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The Untold Story

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This story is warrior cats based. And its based off of a game that Falconstar made and its called Warrior Cats untold tales.




It was a warm evening in Greenleaf when a blue gray tom, no older than eight moons old, wondered around his Twoleg nest. The sun was beginning to set on the horison. The sky turned slowly into shades of pink, red, orange and yellow as the sun went down, the young tom felt the urge to try to touch the sun as he climbed up on a desk and put a paw to the window as he reached out. Frowning as could only touch the glass from the window, he wished to be free...like the clouds above, moving freely and not ordered around as he was here, in his home where he couldn't go over the fence because of his housefolks and he was sometimes yelled out or ordered around by them, sighing as he kept watching the sun.

Moments later, a female twoleg entered the room. She filled the tom’s bowls and called his name, ”Falcon!” Falcon perked his ears up and padded to the twoleg and nuzzled against her. The twoleg smiled, reached down to pet him and then walked away. Falcon sighed as he began to eat. He was tired of the same routine every day. He wanted his life to be more adventurous and challenging, rather than living the soft, easy life he was living now. Falcon finished eating, though he ate very little because the food his housefolk gave him was tasteless. He had always wanted to hunt real live prey instead of the tiny pellets that his twolegs passed on as food. Falcon settled down in his nest, for it was getting even darker outside. He closed his eyes and tried to sleep.

Drifting off into a dream, Falcon opened his eyes and found himself in the heart of a lush forest filled with prey. He sniffed the air and began to stalk a mouse. Just when he was about to make the leap to kill the mouse, he got distracted, so the mouse got away. He gave up the hunt and sighed. Suddenly, his dream got interrupted. Falcon was no longer in the forest, but he was at a place with a large pond in which showed the full moon’s reflection. “Hey Falcon,” a voice spoke. Falcon wasn’t sure where the voice came from or who was talking to him. “Who are you and where did you come from?” Falcon responded nervously. A few seconds later a white she-cat with black spots and blue eyes padded out from behind the trees that were behind him. “My name is Pandaspirit, and I’m from StarClan” the she-cat meowed. Pandaspirit? What an odd name and what is Starclan?… Falcon thought. “Starclan?” Falcon echoed. Pandaspirit nodded, and explained. ”I used to be a warrior of a clan, and Starclan is where the spirits of warriors go when they die. “ Falcon only nodded.“Why have you come here?” he asked. "I have an important message for you," Pandaspirit replied, "For many cats to survive Falcon needs to make the Untold happen out of nothing. With the help of a small group of unknown cats, who will need to learn to work together, this might just work."

~Chapter 1~

Falcon gasped as he woke up,looking around the room as everything seemed normal;the dream he had was so real. What did Pandaspirit mean? I must be losing my mind... he thought and yawned as a female twoleg had come into the room again,but this time holding his food dish as the twoleg reached down to pet him. Falcon purred. Although, he wasn't very fond of the soft life he was living now, he still enjoyed the attention he won from his twolegs every now and then.

Falcon sighed, ignored his food, and walked outside and climbed the fence that bordered Twolegplace with the forest. He stared out into the forest and thought about his dream from last night. "For many cats to survive Falcon needs to make the Untold happen out of nothing. With the help of a small group of unknown cats, who will need to learn to work together, this might just work. "What does that even mean? Falcon wondered as he continued to stare into the trees.

As he looked out into the trees, he didn't notice that a black tom with white paws sneak up on him before hearing a leaf crunch under the paws of the cat. "Hey Socks," he greeted his friend who had climbed up onto the fence with him. He felt the green eyes of his friend look at him. "The forest is a dangerous place Falcon, once I heard a cat down the Thunderpath say that he nearly got eaten alive by a wolf." Socks mewed with a shake of his head.

