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***Light's very serious commissions***

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Important note: I am NOT taking commissions of designs belonging officially to DragonCave. It's unfair to gain profit from someone's voluntary work, so please, don't ask me for DC fanart unless YOU own the designs.




Please don't be afraid to ask any question in PMs here, on deviantART ( http://lightconcorde.deviantart.com/ ) or on my contact e-mail: concorde.LPL09@gmail.com





Via PayPal only after I accept your request.

Please don't offer dragons, eggs or anything of this sort; I don't work for fake currency. Only dollars ($) accepted.


If you decide to ask me for a drawing, please be specific about the look of your character, pose, angle, action, background - so it's easier for us both. I send WIPs and full-sized images per request.





(Wow sorry most of these examples are anthro airplanes ^^" But that's what I'm usually asked for)


user posted image



~~THINGS I LOVE TO DRAW (but not limited to)~~
  • other fantasy elements
  • nature
  • anthro
  • sci-fi
  • humans and human-like characters (orcs, elves, trolls, Homestuck etc.)
  • characters of unnatural body proportions (i.e. females with exceptionally big breasts)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (both official and fan characters)
  • characters with heavy muscle build (I don't mind them, it's just... I can't draw them very well.. x'D)
  • explicit violence
  • ideologically offensive content
  • some erotic art; I won't get in details here in public, PMing me would be the best idea instead


Each type of artwork has its own number of slots. If somehow all the lists fill up, I announce overall status as "closed" and re-open when I'm done with everything.


I start working on a drawing after I get paid. In special cases I might allow payment with installments, or accept delayed payment.



For easier organizing, the slot list can be found here:


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