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The Cold Shoulder

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"The time has come, hasn't it?"


A pale blue-gray she-wolf stood at the head of a group of wolves. They had eyes with no whites or pupils, just glowing lights with the color that their eyes used to be. Some of the older ones had a few stars speckling their pelts. The younger ones, like the blue-gray wolf, had more. Her eyes were an icy blue, and the slightest bit of sadness could be depicted from the glowing orbs.


"It has." An older-looking, dark gray he-wolf mumbled. "There is a wolf in the pack with a power. Specifically, wings and the ability to fly." A collective gasp rang through the group.


"Who is it?" A ginger she-wolf prodded. Her all-green eyes flickered with pain. She had adored all of the young Scouts in the pack.


"That is of no importance."


"It most certainly is!" The blue-gray wolf sneered. The stars in her pelt flickered. "If the wolf is executed, we deserve to know who is joining us!" She rolled back her shoulders and narrowed her eyes.


"It is not as of now." The gray wolf grumbled. "Even I don't know if she will be executed." He then snapped his mouth shut. He just gave out a hint.


"It's a she?"


"Who could it be?"


The ginger wolf looked up at the gray one, terror filling her eyes. "Is it- Aria?"


The entire world seemed to go silent as the gray wolf shut his eyes and slowly nodded.







That quick, crisp sound made the entire clearing go silent. All eyes, from yellow to blue to gray, locked on to a single, rigid body. White fur on end, and pale blue eyes nervously meeting those of the muscular gray wolf before her. Everyone knew what was about to happen.


Every so often, a wolf would be born into the loosely-formed pack with a power of some sort. Elemental control, telekinesis, or even wings, with the ability to fly. This pack didn't welcome these kinds of wolves. Parents never tell the leader, or even the pup, if they were born with a power. That was left for everyone to find out themselves. If a packmember ever found out, they normally told the leader. If the leader found out, the wolf with powers was in big trouble. The punishment was almost always being exiled- or executed by the leader himself.


This innocent, white she-wolf lifted her head, but her sight fell to the grass below her. She never had the courage to look her leader in the eye for too long- especially at times like this.


"Aria." A deep, raspy voice growled. "You were a fine Scout in this pack. And an even better Herbalist. I'm ashamed to see that you were born with a power, and no one told me until this day. Very ashamed." Aria hung her head. She longed to look to the crowd, for her parents, for support, but she knew even they couldn't help her now. She could just feel her mother's grief and her father's fury towards the leader.


"Do you understand your punishments?" The voice continued. "Either you are exiled- or you are executed."


"Yes, Zakur."


"Very well." Zakur stood up taller. "You will be spared- for now. You are exiled from this pack. If we find you on our lands by moonrise, we will have to resort to the latter. Be gone. Now." With a shaky breath, Aria lifted her head and took one last glance at her former packmates. She gave a sorry, terrified look towards her parents. She could see her mother with tears in her eyes. She glanced at the sky, then swiftly spread her large white-feathered wings, and dove into the sky. Within moments she had disappeared from anyone's view.


As soon as she knew she was out of the territory, Aria dove down to the ground below. She nearly decided to dive into a tree, just because she could, but resisted the urge and instead collapsed onto the cool grass. She shoved her face into the grass, and let out a series of soft sobs. She shut her wings, which remained unharmed from the landing.


"Now who may you be, girlie?"

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You guys have no idea how happy I am at all of the positive feedback!


Here's chapter 2, I'll post 3 in a few minutes.



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Aria's head shot up at the sound of the voice. She whipped around, trying to find the source. She turned around completely to see a scraggly brown wolf studying her. Its fur started off as a light brown by its paws and ears, but grew darker shade my shade up to its back, and it had black stripes all over it. It wore a torn blue scarf.


"Who- who are you?" She asked nervously, trying ever so hard to keep her wings plastered to her sides. The brown wolf chuckled.


"The name's Kiro. Are you the Aria ah heard 'bout?" The wolf rasped. His voice was deep and scratchy, almost in a way that most could heal with a simple drink of water. Aria nodded, and Kiro smiled. "I was exiled from tha' pack a long time ago." He added.


