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Dragon Cave egg identifier for the TI-83/84+/SE

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I working on making a program for the TI-83/84+/SE calculators.



Dragon names/descriptions

Egg sprites (coming soon)

Search feature (coming soon)


Installing program:

You'll need to use TI-Connect to send the programs to your calculator, just look up a tutorial.


How to use:

To execute the program, press [PRGM], select DRAGCAVE from the list, and press [ENTER]

Select VIEW

Input a number from 0 to 129

It will show info about the dragon you selected.

(there's an animation in my signature)


Later versions will allow you to type the dragon's name or description, the number thing is just temporary.


This might not work on the original TI-83, and future versions (with egg sprites) will definitely not work on it.



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