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Hello all writers, readers, and those of you who are neither!


I'm primarily a writer, however have recently taken up other arts (see ceri's little playground).


I would love to direct anyone who reads this to: http://ivory-von.pandamian.com/ Although, be warned, it does have a few adult themes, but these can easily be skipped over and still understand what's going on.


This is my site, and I intend to update a chapter every Monday, feel free to leave comments here (ensuring you mention what the comment is for) or on the site itself, or you can comment here: Yes, twitter, I know, I'm not a fan either.. buuttt


I appreciate any comments or criticisms people might have, I'm also looking for someone with artistic ability to draw/colour up some characters/cover pages? PM me for details, for initiative, I have a fake fourth gen Holly up for grabs this years christmas. I might make it a contest.


I also write poems, so if you wanted a poem, make a request here, give me a general theme/what you were after. I do however ask for a trade, a poem for a dragon and if people are interested, I'll post a list of what I want in exchange.

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~Reserved for updates~



New blog created

New blog

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~Reserved for uploaded works~


The Truth of Us

You walked into my life,

Threw me of my line,

Caught me by my heart,

Now, I’m all yours.


A cosy afternoon,

Flowers on the bloom,

A stranger in the shadows,

A maiden in the meadow.


Glittering smile,

And handsome features,

A swaggering walk,

A cocky step.


Fair yellow hair,

And pale skin,

A long pretty dress,

A flowing dance.


I walked into your life,

Threw you off your line,

Caught you by your heart,

Now, you’re all mine.

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hello! uvu

i hope you won't mind me giving you a little bit of friendly criticism as i read your story!


i'll jump right into it.


i liked the idea of having a poem to encompass the first part. it felt a little choppy in some parts though because of the length of the lines. the first two had a nice feel to it, a long and then a short, but it was broken up quickly and then half way down went from short and worked it's way to long again. a little more structure would be nice.

your words were very descriptive though, which is always refreshing to see. though, near the end, it said there was regret in their heart yet it was an easy thing to do? if you meant the 'it being easy' in the context of their break up or parting, it sounds a little contradictory. if the break up/separation was truly easy, i don't think they would have many regrets. maybe a better word choice to clarify what you meant would be helpful.


i'd like to hear your ideas on this and then i'll move onto the prologue and give you my feedback on that if you're still interested. ^u^

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I wrote that piece for ever ago, and never really looked at it since xd.png


Uhm... I think it was truly more of a parting than a break up. I think it was easy for them to part because they knew it had to be done, and they both agreed with it, the regret being that they would never truly know if they'd see each other again. Basically think of it as a poem based on arranged marriage, and their being together was a temporary thing.

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