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Light's art!

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Hello, everybody.

Haven't had an art thread here forever, here I'll showcase a few doodles I've done in the meanwhile.


I'm light, I sometimes do traditional art, mainly of birds and fantasy thingies.


I'm not particularly looking for critique right now (am currently in a phase where I'm trying to learn things on my own, although I have a looooong way to go), but I probably won't hit you for politely worded constructive word strings.


Anyway, arts!


A corrupted Kirin:

user posted image


My OC Niverdia enjoying a breeze:

user posted image


My own Nebula dragon:

user posted image


A contest piece that ended up being a bitter lesson about correct media choice:

user posted image


Grumpy cat that I drew in a particularly grumpy period at the beginning of the year:

user posted image


Lol, I can't do backgrounds:

user posted image


A stylized Spatuletail hummingbird:

user posted image


Please know that I absolutely don't take requests and never will take requests on this forum again. Partially because a) I work full time and value my free time, so any art for others would either be a gift coming completely from my own goodwill for close friends, or paid commissions for real $$s or items of equal value, and B ) sorry, bad experience with a some rotten apples on specifically *this* forum (three different art threads, bad experience on each of them) still leaves me with a sour flavour in my mouth whenever I think of doing art on here for free or for dragon eggs.


Thanks for looking!

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