“I had a weird dream last night, Socks,” Falcon told him. Socks tilted his head and meowed, “What was it?” Falcon wasn’t sure if he should tell his friend about Pandaspirit and her message, but he decided it couldn’t do any harm. “I met this cat, Pandaspirit, who said that she was from Starclan and used to be a warrior of a clan before she died. Then, she also gave me a message,” Falcon explained, "For many cats to survive Falcon needs to make the Untold happen out of nothing. With the help of a small group of unknown cats, who will need to learn to work together, this might just work. "Falcon finished repeating the prophecy as he looked at Socks who looked at him as if he was crazy. "You’re a good friend Falcon...but did the twolegs put something in your food? That's no offense but crazy..." as the black tom steadied himself on the fence, as Falcon grumbled. "It felt so real.... do you believe me?" he asked his friend who looked at his paws. "Well...I doubt you would make up what Pandaspirit told you, but...it just seems so strange," Socks meowed. Falcon gave a nod in agreement as he looked out into the forest,he ached to go into the woodland, but he knew his friend who try to stop him or make up a story just to scary him from going in. "Thanks for believing me Socks..." he mewed as he watched as a sparrow flew and landed onto the ground which was a couple of fox lengths away.

"I'm going to see if I can catch it..." Falcon mewed before jumping from the fence and into the forest ground as his friend gasped. "Falcon! Get back here!" he hissed, ignoring his friend's pleading words as he got into hunting crouch, it was like being in a dream, except for real as he tried to slowly sneak up on it. Falcon eyes narrowed at the bird as he lunged at it but saw a flash of black, white and brown crash into him. "Hey!" the unknown voice complained a little, blinking and regaining his sight as he saw a tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes on top of him.

"Sorry about that, but do you mind getting off of me?" he asked as the she-cat jumped off, standing up and looking at the loner. "I forgive you,” she said laughing, and my name's Spotted, what's yours?" the she-cat now known as Spotted asked him before replying. "Falcon, my name is Falcon." as the she-cat purred. "I hope to see you again soon, I have to be going now-" she was cut off by a yowl coming from deeper into the woods. "HELP!" as Falcon watch Spotted tense as she gasped. "Dawn!"

~Chapter 2~

Spotted looked at Falcon, and meowed “Come on we have to help!” She dashed off into the woods. All Falcon did now was follow his new friend, the yowl of the cat meant that she-or he was in trouble and he wanted to help, besides...he couldn't let Spotted face the unknown enemy all by herself. He watched as suddenly the she-cat halted, looked past the tortoiseshell and saw a gray tabby she-cat with green eyes under an oak tree, being cornered by what looked to be a strange-colored dog. “Oh no, it’s a fox!” Spotted hissed.

"Leave my friend alone you mouse-brain!' Spotted spat at the fox before turning to him, "Stay back..." she warned before jumping into battle as Falcon watched with amazement and fear. He watched as the two cats battled the fox. Falcon wanted help, but he didn't know how to fight. After for what had seemed like a couple of minutes, the fox gave up and letting out yelps of pain as it ran off. He went over to the two she-cats who were now covered in scars and blood, "Are you two okay? Sorry I couldn't help, I don't know how to fight" he said, sheepishly; the gray tabby looked up at him.

"Hello, my name is Dawn and you are?" she asked friendlily. Her green eyes were soft and she had a calm, nice look to her. "My name is Falcon,” he replied, “but what was that creature?" he asked as Dawn and Spotted chuckled, for he had heard what Spotted had called it. "That was a fox; I stumbled upon its den." Dawn explained. “Falcon nodded and asked, “So what were you doing out in the woods?” “I was trying to hunt, “Dawn meowed in response. Falcon purred and meowed, “That’s how I met Spotted. I was trying to catch a sparrow until Spotted and I crashed into each other.”

Spotted gave a nod in agreement with him, looking at the wounds the two she-cats both had. "Are you two sure your okay? Those wounds look like they hurt a lot." Falcon mewed as he saw Dawn flinch a bit. "My shoulder aches; I think I dislocated it." Falcon nodded when suddenly he saw a calico she-cat pass by. She must have heard the fighting for she asked, “Are you three okay?”

"We’re fine," the two she-cats answered together as Falcon cut the two off. "They're not fine," he protested. He glanced at the gray tabby and tortoiseshell, who sighed in defeat from trying to hide the pains in their wounds. "What he said," Spotted finally admitted as her ear-twitched a little. "My name is Falcon, the gray tabby is Dawn and the tortoiseshell is Spotted." he introduced, when Dawn asked. "Who are you?"