Aria paused. "Wait, are you- Kiro the Scarred? I thought your pelt was white and- well- scar-covered?" She had heard stories of a wolf named Kiro that was exiled. He was the first into every battle, and it took its toll on him. The leader at the time eventually found out that he had control over some types of electricity, and that was why his enemies always flickered with a blinding light before they were killed. He was exiled without question. This wolf looked nothing like him. Maybe it was just a coincidence?


"That'd be me." Kiro said softly. "And yep- that's me too. Ah was exactly like that when ah was exiled, but those damn Starwolves just had to make it up to me. This scarf is s'posed to have some power in it to heal me. These stripes are marks left from some of my older scars- ones they weren't able to heal." He frowned and let out a little grunt. "Ah was never too fond of the pack, anyways."


"Why did you always- always fight so much?"


"Ah didn't fight to keep that lot of freeloaders safe. Ah fought 'cause ah liked it. Ah was so full of myself...... Ah just fought to win. And for the glory of winning. For me at that time, a kill was worth a high rank. Ah was Zakur's Lieutenant when you were just a pup, y'know that?" Kiro muttered in a low growl. He didn't seem to like talking about his past.


Aria nodded intently. "So- I guess we're both loners now, huh?" She said nervously.


"We are."


The white she-wolf fidgeted with her paws. "Well, I'm glad that I'm at least not alone." She mumbled. "I'll have someone to talk to who understands me."


Kiro tilted his head slightly. "Hm... Ah'm not sure if ah know what you were exiled for? What sort of power?" Aria slightly brightened as she spread out her white wings.


Kiro's eyes widened, and he frowned. "White fur, blue eyes, wings-" he mumbled to himself. He lifted his head. "Aria, have you ever considered that, seeing you really look it- that you may be an Angel wolf?"

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"An Angel wolf?!"


Kiro nodded. "Ya didn't even suspect it? I mean, the white fur and blue eyes is enough of a hint, but the wings, too- ah'm s'prised Zakur didn't kill ya." He studied Aria's wings as she stretched them out and gazed at them herself. "It definitely seems to me that you're one."


Aria whipped around to face Kiro. "How do you know all of this?" She demanded. Kiro shrunk back a few steps.


"Ah- um, the word goes around, alright? Ah heard it from someone else."


Aria narrowed her eyes. "Fine then. But I'm a little suspicious." She shut her wings again.


"Hey, ah got exiled for havin' a power, too, remember? Ah kinda know this stuff." Kiro snapped back. His fur prickled and stood up in some places. Aria's eyes widened and she skidded back. She fluttered her wings.


"S- sorry, I don't have the longest of tempers." She said softly. She gazed up at the sky. "Is that in any way the opposite of an Angle wolf?" She took a deep breath. "This- this is just a little too much too fast right now." She sighed. She lay down on the ground and rested her head on the cool grass, shutting her eyes. "Maybe I just need a little rest.


Kiro nodded and flicked an ear. "Ah've got a little den a little ways out. If ya don't wanna get caught by any of Zakur's wolves that'll kill ya even if you're off their land, Ah'd recommend ya follow." Aria lifted he head and nodded slowly. She stood back up and followed as Kiro trotted out through the forest.


After a few minutes, the two reached a small cave lined with moss and grass. "Here we are." Kiro mumbled. "Make yerself at home." Aria padded in and gazed up at the sky. The sun was dipping down below the horizon. She pawed at a patch of moss, then lay down.


Kiro lay down in another spot a few feet away and nodded. "'G'night, Aria."


"'Night." Aria muttered as she drifted off to sleep.

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I'm still intrigued. This is great! ^.^


Just a suggestion/request unrelated to the story: Will you be editing the other chapters into the first post?

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Just a suggestion/request unrelated to the story: Will you be editing the other chapters into the first post?


Probably not :3


"Well well well, look who it is."


Aria slowly opened her eyes. As she gazed around, she quickly scrambled to a standing position as she heard the voice. Before her stood a towering black he-wolf that she recognized in an instant.


"F- F- Fal-" She stammered, shocked and terrified. "Wh- what are you doing-?" Fal was her brother, her guardian when she was in the pack. She almost always stuck by his side.


"I came by Zakur's orders." He said flatly. He then relaxed and grinned. "He wanted me to see if you were in our territory. I decided to explore a bit, and I found you." He took a step closer. "But don't worry, I'm not taking you anywhere."


