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Any comics you'd recommend?

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I've been lacking comics to read lately so I was hoping to get some recommendations on what to read. I mostly read things like Garfield and comics from the DC universe but new ones are certainly welcome.^^


Also, suggestions on different arcs/issues of DC comics would be great. I haven't read too many anyway.xd.png

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the Marvel "Civil War" series is awesome. it deals with the Mutant Registration Act. (if you played the video game Ultimate Alliance, its the comics that plot was based off of. i think the movies are also gearing towards including it after the new Avengers comes out) adding onto that, the Red Hulk arc in the Marvel universe, i've heard, is fantastic.


the Marvel Weapon X series is good as well, with Woverine and Deadpool especially happy.gif


anything Deadpool is better than free chimmychanga's at a mexican restaurant.


and the Batman "Death of the Family" series is fantastic. centers around the Joker just messing with the Bat wub.gif



i've also hear great things about the Apocalypse series and four horsemen saga with the X-Men (which is the story arc the new x-men movies will be following, though i'm unsure which main character will be playing as Death in the movie.) the arc where Gambit is Death is my favorite, and that also involves the mutant massacre as a pre-event to it iirc

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Try The Good Neighbors by Holly Black. It's a short trilogy but so good. Especially if you like faeries, faery tales and folklore.

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With Deadpool, I would recommend the original run (1997-2002) and Cable and Deadpool, as well as Rick Remender's run of Uncanny X-Force. If you want his very first appearance in the Marvel canon, check out New Mutants #98. (Just...don't look for a physical copy unless you want to drop about $150 for one.) Also, if you decide you like him, and since you read DC comics, check out the first Superman/Batman annual (the title is "Stop Me If You've Heard This One"). Cross-company appearance FTW!


And speaking of DC stuff, the regular Superman/Batman series wasn't bad, if you like either or both of those guys.


I imagine you've already read them, but if you haven't, definitely check out Batman: A Death In the Family (note that this is entirely different to Death of the Family), Batman: The Killing Joke, and Arkham Asylum-A Serious House on Serious Earth.


I'm seconding Sandman. If you haven't, PLEASE do yourself a favour and read it.


Also, Hellboy is great. If you want to check it out, start with Seed of Destruction and Wake the Devil.


Pretty much everybody has read them by now, but I have to add V for Vendetta and Watchmen to the list. (I'd mayyybe say From Hell as well, but you'd probably want to skim that and see if it's the kind of thing you'd like. Transmetropolitan is another really classic series, but also probably not for everyone.)

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yes everyone needs to read The Sandman, I enjoy a lot of Neil Gaiman's stuff

Mike Mignola's world is great Hellboy, Abe Sapien, and B.P.R.D.

Transmetropolitan is a funny and great story

Jhonen Vasquez the creator of Invader ZIM, he also has Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, I Feel Sick, and Squee!

Jack Kirby's The Demon 1972 (The Demon Etrigan)

I prefer early Deadpool over new Deadpool


also good are

The Dreaming

House of Mystery 2008

House of Secrets 1996

Shade the Changing Man



I cant think of any others right now

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