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Jaq's Art Shop [Request]

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Hi! I'm Jaq, and this is my free art 'shop'!


I will always use digital formats.


I can do pixel art, and regular digital art. I can also make you an avatar in either form!






There will only be 3 slots open at a time at the most. Sometimes, one or more slots may be locked because I am feeling ill that day or have things that need to be done, so please bear with me! [i'm a person too!]



Everyone needs some rules, right?

1.Please be respectful to me!

2.Please don't beg for a slot if there are none available.

3.Please make sure to use the request form, it's very simple.



What do you want?:

Pixel art or Regular?:

Preferred size [signaure, avatar, ect. ] :







Pixel: user posted image [ Keep in mind that this is quite old. I have learned a lot more. My avatar was also pixeled by me!


Regular: 1 2[both random samples pulled from my dA ]

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hello hopefully you see this =D



What do you want?: my two rats together. pose them however you'd like. they are girls smile.gif

Pixel art or Regular?: pixel

Preferred size [signaure, avatar, ect. ] : i want an avatar please biggrin.gif

Other: reference material for colors/markings. they're on tinypic.com


reference pic

another angle

last one

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What do you want?:Maribel Hearn and Renko Usami

Pixel art or Regular?:Regular

Preferred size [signaure, avatar, ect. ] :Signature

Other:Renko and Maribel

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