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Typical Cosplay Post

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Hi, this is my first thread on this forum, so I hope I"m abiding by all the rules.

This is a place for me to post my previous cosplays, as well as my current projects, and future plans.

Feel free to make fun if I ever decide to post any of the terrible ones from highschool.

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First of all, here are my previous projects:


Rose Lalonde :

Photo Dump


The knitting needles on my side were actually crafted as a gift by my best friend, Padfoot. However, the hood and tunic were completely handmade. I did have to order the leggings offline, so if you're ever looking to complete your own Rose Lalonde costume, I would definitely suggest ordering FLEECE LEGGINGS from ebay. They're super stretchy, super warm, and are impossible to see through.

Seriously, I walked through a convention, and through a snow covered field in these things in the middle of a blizzard in January, and was completely comfortable.



Haruko Haruhara:


Messy album


The haruko costume is mine, and I made it completely from scratch, besides the shoes.

The body suit was made of heavy linen, built corset style, and held together by clear straps along the back.

The ears were made of metal cable bent into shape and covered with the leftover linen from the costume.

The bass guitar is what I"m proud of, and is my first prop ever! The body is made up of cardboard and GreatStuf expanding foam. The neck is made of more cardboard strengthened with wooden dowels. The tuning pegs are eva foam, and the front pieces of the bass are all completely made of craft foam cut and fitted to the front. The frets are made of metal cable cut and glued to the right places, and the rest is just paint! Its super mega light, hardy, and withstood the entire con without incident, despite the fact that it was strapped to my back throughout the entire thing. c :

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So recently I finished my halloween project: Hellboy, duh.


the horns are made of greatstuff exapanding foam on a twisted wire base


the glove took about a week to make and is a collaboration of weather stripping, a gardening glove, and craft foam. The sigils I carved in later with a dremel. shades.pngshades.pngshades.png


The pistol was a gift from my friend padfoot, and is a nerf N-Strike chrome painted.


All in all, the whole project costed a little less than $30 bucks, including the goodwill trenchcoat.


Look at this misspelled imgur page

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