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Current Requests: Requests currently closed

1. Galaxypassion13- Neutral Nebula

2. Doctortear-Aggitated Sweetling


Hello! I've abandoned my last thread... Here's why:


I've recently acquired a fancy new art tablet that i'm still teaching myself how to use.

I've decided that I rather do need some practice using it, and therefore started this.

I've decided i will not be taking sketchbook art. Only digital for this one. But can make it look sketchy


ATM I'd like to say that i would rather requests stick mainly to animals(anything from beetles to dragons ect) and natural things rather then things that i am more unfamiliar with such as alianistic things


So here's how this will work, I will accept x2 requests at a time. I draw dragons and animals, though i haven't quite figured out dragons yet on the tablet, i will still accept those requests and you will have to bear with me and if you'd like, submit another request at a later time. Please try to keep it simple until i can figure out my programs and such, Animals are best for me at the moment.


A few things:

1. Only one image to be requested at a time unless something is worked out

2. You will probably have to PM me and remind me to get your thing done. Or i will forget.

3. I make excuses. Get me off my butt and make me do work! wink.gif I will with encouragement haha!

4. I am only taking two requests at a time, a code thing will be below smile.gif

5. Requests are FREE! YAY!

6. Please no time frames.. I do have a job guys

7. Complicated backgrounds take a long time too.


Always PM me if i take too long for your liking, i don't bite!


Here is that code thing!

[b][color=red][size=4]Art Request[/size][/color][/b]
[b]Subject:[/b] Yes[] / No[] /   (please check box)
[b]background:[/b] yes[] / No[] / Transparent[]  (please check box)
[b]Info and other stuff:[/b] (Inset info here)

So here's an image of something i have made:


user posted image



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Hm, alright then.


Art Request

Username: Doctortear

Subject: Sweetling looking rather agitated.

Yes[✓] / No[] /

background: yes[] / No[✓] Transparent [✓] (Inset info here)

Info and other stuff: From what I remember, the artist gave permission for fan art so you shouldn't get in trouble for drawing a Sweetling.

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Art Request

Username: GalaxyPassion13

Subject: Nebula dragon, neutral emotion

Yes[x] / No[]

background: yes[] / No[] / Transparent [x]

Info and other stuff: Can you draw a nebula? I don't really mind what it's doing, as long as the wings are showing. It'll probably end up as my avatar, so 100x100 would be really convenient. smile.gif If that's too small, could you make it a desktop background? (I know, big leap in size lol)

EDIT: Could it be a blue nebula, please? Thanks smile.gif

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Requests are filled, The original page will be updated smile.gif

I will post and PM you two when they are finished. GalaxyPassion13, Transparent means that the background is nothing, not white or colored, just see through. I need to fix that, as the transparent box is supposed to be by background haha, i apologize

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Hey guys, Just as i conjured up some free time to work on these requests.. I had one of my little ferrets go to the rainbow bridge last night. I'm haulting these requests until i can finish a memorial picture of her... It shouldn't take too long. But please forgive if it does.

Thank you..


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