The calico she-cat answered, “My name is Fruity; I heard fighting and came to see if anyone needed my help. “We do,” Spotted meowed, feeling a little unsure of whether she could trust Fruity or not. Fruity sensed Spotted's uncertainty about her, so she meowed," Don't worry you can trust me." Spotted only blinked; her green eyes brightened a little. "Okay," she meowed at last. "Do you know how to heal wounds?" Falcon heard Dawn ask. He gave her a puzzled look. Fruity nodded and meowed, “Now let me help.” Dawn and Spotted let Fruity treat their wounds. Suddenly, Falcon heard his housefolk call him,” Falcon!” he heard. Falcon looked at Dawn and Spotted, “Sorry,” he meowed,” I have to go home now.” “Bye Falcon!” Dawn and Spotted both said. Falcon said goodbye to them as well and headed home.

Falcon climbed up his fence, noticing that his friend Socks wasn't there anymore. He jumped down into the yard and padded through the cat door. Who is this other twoleg with mine? He wondered as he saw his owner with another female twoleg, who seemed to be arguing with one another. "How did you get so dirty Falcon?" Falcon heard his owner ask, as he walked past them. He settled down in his next to sleep.

~Chapter 3~

Falcon woke up beside the large pond again where he met Pandaspirit. Am I having the same dream from last night? Falcon wondered. As soon as the thought ran through his head, Pandaspirit appeared. “Pandaspirit!” Falcon exclaimed. Pandaspirit dipped her head to the small tom,” Hello Falcon,” she greeted. Falcon looked at Pandaspirit, wondered if this could be another prophecy or warning.

"Pandaspirit? Why am I here again?" he asked. "You have to leave the twoleg place," Pandaspirit mewed with firmness in her voice, as if it was a order. "W-What?" Falcon stuttered; his eyes widen with shock. "Why?" as the Starclan she-cat only sighed. "In order for the prophecy to be complete, you have made friends in two worlds, which do you choose?" Falcon was confused. “What do you mean?” he asked her.

Pandaspirit directed her gaze towards the pond as the water formed two whirlpools, becoming clear he recognize three cats; Spotted, Dawn and Fruity, the cats from the forest and in the other whirlpool was his friend Socks. "Friends in two worlds, which do you pick: the new or the old? You may never go back." "I can only choose one world and I can never go back?" Falcon echoed as the warrior gave a nod. "I will miss Socks if I leave, but I am ready for more challenges and adventures in my life," he meowed as he looked from the second whirlpool to the first one with his three new friends. "Spoken like a true leader." Pandaspirit chuckled, "Dream well young one."

Falcon woke up with a bit of a start; his fur was standing on its ends as he calmed down. "It's time, I had a good time here, now it's time for a new start." he mewed to himself as he sneaked past a female twoleg and outside into the backyard. "Hey Falcon! Where are you going? It’s sunrise,” a tired voice yowled, turning as he saw Socks who was running over to him. “Socks,” Falcon meowed,” “What are you doing up so early?”

His friend only sighed. "My twoleg’s kits woke me up by grabbing me by the tail," as the tom wrapped his tail over his paws. "What about you?” Socks asked. “Pandaspirit visited me again, and I have to leave Twolegplace,” Falcon meowed, with a bit of sadness in his voice. "W-What? Why!?" his friend nearly cried as the black tom looked at him; his green eyes filled with sadness. “I’m sorry, Socks, I’ll miss you, but this is part of the prophecy I was told two nights ago,” Falcon meowed, sadness in his voice as well. Falcon watched as he saw his friend sighed,” I'll miss you Falcon, you’re the best friend I could ever wish for. I hope you find everything you need, and be safe." Falcon nodded,” I promise Socks to be safe.” Without saying another word, Falcon jumped down from his fence and walked off into the woods.

