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-!The Apocalypse!-

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The Survivors:

The campfire crackles and burns in front of you, blazing with embers as a hellfire wyvern sits down and begins. "Our numbers are dwindling," he announces. "I do not know where this rabies has come from, but it has managed to get into the minds of dragons and manipulate them somehow, forcing them to either go crazy or rip themselves apart with their claws." The clearing is silent for a while as the others stare at him in horror, frozen in their tracks. He takes a deep breath and clears his throat, amber eyes passing over every single dragon in the camp, including you. "We have to be prepared; the rabies is spreading fast, and it is heading our direction. Either the rabies is going to affect us or the dragons who are already caught by it will try to rip us apart themselves..."

The dragons around you gasp and let out wails of grief and despair.

"What can we do?" someone asks, but you are unable to find the dragon in the crowd.

The hellfire's face turns grim and shadowed, "We must use everything we have.... We must fight back..."

You splutter and someone chokes out, "How?"

An old red dragon bellows. "Weapons! Teeth and claws! Hide all the elders and hatchlings! And we need all the food we can get!" The crowd lets out an uneasy cheer as the meeting ends and the dragons disperse back into the tents to prepare.


The Rabies

No one knows where these rabies come from, but everyone does know that it is affecting the mind of helpless victims who are too exposed to it. Everyone can tell when dragons who have caught the rabies by their appearance: their scales are a sickly, dull color, their eyes a blood red. Their bodies so thin that their ribs are showing. Saliva and bubbles hanging from their jaws like ribbons. The rabies have driven them so insane that they attack each other and preform acts of cannibalism, suicide and madness.


The Setting

You are one of the surviving dragons. You are either in the group of survivors, or you are a loner and you serve no one else. You must hunt food and find water and defend yourself. You must survive these desperate times and avoid the rabies at all costs, for you might come to a nasty end.



1. No god-modding or powerplaying

2. What I say is LAW

3. All DC rules apply

4. Treat each other with respect, the last thing we need are fights

5. Six characters for each person

6. Don't kill another's characters' without permission

7. If you are going to leave/be inactive for a while, please announce it.

8. Keep violence and romance PG-13

9. Please use proper grammar and spelling; try your best

10. At least more than two sentences

11. Please use common sense

12. Do not RP like this:

*Pads over* "Hey! What's up?"

ALWAYS speak in 3rd person

13. No neglected dragons

14. No chickens

15. No dinos

16. No GoNs

17. No cheeses

18. No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stues




Banned (If you get over 3 warnings, you will be put on the ban list)




Mods: (You are to listen to them, they watch over the IC and the OOC, they have the right to warn you if you do something wrong repeatedly)



[B]Difference in appearance:[/B]


EDIT: You are allowed to have hatchlings, but they must be born in the nursery. If you want to become a mod, PM, give me a full paragraph of why you want to become one and if you think that you can be trusted.



The camp

Clearing- where the camp is

Forests- a place great for hunting

Rivers- thin streams of waters that run through the forest

Ponds- big bodies of water in the forest.

Marsh- a damp, swampy place just beyond the forest

Nursery- a small tent in the survivor's camp where the hatchlings are born and cared for

Apprentice tent- the place where hatchlings who wish to become warriors sleep and rest

Warriors tent- a place where warriors sleep and rest

Medicine den- a cave at the bottom corner of the camp where the healer resides

Leader's tent- a tent where the leader plans and rests

Training court- in the middle of the clearing where mature hatchlings and adults train

Cafeteria- a big, sturdy tent where dragons of all ages eat

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Username: KitKat10

Name: MarrowTail

Gender: Female

Species: Black Marrow

Picture: user posted image

Personality: MarrowTail is quiet and shadowy. She is very slow to reveal her secrets or emotions, but her brain is quick and her tongue is sharp and scathing. Most shun her for her species, but she is kind and gentle most of the times. She won't hesitate to defend and protect those that are close to her, even if it means jumping into a fight. She is very smart and observant, always watching.

Diffrence in appearance: None, but she smells like roses.

Weapons/Powers: MarrowTail dosn't have any powers, but she has sharp claws and strong bone armor.

Other/History: She is extremely good at healing with herbs, she is a doctor at the 'survivors'. MarrowTail was just like any Black Marrow at first, always scavenging and fierce, lurking in the shadows. But the spread of the rabies affected her home, and she struggled for every carcass that she could find, every den that she could rest in. This soon caused her to move away, and she joined the Survivors. She has been in the group for a while now, always welcoming the new comers. (She will be a bit inactive, she's kinda like an NPC)


Username: KitKat10

Name: Neon Leaf

Gender: Female

Species: Neotropical

Picture: user posted image

Personality: Neon Leaf is sweet, trusting and caring. She hardly cares about what anybody thinks of her. She likes meeting new people and making freinds. She's eager, and rarely gives up. Not shy at all, but she is well reserved and patient. She is creative, determined that she can do anything. She beleives that she can fix anything and put it to good use.

