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Gifters and Takers

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Hi! I'm KoalaNoob, but just call me Koala.




If you would like to become a donator, please PM me, and I will add you to the list on the post below this. Please include any eggs and/or hatchlings you are willing to give, along with a link to your scroll. If there are ever any changes (someone adopts something, something grows up, etc.) please tell me so I can change the list.


If you become a donor, you may choose to be a breeding donor as well. To do this, simply state that you want to be a breeding donor as well. Breeding donors take requests for breeding dragons, and it will say they are breeding donors where it says they are breeding donors. You may select to only be a breeding donor or only a donor. If there is a request that you do not wish to do, tell the requester that you don't want to do it.


If there is any special note you want to show about a particular egg or hatchling, feel free to tell me, and I will add the detail.



If you would like to adopt an egg or hatchling that is currently available, ask on this thread, stating who it will be from and which one it is. ALWAYS MESSAGE THE GIFTER TOO. If you want someone to breed two specific dragons for you, check their scrolls first, in case they are egg-locked, or both dragons are the same gender. If they refuse, do not pester them.



1. No swearing, and try not to be rude.

2. Please don't take everything. There are other people who want the eggs and hatchlings too.

3. If someone refuses to breed something for you, too bad.

4. You may ask for eggs and hatchlings that a donor does not have on his or her list, but if hero she says no, do not ask again.

5. Donors MUST give me a link to their scroll so I can post it here.

6. Using vampires to bite counts as breeding.

7. The rules are subject to change, but there will always be a warning in the form of a post.


Now for the most important rule of all: Have fun, and make this work together! smile.gif

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CURRENT DONORS (feel free to apply!)




Scroll link: http://dragcave.net/user/KoalaNoob

Current Donatable Eggs: Copper (red)---Misfit Pygmy---Seawyrm Pygmy

Current Donaable Hatchlings: Ochredrake---Guardian

Is currently willing to breed.

NOTES: Copper is Second-Gen, bred with a CB copper and a CB Golden Wyvern.

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