~Chapter 4~

Falcon began to wonder around in the woods, about where he was yesterday with Spotted, Dawn, and Fruity. Okay, Pandaspirit, I have left my Twolegs, now what do you want me to do? Falcon thought. He sat underneath a shade tree and began to think. As he sat there for a while, Falcon fell asleep. “Falcon?” a voice spoke. Falcon was relieved, as he recognized the voice as Pandaspirit’s. Falcon opened his eyes and saw the pretty white, and black spotted she-cat. “Pandaspirit!” he purred.

“Greetings, young one,” Pandaspirit meowed. Falcon looked at her and meowed,” I have left my twoleg home, now what do I do?” Pandaspirit stared at him for a moment and finally mewed,” I have come to give you a hunting lesson. Now that you have left your old home, you are ready to be trained as a warrior.” Falcon only nodded before the she-cat continued. “In tradition, clan cats who train to be warriors become apprentices; so from this point on until you are made a warrior you will be called Falconpaw. All apprentices have ‘paw’ in their names until they earn their warrior name” Pandaspirit explained. Falconpaw nodded and meowed,” Teach me.”

Pandaspirit purred; she admired Falconpaw’s enthusiasm of learning to be a warrior. “I will first show you the hunter’s crouch,” Falconpaw’s mentor said. She dropped down into the hunter’s crouch. Falconpaw examined Pandaspirit’s form. He noticed that her body was low to the ground, and her tail was straight. Falconpaw nodded to her and attempted to copy the move, though he put too much weight on one side. Pandaspirit stood up and observed Falconpaw’s position. “Good, but you are putting too much weight on your left shoulder,” she told him. Falconpaw gave a small nod and fixed his position, forming the hunter’s crouch. “How’s this?” he asked. Pandaspirit purred, “You learn fast.” Falconpaw purred at his mentor’s praise as he stood up.

As soon as he stood back up, his mentor had sniffed the air with a deep breath. "Can you smell it?" she asked as he copied her. "I do, but what is it? It smells like the forest." he asked. His mentor was about to say something else but he felt something shake his side. "Wake up sleepy/head!" He let out a moan as he awakened, to see a familiar calico she-cat. "Fruity?"

"I'm glad you recognized me Falcon," Fruity purred as Falconpaw got into a sitting position, his tail laid gently over his paws as he felt the warm rays of the sun on his pelt. "That's not my name anymore; it's Falconpaw." he mewed as Fruity titled her head to the side.”Why? How? Is there a secret?" Fruity asked. Falconpaw wondered how he would tell Fruity everything that’s happened from the time he had his first dream. He then wondered she knows how to heal, so maybe she will know what the prophecy means. Falconpaw met Fruity’s eyes and meowed,” I am not sure if you will understand what I am about to tell you or not, but a few nights ago I had a strange dream.” “What was it?” Fruity asked, curiously. Falconpaw looked at Fruity and explained everything that happened in the dream where he first met Pandaspirit.

Falconpaw noticed that Fruity was purring, "What is it?" as the she-cat chuckled. "Starclan, I know of it." Falconpaw was shocked when Fruity told him this. “You… you do?” he stammered. Fruity only nodded. "Who told you..?" Falconpaw asked immediately as Fruity looked at him. "A cat named Harefur; he claims he was a medicine cat." the calico she-cat trailed off. “Medicine cat…” Falconpaw echoed. "He taught me how to heal. That's how I could heal our friends, Spotted and Dawn." Fruity explained as her left ear-twitched. "Oh, would you like to see them now?" she asked. Falconpaw nodded," You know where they are?" he asked her. "I do, follow me." Fruity instructed as she began to walk in the right direction from which his friend at came from, shrugging his shoulders before quickly following after her.

~Chapter 5~

"Falconpaw?" Dawn and Spotted echoed as both Fruity and Falconpaw explained only about why he changed his name. "That's amazing." Dawn breathed after he had finished explaining; he looked at the gray tabby who looked to be more curious about his name change then Spotted. "So this is where you two stayed?" Falconpaw changed the subject as his other friend purred. "Awhile we are healing of course," Spotted answered as his green eyes scanned around the 'mini' camp. Falconpaw nodded as he asked, “Has Fruity been staying with you?” Dawn nodded, giving a purr as she looked at the calico she-cat. "She has, and she has been a good friend for helping us heal." As Fruity and blushed slightly. "It was nothing; when cats are hurt, I feel the need to help them." Fruity said as Falconpaw perked his ears and to hearing the sound of paw steps running towards them. Just as Falconpaw was about to say something, three she-cats came up. One of them was snowy white with blue eyes, the she-cat beside her was pale brown with green eyes, and the third she-cat was black with amber eyes.