Diffrence in appearance: Dark green with long legs and sharp horns. Her eyes are wide, big and black, considered cute and attractive.

Weapons/Powers: Controlling plants. Has a whip strapped to a belt on her waist.

Other/History: Neon Leaf was born from a cave in a forest, her home caught the rabies and she had to move quickly. She managed to survive somehow without her cave-mates ripping her apart. She soon came upon a group of survivors, they taught her. They teached her how to hunt and defend herself. She is now considered a 'young warrior' she will be a mentor to some of the young hatchlings.



Username: Tribea

Name: Mulu Sului Tiwali

Gender: Male

Species: Coastal Waverunner

Picture: user posted image

Personality: Hot headed, likes fish, stubborn, playful, optimistic

Difference in Appearance: ? The eyes are red, and has a row of middle finger-sized spikes along his spine, if thats what your looking for.

Weapons/Powers: Agility, speed, can swim for 1 minute before drowning.

Other: I got the idea mostly from my fantasy world im creating. The map is basically Earth, but South America and Africa are connected at the tip, Asia and Alaska by being stretched, Europe and North America by europe into that giant canadian gulf, then the gulf closes. Australia is in the center of this, and Indonesia is a single landmass, Indika, and the Philippines, Philijaulo. The Water Kingdom controls Indika, but this be dragon cave, so he no getty kingdom. *slaps wing* NO DRAGON!

History: Born to a minor family in the northern most rookery, he had about 23 siblings, 367 cousins, and a total of 1087 dragon eggs and hatchlings. Growing up with so many dragons, he always tried to gain a great position with everyone, but failed most of the time. One time, however, he wing-dived off the rookery top, hit the water, zoomed down, then slashed back up. He got a major scar right up his center bellyside, and got banned from going outside. But luckily for him, he did.


A blacktip took up residence, trading much-needed fresh water for a place to stay. However, he always seemed...off. He would be nice one minute, then aggressive and murderous the next. This seemed to spread amongst the waverunners. Thankfully, Mutu was outside instead of in when it hit the fan. That day, the aggressiveness blasted out of control and spread l ike the plague. Soon, the rookery was dead, with only about 100 remaining, infected. Flying away, Mutu found a group of dragon survivors,and started following and sometimes even going down with them sometimes. At the start of the RP, he has started to trust them a bit more, though is still uneasy and usually camps a bit away.



Username: RiverstarOfSkyclan

Name: Aariida

Gender: Female

Species: Canopy Dragon

Picture: user posted image

Personality: A bit skittish at times, Aariida just likes to help, but sometimes messes it up. She is often afraid to say anything during an argument- for fear that she might mess up her words and someone will attack her. She prefers to spend most of her time gliding up in the warm sky, but will be the first to hit the grass when told to.

Diffrence in appearance: Her wings, instead of going from green to yellow to orange, go from green to yellow to orange to scarlet.

Weapons/Powers: Just agility and grace, and the ability to crudely mend minor nicks in her wings if they get scratched.

Other/History: She had to flee from her home in the jungle when her brother got the rabies. Her parents traveled with her until they got it too. She was left alone, and flew for hours on end until she found dragons who had yet to catch it.


Username: RiverstarOfSkyclan

Name: Icielle

Gender: Female

Species: Whiptail Dragon

Picture: user posted image

Personality: Wild and energetic, Icielle is always up for a good run or a fight. Her tail is her favorite thing to play with, and she'll sometimes chase it like a hatchling if she gets bored. She loves flying.

Diffrence in appearance: The webbing of her wings have the icy blue stripes that her body has.

Weapons/Powers: She quickly ties stone and metal spikes to her tail before a fight. She is very agile and fast.

Other/History: She lived with a close-knit group of her foster family, another group of Whiptails. When a few of them got the rabies, the rest of them fled in separate directions, and she has yet to see any of them again.




Name: Bloodvein

Gender: Male

Species: Vampire

Picture: user posted image

Personality: Bloodvein is a gruesome, selfish dragon. If he is given the option to save himself or save heaps of others, he'd choose himself. He will happily cold blod murder another and use another dragon as base.

