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Tron's Stories of Randomness

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...And when I say 'Randomness', I mean it.

1) Ted is not allowed to give dragons fast-food, disguised as healthy food.

2) Ted must stop playing unwinnable games with anyone he sees.

3) Stop teasing administrators, Ted. It's bad. It's very, VERY bad.

4) Ted must stop asking Hellfires to take the 'rage test'.

5) Ted must not send any troll letters to any cathedral, monastery or any other religious building via mail.

6) Ted is not 'the owner of everything'.

7) Ted is not a Batman.

7.1) Or Batman Jr.

8) Clockwork Assault Rifle is NOT to be used as clocks. It's a weapon, dammit!

9) Ted + Cake of any kind = CATASTROPHY.

10) Ted should stop trying to beat any dragon here in staring contest. You are a human, and you can't defeat them.

11) Ted and red buttons do not mix. Period.

12) Ted is not allowed to use my computer while I am sleeping.

13) Ted should stop telling everyone that I have secret blueprints for Windows X.

14) 'It was an accident' is not an explanation to any made action.

15) Staff didn't write rules to brainwash users. They want to take over the world!

15.1) No, they don't. And Ted is no longer allowed to edit the list.

16) Ted must stop giving users anyone a fake information about 'UberEpic Cannon of Epicness'. Ever.

17) Ted is NOT: a superhero named 'Captain Trollings', award winner, staff member, forum creator, a person with IQ 'ovah NAIN THAUZEND', made of bread, a cookie monster or professional dragon caretaker.

18) Ted is no longer alowed to sing Mr. Trololo's song.

18.1) Rick-Roll too.

18.2) No idea where did you find a Barrel Roll Moscau 8-bit remix, Ted, but this one is no longer allowed too.

19) Ted is not an alien.

19.1) Don't even get me started on that gibberish he tries to put as alien language: IT'S NOT.

20) Ted must stop trying to save the time from paradox by using time machine, a mirror, a cartoon movie DVD and a pizza.

21) 'HEVI DEUTI WEPONS' is not a solution to all problems.

21.1) 'MOAR WEPONS' included.

21.2) And 'WEPON DISPENSAR' too.

21.3) ANYTHING related to weapons is NOT a solution to any problem.

22) Ted must stop asking professional artists to draw him a blueprint of 'Uber-Epic Cannon of Epicness'.

22.1) Ted must stop asking ANYONE to draw him a blueprint of 'Uber-Epic Cannon of Epicness'.

23) Ted should stop sending PMs to every user he sees. Just stop it.

24) Telling everyone that the site is in the list of a new anti-piracy project, then hacking the said site and changing it's headline to "U MAD BRO?" was a VERY BAD thing.

25) Keep Ted away from Hellfires.

25.1) And Magis.

25.2) Especially Guardians.

25.3) Especially, ESPECIALLY Pygmies.

Since I can write, and I've already wrote some stories in RL, I thought: why not? And I decided to give it a shot. I know, it's not exactly a story, but that's one of a few things that are easy and fun for me to write. Besides, I'm currently writing from the phone.

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