"Are you three okay?" Fruity asked; the white she-cat shook her head and lay down on the ground. It seemed like the three she-cats had been running for miles. "What are your names?" Dawn had spoken before Falconpaw could. The black she-cat with amber eyes met his green eyes. "My name is Ripple, that white she-cat is Snow and the-" the cat known as Ripple was cut off by Spotted, who had smirked, "Birch!" and ran start over to the pale brown she-cat. "Eh? Spotted, is that you?"

Falconpaw watched as Spotted had nearly tackled the pale brown she-cat. "Sorry about that, "Birch chuckled nervously, "Spotted and I are sisters.” Falconpaw purred as he watched the sisters. He asked his three new friends, “How did you three wind up together?” The black she-cat stepped forward, her amber eyes gleaming. "We had escaped a place that was filled with cats, or catnapped." as Ripple had explained that she, Birch and Snow had been caught by a twoleg that had captured strays from the streets. "So how'd you escape?" Falconpaw asked, curiously.

Snow laughed; her blue eyes brightened. "When the twoleg was about to clean the cages, we jumped out and ran start towards the entrance; another twoleg who had opened it yelled something and we ran into the woods." Falconpaw grinned, he had like their little escape plan. “We have been free since sunrise." Birch added, still not getting off of her sister who was pinned. Spotted moaned a little, "Birch? Please get off!” “Never, you’re too comfy." the she-cat joked.

Falconpaw purred in amusement. "Snow, Birch, and Ripple, meet Falconpaw." Spotted flicked her tail tip in his direction. "The calico is Fruity and the gray tabby is Dawn." she introduced the two she-cats who dipped their heads in response. “I have been looking after Spotted and Dawn for a couple of days because they got in a battle with a fox a couple of days ago,” Fruity explained to the three she-cats. Birch purred, "Thanks for taking care of Spotted for me." Fruity purred, looking at Spotted, “It’s been no trouble; I enjoy her company as well as Dawns'.” Falconpaw smiled as he looked at Spotted, “It’s nice to meet and see new friends,” he commented.

Ripple had looked at him and gave a chuckle, "To you all as well," she said before her ear's twitched a little. Falconpaw noticed that it was now sunhigh as he looked at his friends, Spotted and Birch were talking non-stop about their adventures, Snow and Ripple were following Fruity who showed them the camp as Dawn went over to him. "Are you alright Falconpaw?" she asked. "You seem unfocused a little.” Falconpaw nodded and meowed,” I’m just fine” just as Snow came over to him.

""Falconpaw?" The white she-cat asked as Falconpaw looked at snow, “Yes Snow?" he asked as Birch mewed. "Why is your name Falconpaw?" as he looked over at Fruity, Dawn and Spotted, knowing he would have to explain all over again. As Falconpaw finished explaining, he watched the eyes of his new friends grow wide. “For many cats to survive Falcon needs to make the Untold happen out of nothing. With the help of a small group of unknown cats, who will need to learn to work together, this might just work?” Ripple echoed, confused. The blue gray tom nodded as he met Ripple’s confused eyes.

Fruity's eyes sparkled a little. "I wonder….." she began as suddenly everyone looked at the calico she-cat. “Wonder what?” Falconpaw asked. Fruity looked at paws as her tailed twitched nervously. "Think about it..." she mumbled. “For many cats to survive Falcon needs to make the Untold happen out of nothing. With the help of a small group of unknown cats, who will need to learn to work together, this might just work?” as the she-cat sighed. "Falcon could mean Falconpaw and a small group of unknown cats....." Dawn gasped. "Could the unknown cats..." she trailed off as Ripple finished, “be us, and Falconpaw be the Falcon?”

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