Diffrence in appearance: He has a deep scar across his left eye and has larger wings than most vampires

Weapons/Powers: Can Read Minds

Other/History:Has no idea who his family is




Name: Nylon

Gender: Male

Species: Shallow Water

Picture: user posted image

Personality: Nylon is a curious type of dragon, and is extremely nosy into finding out certain things. He acts childish and is easily distracted, not to mention that he's extremely impatient when it comes to waiting. He tends to have a habit to speak what he thinks in his mind and usually ends his sentences with "Nya!~"

Difference in appearance: Some of his scales have a reddish shine to it if he is in the sunlight, but other than that no difference.

Weapons/Powers: Nylon can breathe underwater and can swim pretty fast. Quite clumsy when he's on land though. He uses bubble magic to capture things inside them. His bubbles either contain oxygen for things like butterflies or water for the fish to breathe.

Other/History: When the rabies had spread through out his home area, his father quickly took him to some place and said to run. Nylon hesitated for a moment, but soon took off after his father had said that he would follow him along the way. After the Shallow water had a found a safe spot, he waited for his father to come. He waited for days, waiting for his father, but he never came. Eventually, the shallow water moved somewhere else, but he still believes that his father is alive somewhere.


(Aether Tea)



Name: Summertide (or just Summer)


Gender: Male


Species: Terrae Dragon


Picture:user posted image

Personality: Like most of his kind, Summertide is exceedingly calm and gentle. It takes a fair bit to rustle his feathers. However, he is also incredibly competitive (and a little bit selfish), as he wants nothing less than to become to leader of his own herd. He has a hard time emphasizing with others.


He tends to consider things for a good while before acting, and perfers logic over feelings.


Difference in appearance: Summertide is not quite done growing yet, as he is just coming into adulthood. As a result he eats a lot, and often leaves his wings half-unfurled to take in extra sunlight. His horns are starting to turn a little mossy.


Weapons/Powers: Summertide's most obvious weapon is his size. Just like every other Terrae dragon, he's massive; easily able to graze off of the highest branches of any tree. He also has rather thick skin and a pair of massive antlers.


Other/History: If the weather is too cool or cloudy, Summertide may be more sluggish than usual. If this weather pattern persists, his hide will darken to compensate for the lack of sunlight.





Species:SpitFire Dragon

Diffrence In Appearance:-----

Picture:user posted image

Personality:Spook,as all other spitfire dragons is an aggressive dragon,however he would sacrifice his life rather than seeing a friend die. He doesn't like bullying on weaker dragons or being a show-off. He is restless and can calm down angry dragons easily. He can prove to be a trustworthy friend, or a nightmare to enemies.

Weapons/Powers:Spook can let out fire shoots from his mouth that would only do slight damage and put an enemy off for sometime,as other spitfire dragons he can breath blue Flames that can turn sand to glass and can be used to barricade caves.


Other/History: Spook was born into a family of hunters and warriors,He was hunting when he heard about Rabies and made a run for it,he stumbled upon the campers a few days ago,he spends most of his time at the training court.


Username: GreatDragon


Name: Weep


Gender: Male


Species: Sweetling


Picture: user posted image


Personality: Weep is mute. He doesn’t speak any English, or anything that might be a language. The Sweetling does make odd trills and whistles, but favors barking like a fox. He is very curious about anything and is always getting into other dragons business. The dragon doesn’t seem to notice if someone is being sarcastic with him, but he hates it when he is yelled at, becoming moody and quiet. A quick explanation would sort him out; an apology is not needed. He wants to know things for the sake of knowing; use of his knowledge is very rare and, since he doesn’t speak, he usually doesn’t divulge any of his secrets to others. Weep was taught how to write by his father, but only on the dirt. It is the only way to get his name across to other dragons.


Difference in appearance: Weep’s eyes have no pupils, so they look like pink jewels. He has four toes on each foot, with one being an opposable thumb. The claws are retractable like a cat’s. The feathers on his shoulders, legs, wrists, and tail are very soft, flexible, and are a deep shade of pink. His horns are spiraled and pale pink, matching his skin. His throat and belly are a little paler than the rest of his body, an almost white. Weep only just reached mature adulthood, so he’s not too used to looking down at smaller dragons.


Weapons/Powers: Weep has no magic whatsoever, but his legs are extremely powerful and can give a painful kick.


Other/History: Weep was born with only his father, another Sweetling, as a companion. His father must have seen something that damaged his mental health before Weep hatched, so the young Sweetling lived in total verbal silence. Weep was very innocent about everything and never questioned when his father made him hurry, enjoying the running that they frequently had to do. He didn’t even question why other dragons chased them, their bloody howls unnoticed by him.


