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Bloodswap Trading Thread!

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Bloodswap Trading Thread



I've searched the trading section to look for any thread that's only for "bloodswaps" but couldn't find any. So I thought I should start one. laugh.gif


So the rules are simple


1) Any kind of egg/hatchie are allowed.


2) Only trading same or similar lineage eggs/hatchies are acceptable.


3) Bloodswap with same/similar lineage but different breed is okay.

e.g. Trading a [Horse dragon from HorsexMagi parent ] with [Magi dragon from HorsexMagi parent ]


4) Please cross out your post when the trade is completed. People may be confused if not!


5) Follow the forum rules smile.gif

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Closing will mods discuss.


edited: Thread will remain closed.


those trades would fit in any of these topics.


the room of requirements or common dragon trading or lineage gifting an trading also the the dragon trading topic.

They could also fit in the even gen, pure bred and spiral/stairstep depending on the lineage. Edited by rubyshoes

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