the left of the island, and the Badlands on the right. The only thing separating them from the monsters of the Badlands was the lake of purity, where the Shade Lords lived. Each land was given a gift, Tila had shade wolves, but the other lands were secretive about their powers.

As Lyf hurried to the center of her small town she went over this information, seeing as she would probably be tested on history if she got her shade wolf today, as a reminder of who to thank for the wonderful gift. In her haste and distraction however she tripped on a rock and landed sprawled on the ground

“honestly Lyf, how could you take care of a Shade Wolf if you can't even take care of yourself?” Skye sighed in exasperation, Lyf stuck her tongue out as she picked herself up and dusted herself off.

“the same way you do” she replied “which includes plenty of glue and window shards” Lyf grinned as Skye frowned at her, it wasn't often you could one up your older siblings so Lyf took every chance she could take.

Turning around Lyf raced into the square, intent on reaching the stands before the others, in order to get the best seat. Every year when someone turned twelve, they had to sit on the stands with there family, shade wolves included, but the stands in their village were small and cramped, and unless you got their first you were likely to get pushed to the edge. Delighted with the empty stands she wasn't wary of the tall steps or the sharp edges and almost hit herself on both. Hissing as Lyf barked her toes on the last step she blinked away tears of shock and sat on the middle of the stands.

“No!” she heard Skye cry as he reached the stands, turning her head to look at him, Lyf saw a satisfying look of dismay at the now cramped seats. Muttering to himself Skye squeezed beside her, intent on staying as far away from the edges as possible.

As her parents and their shade wolves filed in Lyf couldn't help but wonder what kind of shade wolf she would get, they typically followed their partner's personality and hers was nothing like Skye's or her parents...


and End!

this is a drabble that I want to later add a plot to, written at home when I was bored, so yeah if you would like me to write something about you dragons in you lair or even a short drabble for characters you have here, I will need the practice!


Requests (I.E. drabbles, holiday writing, little situations)



Large Story Commissions (I.E. if it requires chapters... large plots.... can be called a book)





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Finished works



what are covers you say? well I'll tell you...

when you artsy people look at an piece you really like you can draw a cover or fan art to make a cover for the drabble!


just fill in the template and submit your art!


[SIZE=7][COLOR=purple] Covers[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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Original Characters


Drabble thing I wrote



The Party





Kestrel’s firm expression said it all, the denial was unnecessary, still Reega persisted.


“You know I’m going to be fine, I’ve done this like, a million times” It was true, party crashing, along with just general interruptions was a bad habit Reega got into a long time ago. Kestrel often wondered where she got it from, seeing as she had never done something to inspire that particular fault in her, no, violence was Kestrel’s quirk, she stopped licking her blade a while ago and her work in soul crushing was permanently done but that didn’t mean that bloodshed wasn’t a major part of her job. She was just… less obvious about it, no need for Reega to know everything about what she did.


“Reega you literally just slapped him in the face a few days ago, Roy isn’t going to appreciate your presence, besides, I hear that umm” here was the delicate part, it wasn’t exactly a lie, but it wasn’t exactly a truth either “Our dad plans to crash to and I don’t want you to… die” Blunt, and not entirely accurate, but enough to convince her not to go right?


“If he shows up I’ll make like you and stab him” Reega said viciously, slightly proud of Reega’s aggressive behaviour Kestrel half smiled, before returning to her serious expression, she still didn’t want her to go. Kestrel knew very well that Reega could never bring herself to kill anyone, she got sick at the sight of elemental stones, and those were just implications of death, the soul crystallized. Besides, Kestrel wasn’t really afraid of Cody showing up, mostly just of how many people Reega would have to fight or what would happen if she was arrested, a lot of silver dragons rested on her head and Kestrel knew many unsavory personals willing to die for that money, which they would, if they touched a hair on Reega’s head. If Kestrel wasn’t there to make sure Harper and Reega got out of there in one piece they would actually have to use the fury element, which Kestrel wasn’t to keen on them doing. It was useful enough she granted, but it wasn’t reliable and it often inspired uncontrollable rage and bloodlust, which was her thing. Bloodlust didn’t look right on those kids faces, better to leave that to the veterans in the whole keep the world in relative order thing, then again, she, Emma and Aragon the 1st kinda failed at that, considering the whole Cody killed all the draconians thing. Kestrel was lucky Reega didn’t blame her for that.


“I said no Reega” Kestrel said firmly, starting to lose her patience, raising Reega without help had been a harrowing task indeed, she scarcely believed she had succeeded, then again, something must of gone wrong seeing as Reega was arguing with her. “And if I come back to here that you and Harper have gone I swear I’ll burn Aragon’s house down”


Reega cracked a smile “which one?”


“Both” Kestrel said indifferently



Several Hours Later



“Soooooo did Kess say yes?” Harper asked


“Nope” Reega answered “she said she was going to burn down both of the Aragon’s houses if we left”


“That would make them mad” Harper replied, then letting the silence stagnate for a bit they sat together in perfect harmony.







………….“so when do we leave?”


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