Aria let out a sigh of relief. Her eyes filled with joy as she gazed up at Fal. She glanced over at Kiro, who was sound asleep. "I'm so happy to see you." She sighed, burying her face in his fur. Fal smiled as he looked down at her. "Why did you really come?" She asked curiously as she took a step back.


"I wanted to see if you were okay. You know what the forests are like." He shot a glance at Kiro. "Who's this?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.


"That's Kiro." Aria replied. "He was exiled a long time ago. He let me stay with him so I wasn't caught by any of the pack." When her brother gave her a quizzical look, she added. "The Scarred. Remember those stories? The Starwolves healed as much of him as h could, and now he looks like that."


Fal nodded. "I- I see." He mumbled. "Well I have good news and bad news." He said. Aria looked up at him. "Good news- I left the pack. Unnoticed. Without a trace." Joy filled Aria's eyes as she buried her face in his fur again. "The bad news-" he continued. "We've gotta get moving by sunrise. You know how thorough Zakur's search parties are."


Aria stepped back again. "O- of course." She said. "We can run for a while, then find a spot to stay that's farther out than this."


"Much farther out." Fal agreed.


Aria quickly darted over to Kiro and prodded his side. He slowly opened his eyes. "Huh- wha-?" He mumbled groggily. "What is it, Aria?"


Aria stood back. "This is my brother Fal." She explained. "He left the pack last night. We need to get moving so no search parties find us." Zakur's search parties were known for going out for days on end, rarely checking back, and would go far out of their territory to find a missing wolf.


Kiro slowly stood up, nodding to Fal. "Uhm, okay." He said, still half asleep. "Let's get movin'."

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Aria's ears were filled with the sound of thudding paws and the crunches and snaps of undergrowth. Her mouth hung open as she gasped for air while running. Fal was in the lead, with Aria in the middle and Kiro taking the rear. Every wolf's eyes stung with tears from the cold wind whipping in their faces.


"Are- we getting- closer?" Kiro panted as they ran. "Ah'm- runnin'- outta- breath....." Fal looked back and narrowed his eyes.


"Just a little longer, then we can take a rest. Can you handle it?" He barked back. Aria smiled to herself. Her brother was always more worried about others than himself. Swallowing hard, Kiro slowly nodded. Fal flicked an ear and nimbly darted around a tree.


Aria wasn't sure why she wasn't just flying instead of running. She could probably go much faster. But running felt less- artificial. The speed felt more real when she was running. Except for when she she was leaping over things. She proved her own point by jumping over a low tree branch.


Kiro began to slow down. Wheezing, he attempted to keep up, but he felt like his legs were about to give out. "Keep going!" He yelled before collapsing to the ground.


Fal skidded to a halt, and Aria opened her wings to slow herself down. They both whipped around and bolted for Kiro. He scowled as they reached him.


"I said to keep going." He growled.


"We weren't going to just leave you here. The search party may still find you out here." Fal snapped. He turned to Aria. "You think you can fly with him on your back?"


Aria paused, looking at her wings. "I dunno, m- maybe-"


Before she could react, her brother hefted Kiro up onto the she-wolf's back. She winced under the weight for a moment, but as she was lofted into the air and picked up speed, the pain in her back died away. She was able to fly far aster than Fal could run, and she often wanted to slow down for him to catch up. But she knew they had to keep moving.


The minutes creeped into hours, and the sun began to bear down on the wolves. Aria's white coat began to look pink as her pale skin burned in the intense light. Thankfully, she saw water rising up in the distance. It looked like it went on forever. The ocean. Her back began to ache.


"Okay, you can let me down now." Kiro kept saying. But Aria continued as the water creeped closer.


Finally, she could smell the salt in the air. She lowered down to put Kiro back on solid ground. But as she did, she began to feel dizzy. The heat had gotten to her. Still a ways off the ground, she dove down and dropped the wolf, then shot back up. After a brief second of silence, her eyes shut and she plummeted to the ground.


A deafening crack filled the air as Aria smacked into the water and began to sink.

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That's fine ^.^

Yay, more! Mind if I add a bit of crit?


The minutes creeped into hours, and the sun began to bear down on the wolves.
But Aria continued as the water creeped closer.


There's a small redundancy with the word 'creeped', especially since you used them so close to each other.

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this is a good story so far. can't wait for it to continue happy.gif

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