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Okay. I want to become a writer, so I'm gonna need practice. This will be a short story. Between every chapter, you can criticize or congratulate or whatever- But only about the last chapter. I'll respond and everything as I write. I'll probably write more then one, too... But don't be too mean. I mean, if you have nothing to say but 'you suck,' then get out. I'm kind of lacking in confidence for writing, so that will ruin me. I'm serious.

Okay... Here's the prologue and title...


~Chamomile Lace~





They were joking... Right? They had to be. They wouldn't. They wouldn't dare raise a finger against her. They had raised her to be royalty, and now they spoke of using her as a weapon! She'd be nothing but a slave. And she didn't know how to escape.

She didn't know a lot; She was raised in captivity. She had no idea what it was like to fly, like other winged cats her age did. But she wasn't a cat, was she? They spoke of her being a mix of winged cat and... What was it? Ah, yes. Dragon. She was the only one. And now they wanted to make her into a killing machine.

She would fight. She would escape. She would become wild.

Well, at least, that's what she had planned...


It's a bit short, but I couldn't think of anything else...

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This is a lot like something you'd read at the back of a book with the goal of getting you interested/buying the book.


It's simply far too short to be able to say much about it. It's an idea and it seems interesting and it has potential. It just needs to be worked on. Like who is she, why is she the only one, why do they want to use her as a weapon etc.



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Oh, you're right. I've gotta change that, then... I'm gonna go edit...

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No, no need to edit. It can work as a prologue. Now just start off with the rest of the story?

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That's because I like sandwiches.


No commenting yet. It's still a WIP.


~Chapter One~



Chamomile Lace curled up in her cage. It was a large room, but... Now that she knew what they were planning? It was definitely a cage. Others wouldn't think so, though- It had a white, wooden king-sized bed with red silk pillows, grey fuzzy blankets, and was made daily. The round carpet in front of the door was white and soft, her paws sinking into it when she stepped on. The floor was tan, polished wood. The walls were simple, just white wood. There were no windows, however. She knew why, now. It was so she wouldn't escape.

There were bells and a canopy. The bells were to summon maids. Oh, how she had loved that! Now? She feared them. They had done nothing, but she didn't trust them. Was she going mad, or just paranoid? She wasn't sure.

Chamomile sighed and slowly stood up. What was she going to gain by staying there? She moved, quietly, to a small bowl of water, and looked at her reflection. What were once golden eyes had now faded to amber, and what was once a beautiful, shining silver coat had faded to a dull grey. What had she become? She spread one wing carefully and looked at it. It used to be a soft, mint green. Now? The feathers were black. How was that even possible?

But that was nothing. What really was different was her tail. It had gone from a cat's to a dragon's overnight. It was still grey, but instead of fur, it had scales. She was glad it was still as thin as a cat's, but... Was this part of their plan, too? She didn't know of the world beyond. Maybe this would aid her.

What worried her more then anything, however, was if others would accept her when she escaped. Yes, when. She was sure she would.

What happened next wasn't part of her plan.


"Put me down!" Chamomile was glad she could speak as they carried her to the lab. She knew what would happen there. She'd have to do tests. They wanted to make sure her powers hadn't changed. They wanted to know why she had changed color. They wanted to know everything. Fine. Let them. What she'd do wasn't what they expected.

Or was it?

There was another on the table. He was asleep- They probably knocked him out. She knew that the cat was male. And that he was pure. He had the coloring of a orange tabby, and had white wings. Pure white wings. His eyes suddenly opened and she would have jumped if they weren't holding her. They were a beautiful evergreen. The cat slowly sat up.

"Where... Where am I?" he asked sleepily. No reply. Instead, they dropped Chamomile beside him. She hissed and he shot back in surprise, nearly falling off the table in the process. She grabbed onto him. "You okay?" she asked. "Y-Yeah."


No commenting yet. It's still a WIP.


I'm sorry, but I don't know if I can continue writing. Like I said before, I have a lack of confidence in writing. And I'm currently fighting writers block. And I'm thinking of giving up.

I'll try to update whenever.

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