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In a large Queendom,

There was a Queen and her twin daughters,

And the Queen was to split the land

So that they could govern equally.

The sisters agreed to this,

For anything else would be unfair.

Since their birth,

It was impossible to tell the elder anymore.


Growing up had been hard for the twins,

For they had always been pitted against each other,

And were never liked for themselves.

Friends came and went,

And the ones they bought weren’t enough.

Jaded and caustic they grew,

Until the time came to choose the regions to rule.

The Queen’s death was mourned for a week,

While discussions over splitting the land occurred.


Born to deal with politics and business,

The charismatic blonde took the largest cities in the east.

Interested in shipbuilding and farming,

The humble ginger took the rural areas and the ports in the west.

It wasn’t argued over,

Nor was it considered foolish,

So that arrangement was kept.


After a few years,

War broke out over supplies,

For they had not factored in trading and food.

In order to end the war,

The blonde sister decided to split one more thing in two.


The war ended,

And everyone pretended to be satisfied.

Soldiers returned home.

People ignored that their families were broken.

The economy healed.

Society had for the most part swallowed the impact,

And had moved on.


Except the ginger,

Whose head was in two.

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I’m a nebula,

Beautiful beyond compare,

Larger then any speck of life,

And unable to be contained by your petty fears.

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They wear gold on their fingers,

As remembering when he nearly touched the sun,

But failed.

It’s their way of saying,

"Nice try kid."


this one is about icarus because i love that myth so much omg

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