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SarBer's Free Banner Art!

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Hi there! This is a page for Banner requests. I will mke a banner with any dragon/hatchling/eggs (due to pixel art of dragons hatchlings, and eggs, I can't blow up any art), and ANY text you want (has to be appropriate) with whichever commercial use font you want. Here are some banner examples:


user posted image


I can make them smaller too.


I will put banners out on request to the public; if you want a personal banner, PM me.


Hopefully they won't close this thread... If they do... Oh well. Anyway.



1. No inappropriate Banner text. This will result in you being reported and/or banned permanently or temporarily from the thread.

2. I can only make banners so fast! Please wait patiently as I make banners

3. Be polite! Be kind to others.


Note: If something goes wrong with your banner message me (with proof) and I will transport my apologies of non-rare (good lineage is an ok request) dragon eggs.


Even if I don't get any requests, this was fun laugh.gif


I want to Request a Banner!


[SIZE=7][COLOR=green]I Want to Request a Banner![/COLOR][/SIZE]
[B]Scroll Name:[/B]
[B]Forum Name:[/B]
[B]Scroll Link:[/B]
[B]Banner Text (Font, Size, Color, etc.):[/B]
[B]Banner Image (Dragon Type, Banner Color, Props):[/B]
[B]Anything else?:[/B]


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