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Spriter's Alt Lineage Trading

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This thread is for trading your spriter's alt lineages. Dragons here can be any breed and any gen, however MUST have a spriter's alt of some sort in the lineage.


Remember, this is not for alts like alt blacks, this is for spriter's alts. See this list if you are unsure what a spriter's alt is.


The dragons you ask for do not necessarily have to have spriter's alts in their lineage.



- You must wait 24 hours before bumping any trades.

- Your dragon must have at least one spriter's alt in the lineage

- Use the /lineage code instead of the /view code when linking your dragons

- Do not post if you are not posting a trade. If someone has broken the rules, send them a PM instead of posting in the thread.

- IOUs are not allowed in the 'have' section of your trade. You must have the egg/hatchling on your scroll to be able to trade it.


If you do not provide a trade link in your post it is assumed that offers can be PMed. You are allowed to include other contact methods, although it is easiest just to use a trade link or PM.


If you have any suggestions to this, or if you have made a badge to put in siggy's or something, feel free to PM me.


Enjoy trading your spriter's alt descendants!

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Closing. The thread is a duplicate of many existing trading threads - those eggs/hatchlings allowed to be traded here can already be traded in the existing threads. I'd left this open for a while to see if there was enough interest in such a thread but there has been no interest by forum members so thread will now be closed.


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