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Lapin Drake DR art thing

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Ever since I started making dragon request stuff I wanted to make a drake because drakes are cool, and today I did. I can't/don't want to post this to DR yet, so I'll just put stuff here I guess? I would put it in a document to save it, but I really want feedback that isn't from myself. I hope that's okay. This IS about art, so-




Lapin Drake:

As the name suggests, this is a species of drake that's based off of rabbits! wow.

I wanted to make a rabbity drake partly because rabbits are cool, but also because the runt of one of our litters (we raise rabbits for food) died and I was pretty sad about that.


Breed Info:


- Typical drake, curious and not that bright

- Much prefer flight to fight, and can hop very quickly

- Can leap incredible distances, both vertically and horizontally

- Aggressive when cornered, generally very nervous

- Can fly, but only do so when they need to. They're poor fliers

- Short life spans but lay large clutches of eggs

- Males are bulkier than females, but females are larger in general

- Live in grasslandy, sparsely forested areas

- Omnivorous, bulk of diet is composed of grass, seeds, and bugs (love berries and eat them whenever they can)

- Like dogs AND rabbits, they love to chew on things.

- Excellent hearing but poor sense of smell

- Live in burrows, hollowed-out logs, small caves, anything but living in the open




- Body style is very much like the Ochredrake, but their limbs are sturdier (most noticeable on their hind legs)

- Large hind feet

- Wide, blunt, wedge-shaped head with big cheeks (rabbit shaped c:)

- 4-5 wing struts, starting at the hip and ending (a bit less than) halfway down the tail

- Tail is about the length of the body, and tapers quickly

- Large, rabbit-like ears.

- 3 pronged antlers (prongs are very short)

- Wide but short wings




user posted image

Quick messy lineart/coloring I did of the other sketch


I really, really, really would like feedback, of any kind, even if you just say you hate this ;u;

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I actually finished the color mockups for the female months ago but I only remembered to upload them now. I'm smart.

user posted image

I want to keep working on my other DR projects, since they're, uh, actually in the works, but I feel more motivated to sprite these. Hard times :Y

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I've seen this thread before and never said anything because I'm really not experienced with anatomy and critiquing things. But no one else has commented so...


I really like the color scheme and big floppy ears (I love big ears on things); you could probably just put this in the DR section and it would be fine to start with, especially since more people will see it there and give you some crit. One thing that sticks out to me is that I feel like their hindquarters should be a bit more powerful/larger, since they do so much leaping and hopping. Like I said though, I'm not an expert on this stuff so don't quote me on it.


So yes, they are cute and I'd like to see where this goes once you're able to get around to working on them. smile.gif

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I would put it in DR if I had a free slot, but I already have two concepts (which are, for the most part, inactive Dx) so I can't suggest another.

I based their anatomy heavily off rabbits, and rabbits have big heads and large thighs. These guys have smaller heads, so their thighs were smaller to match. Their thighs are pretty large as it is, but I was planning to make 'em bigger when I sprited these fellas.

Which... I have done! For the male sprite, anyway.

user posted image > user posted image

To finish this, I need to:

- Recolor the outlines

- Smooth out the banding on the chest (also rework a bit of the shading on chest/wings) [✓]

- Fix that random blank pixel? I don't know how that got there [✓]

- See if I can smooth out the second joint in the near wing


For the female, my biggest issue will be making sure the proportions match

Resized the sketch and made some corrections already, but I'm sure I'll have a lot to fix when I start lining it. Wish I made the male a bit smaller, and I might do yet, but for now I'll live. I might make the female a bit over 100, since that was okay with Glaucuses? I don't know. I'll try not to.

EDIT: Changed proportions of the female, hopefully it shows?

user posted image > user posted image

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