No one can run forever, however, and Weeps father had been through a lot. Eventually, he just gave up, laying in one spot and not moving. Weep stayed with him as long as possible, not understanding the situation or the fact that his father was committing suicide. The dragons infected with the rabies soon found them, but Weep just didn’t understand. He hopped out of their way as they rushed him and they soon found easier prey; his father.


It all clicked when they started to tear his only companion apart. Panic froze him and he himself almost got killed. When one tried to grab him, he broke out of his frozen state and ran, not looking back. Eventually he stumbled, exhausted and hysterical, into the camp of survivors. He fainted before they could calm him down or try to figure out any information, and they still don’t know anything after he woke up. He’s only been there for a few days, so his silence makes him seem mysterious and unique. While still having nightmares and being a little skittish around other dragons, Weep seems to still retain his innocent and curious personality.


He also seems to only want to sleep in the Apprentice Tent. Any attempts to put him in the Warriors Tent will cause him to just sneak back to the Apprentice’s Tent.


Username: Ælex


Name: Deolak Vas Swiftsteel (Deo for short)


Gender: Male


Species: Whiptail


Picture: user posted image


Personality:An opportunist by heart and mind, the Whiptail has learned the hard way to always extend one hand, and arm the other. With adaptability being his primary quality, it comes as no surprise that Deo's mannerisms vary as rapidly as his loyalties do. Level-headed and analytical, Deo tends to say what others like to hear with the sole intent to win their trust and exploit it. Very rarely do his willful words carry any honesty, and usually when they do, t'is but to advance on some other scheme of his. He's not shy about resorting to theft in order to obtain something he might need or want. Rarely has he resorted to murder, but there have been such cases. Though honestly, he was never one to regret something for more then a minute or two, if at all. Especially in such a difficult survival situation.


Difference in appearance: Deo has done everything in his power to blend in. He's been regularly coating his scales with a special tree sap, rendering them less colorful and more easily covered with different types of camouflage. When undisguised, his scales are a faded dark orange with white stripes. His eyes are a bright yellow with vertically dilated pupils. He has a small hand-woven pouch full of poisons, toxins and paralytics securely strapped to his left shoulder, and another on his left elbow containing antidotes and some medicinal supplies. His wrists, elbows and ankles are covered with handwoven protective bands dyed black, concealing his brightest of natural white stripes in the process. A considerable segment of Deo's tail is missing, the reasons for that his own to know.


Weapons/Powers: He has long slender talons on both his claws and feet, all of which bare a sickly green color from constantly being dipped in various types of poisons. His arsenal of poisons is primarily paralytics, giving him a wider opening to slice and dice his enemies, though he also carries a small amount of powerful neurotoxins for those particularly hard enemies several times his size. Thankfully, he's yet to have needed any of those.

With senses sharper then a scalpel and wits just as quick, Deo relies on hit-and-run tactics, due to his frail and exceptionally light bone structure. Though fragile, Deo is fast, faster then anything he's encountered thus far, which isn't saying much considering he hasn't seen another whiptail for years now. For his species, it was primary nature, but to he takes it as far as possible.

When idle, Deo relies on stealth to find solace and get some rest. Having had much time to train the art of remaining undetected, he's able to fade into the cover of night at will, and use it to get his well needed rest.


Other/History: Deo's childhood was a happy one. He had lots of friends, and even a brother. Their days were spent joyfully playing 'hide and seek', or 'catch the firefly', or just the usual mindless scampering around. They had plenty of food and plenty of peace, so Deo naturally grew to become one of his clan's hunters. He did his duties, as did his squad, as did his brother, an ever-present companion throughout his life.


Naturally, when the Rabies spread to their clan, chaos ensued. Some wanted to run, others wanted to defend against the incoming threat, but in the end, their differences lead to their demise, as the disease ravaged their once peaceful nomadic clan, reducing it to nothing. To this day, Deo remains uncertain whether or not he was the only survivor... His once peaceful life as a hunter was now a never-ending fight for survival. The years changed him... having gone through hell every night, listening to those diseased abominations just inches away from his hiding place every night shook his gears loose, desensitizing him to many a' things. By this day, he believes one solid truth. The light is gone... It's ever dragon for himself.

So he survives, but he doesn't really live any more.

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user posted image

Neon Leaf raised her head. Sunlight filtered in through the narrow flaps of the tent. She slowly got to her feet, yawned and stretched, receiving a few grunts from the other dragons around her. She stepped outside and slunk around the camp. She could already see the first dragons getting up and walking about, preparing the Cafeteria for breakfast. She decided that the best way to start the day was to go at the Court and train before the gong sounded. She waved at some of the other dragons as she paced by them, greeting and smiling. Still stretching to get the last ounces of sleep out of her limbs, she headed to the Training Court.


