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A tale of dragon codes

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I hope this is the right section. Here is the idea:


Write a short story (it can just be a few sentences) about any topic, it doesn't even have to make a lot of sense. But: every sentence has to contain at least one word that comes from the code of a dragon on your scroll.


You can use only part of the code or use a number as a wildcard for a letter or even switch the sequence of the letters a little but try to stay as close to your dragon's code as possible (and link to it for proof, but use the lineage link, not the view link).


I'll begin:


Nico was in a hurry, he was already a bit late for work. First he couldn't find his pen and now he got one of his random nosebleeds. Suddenly, the door bell rang. It was one of these door-to-door salesmen who tried to sell Nico a fine coat made from dragonhide pelt. "Dragonhide pelt is murder, I won't buy that, dragons rock!" He yelled it a little louder than he'd planned, now Liz from across the street had heard him. He was always a little shy around her. In the past she had worked as a spy but nowadays she made a living by selling photos of UFOs. She was as angry as a wasp and said to the salesman, sotto voce: "you better go now, or it's game over for you." As if on cue, that very moment her Shallow Water Dragon Jack decided to use splash and soaked the man through. He was so scared, all he could do was turn around and run. He swore to himself to resign and never to harm any dragon again.


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