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Hey mods-- I PMed a few of you about this but never got a response, so please tell me if I'm not allowed to do this. The other Indomita thread is run by someone who's now inactive on the site and the post hasn't been updated for half a year, and I thought it would be okay if I made another thread. I will be active and update this regularly.


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Indomita is a wild horse simulation game. You can create your own horse characters and guide them on their journies through the island chain of Paradisus. Lead your characters through their lives and experience the triumphs and failures they may face. Help them to become the best possible version of themselves, whether that is as a brave explorer who makes useful and exciting discoveries for the herd, or maybe as a silver-tongued diplomat who use their special set of skills to take what they want. The opportunities are endless!


Indomita's a relatively new game about wild horses-- instead of normal racing and stables, you control wild characters who roam the land of Ortus in herds, packs, and even small, tight groups called catervas. Gorgeous artwork, lots of lore, a detailed genetics system and a really fantastic and close community are just a few of the things that Indomita has.


Limited registration is opening June 1st and closing June 2nd, so get a spot while it's open! Click on the picture above to register.


**Note from me: I no longer play Indomita, if someone else wants to take over the thread, PM me.

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EDIT: See my update in the next post.

Indomita is closed now. It was a fantastic game, and I would have seen myself going there for years to come.

Posted by the owner, today, apparently:


To The Indomita Community,


It is with a heavy heart this morning that I sit and write this announcement, knowing that it will cause stress and anger for many of you. Due to recent events, Indomita will be closing indefinitely starting immediately. As I'm sure many of you are aware, in the last couple of months we've been targeted as a staff and a community by a series of malicious cyber bullying incidents as well as brute force attempts on account of staff members and players alike. I just can't allow this. I can't allow anyone's security to be compromised and I can't allow any member of my staff to continue being viciously targetted. It has become very clear in recent days that there is not much we can do when there are outside as well as inside individuals seeking to destroy something that I've loved very much.


Indomita was created during a very difficult time in my life. I had just moved 8 hours away from home where I knew only my husband. I had no job, no local friends and nothing to do with my time so I set about positively using that time and soon became obsessed with the creation of this game. It gave me an outlet that I desperately needed and it was amazing when so many people seemed to love it as much as I did. I loved that. I loved coding new things and watching the reactions. I loved chatting in the chatbox with people and spending Sundays playing bingo with everyone. It was an amazing time. And then things changed as the game began to grow and it was very clear that the small, close community we had cultivated was not quite the same any longer. It's as much my fault as anyone's for being lax and giving people the benefit of the doubt. I see now how wrong that was and that decision ultimately led to this one in a sad chain of events that I couldn't have predicted.


I've never previously been involved in administration of anything of this sort. I've never even modded a game. All I had was my experience coding and my love for the content and that is gone now. I hate that the cyber bullying has taken such a toll on me but it's the reality of the situation and I can't in good conscience leave this game up knowing full well that I just can't maintain it. Just logging in now is a stressful endeavour for me as much as it breaks my heart to admit.


To all of the sweet and loyal players that have been amazing throughout, I appreciate you so much. I was and still am proud of the majority of this community who is funny and sweet and brilliant and creative and all the things I could have ever hoped for. You guys made it worth it! Please go forth and turn that awesome energy into something of your own! Make wonderful things. Keep being wonderful people.


Several other members of staff asked to have their own emails listed should anyone need to contact them. Please be aware that they are not personally responsible for any of these things that are happening and I ask that if you choose to contact them, you do so with the respect and love they deserve. They all have been very willing to talk to anyone and everyone that would like to keep in contact. They are all truly rockstars and I'm so thrilled and thankful to have had the chance to get to know them.

Kyte - kyte@indomita.net

Azende - azende@indomita.net

BengalFanatic - bengal.indomita@gmail.com

Fayrii - fayrii.indomita@gmail.com

Lyrastrae - lyra.indomita@gmail.com


If you should need to contact me for whatever reason, I can be emailed at lucy@indomita.net as per usual. I ask that you not contact me with pleas to reconsider as I've wrestled with this decision for months now. It is what it is. I hate it and I know you'll hate it but I just don't know what else to do at this point. I can't continue to live with this amount of stress and I can't continue to allow it to weigh down on our staff and the portion of the playerbase unfortunate enough to have been directly or indirectly involved. It's been a real pleasure playing and getting to know many of you. I'm thankfuly to have had the opportunity. Thanks for making Indo what it is. I love you all!


- Lucy

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Update: Indomita is back! Registration looks to be closed at the moment, and they are still getting back into the swing of things, but all looks well on the western front, as far as I can tell.



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I'm on Indomita! Indomita is, in my opinion, a unique sim that focuses on character development. You get to pick a rank for your horse and determine their personality. It really is a cool game. All players are on the same map and can join herds, bands, or a number of different factions. You could also start your own faction.

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Before anyone else decides to join this I figure I would post my experiences with the game:


It punishes you.

No really, if your internet goes down for any reason or you cat breaks your laptop and you can't get on to the site I lost my first couple of horses because they were killed because I was inactive.


I was out of state back in December-January visting relatives because christmas and new year. When I came back all my horses were dead.


Fast forward to when I had the stupid idea of giving the game another chance in march, I hated having to log in every day or risk something bad happening to my animals, it was then that I noticed similarities between the art style and photographs . One being a blue bird in a issue of Missouri Conservation. I did a little digging and found a few posts on tumblr by a former user who called out the main artist for blatant thieft by using non stock photographs from professionals and magazines to digitally recolor and sell for money on use in Indomita.


The final straw was when my cat decided to break my laptop which knocked me off of the internet from mid April to may when I got it fixed. (it then broke again in August, but I got it replaced with a Macbook which is another story)


When I came back my horses were dead, again and a colt I had adopted had a new owner.


I asked them, since they'd had the colt a day at BEST if I could have my horse back. Told them what was going on, ext...




Asked Lucy if she could restore my horses


got told that all of this was my own fault for not playing often enough.


Broke TOS on purpose after first asking her nicely to close my account since I had no option to on my end. I had had it and hate the site.


The "you are banned" email I got later didn't even talk about the fact that I WAS THE ONE that requested it.


There was some other BS going on in Indomita too. But I'm not going to name names or what they did.


They also said that having the horses only grow when you're active on site was unfair to the breeders. Howrse, Horse Eden, there might be others but these are the ones I know about just for horses but anyway the animals only grow when you are online.




Not to mention when Lucy did close the site-abruptly and without warning she didn't refund purchases made on it.


At all to anyone despite the fact that they had basically wasted money on a dead pet site.


As if the punishments for not playing and working with a known art thief weren't enough she stole money.


Lucy doesn't even know enough about computers to get a IP Ban working properly. I'm "supposed" to be totally banned from the site. But I could still access it - and this was before it went down. i'm not even sure if her lack of a ban carried on to the "new site" at all.

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