((Thank you, Sock! Quick snappy post.))

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((I may as well.))


user posted image

"...Maybe I should go out Nya!~" The shallow water said as he emerged from a cave. He looked at the small pond near him. Nylon used his magic to create bubbles from the water. He swallowed a water bubble with tiny fish in it. "Nyack, the pond water tastes disgusting!~" He exclaimed, wincing. He looked around. Should he explore today?

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user posted image

Neon Leaf watched as the sun gradually began to rise higher into the sky. It was a beautiful sight. She was in awe, transfixed by the beautiful sky as it turned into a series of purples and oranges... and not a single cloud was seen in the sky. She sighed. Wonderful.

She headed towards the center of camp. The sandy ground was covered with white markings and countless numbers of dummys stuffed with straw, just waiting to be beaten up. Where would she start? She looked around, narrowed her eyes thoughtfully and strolled up to one of the fake, stuffed dragons. She lashed out with an unseathed paw and batted the dummy on the side. It rocked and rolled from side to side. The neotropical jumped up and leapt on it. With a few kicks and paw swipes, she had bashed it into the ground. She slowly set the dummy back up again, even though there was a horribly large gash at the side of it's head. Straw spilled out from the imaginary "wound" like fake yellow blood. Proud of her work, she stalked off.

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((Of course we will. Once you join and RP, we'll help you and hopefully it will teach you to become a better roleplayer.))

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((Let's see...))


Visions of Spook's family catching the rabies were burned into his mind,he shall never forget the screams he heard,the sound of his brother screaming in agony and the blood that was splattered on the ground. Each and every day he would wake up to the loud scream of his brother and the blood splatering on the ground,he couldnt sleep until he knew more about the rabies and how to end them ."Im sick of these nightmares"He mumbled waking up and washing the sand off his body. He made his way to the training court,He entered the training court and let out a roar to show his pressence to Neon Leaf."Ready for some 'real' training?"He asked.

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user posted image

Neonleaf turned around slowly to the booming roar of the Spitfire. She could have recognized him from anywhere, but she didn't pay much attention to him. He must have had some nerve to come up here and challenge her. Even though he was an adult, she wasn't about to let him come waltzing up to her and expect to beat her easily without much sweat.

"I was born ready." Those were the only words she said.

If she was going to beat him, she had to act first. Without warning, she ran up under him and slipped under his stomach. She lashed out with her paws and batted him strongly on the belly with claws unseathed. It was enough to make a small puncture, but she was careful not to inflict any serious damage on her oponent.

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user posted image


Weep woke up with a start, jewel eyes staring at the tent wall. He barely moved, chest rising and falling a little quicker than normal, his mind on other abstract things. The nightmare hadn't been too bad; at least he hadn't woke up shivering.


Slowly, the Sweetling raised his head and looked around the Apprentice's Tent, taking in the other, smaller sleeping shapes. There were a few spots missing, probably from other dragons getting up and going about their business, and it looked like a little path to the opening of the tent.


Slowly rising, limbs creaking from sleeping in such an awkward curled position, Weep started to make his way towards the opening to the outside world. He leaped nimbly over the sleeping forms, making sure to not accidentally step on someone. Once he got to the entrance, he slowed to a soft walk and was out of the Apprentice's Tent.


The sun was already up, the sky free of clouds, and Weep stood in front of the tent for a moment, staring at the sky with wide eyes. His thoughts were then jarred by a loud roar and he swept his gaze towards the source, spying a large dragon sparring with a smaller, greener dragon. After a second, he started towards them, going slow and watching the small act. The Sweetling didn't go directly towards them in a straight line; his path was more in a circular shape, so that he wouldn't get too close.


Part of him wanted to join in, to leap around in circles and dodge their clumsy claws, but, instead, he stopped a little ways away and sat down, eyes watching them blankly.


The way this world worked didn't feel normal to him. While the atmosphere was light and bright, much like he remembered, it was too...closed. There was not enough movement. Not enough slow, thought-out, fast movement.


It just wasn't normal. But there was nothing he could do about that. He had no thoughts about it, really; why should he? Food was here, other dragons were here, warm shelters were here. Things he never had but was now everywhere.


Weep didn't even move as the thoughts of this world and another went to the back of his mind. The little act that the two dragons were in was entertaining in a way and the Sweetling just sat and watched.

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