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~New release Trade Thread~

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I've made this thread because I couldn't find a thread specifically dedicated to trading new Dragons (specifically those whose rarities are currently unknown). If there is a similar topic to this one this post will be shut down. The purpose of this thread is allowing users to attempt to get the best trades they can for their new dragons (whether trading for them or offering them) before the new dragon's rarities come out. Rules:

  • No Begging!
  • Please stick to trading new dragons only, use other appropriate threads for other trades!
  • Please do not post your opinion of what a dragon egg/hatchling is worth, as this is specifically a thread for new dragons, their value is whatever another user is willing to trade for it. Expressing opinions about other peoples trades is strictly prohibited.
  • Please use forms below to trade
  • Please only offer/ask for one of the dragons listed in the new dragon selection. These will be updated as new dragons are released. If there is not a dragon listed under "Tradable Dragons" find an appropriate forum for the dragon trading you would like to achieve and only use this one for the dragons whose rarities are still unknown.
  • Please copy the dragon egg/hatchling you want's Image URL and paste it in the appropriate area of your form. Please make sure that you do NOT post a clickable link that leads to your egg.
  • Please follow ALL site rules to avoid this topic being locked. If you have a question, ask it in "Help" forum. Make sure you don't post view links.
  • Do NOT PM members who have chosen not to be PMed about their offers.
  • If you specify that you are willing to receive PMs about an offer please realize you may receive quite a few message, consider this before deciding what you will post.
  • Please ONLY request trades using the form, and if possible make it quoted so it is easier for other users to work quickly through offers.

Form Below:


Dragon Seeking:

Dragon Offering:

Preferred method of trading: (EG: IOU, direct transfer, etc)

Receive messages about this offer? (yes/no)

Offer Status: (Open/closed)


Tradable Dragons:


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Closing. New releases can be traded in the other trade threads such as the CB and the regular dragon trading thread.

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