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Have you heard of DragonsAndBeasties?

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I'm curious, how many people out there have heard or seen DragonsAndBeasties' works? She makes the coolest, cutest, most riveting sculptures I have ever seen! If you want to see some of her works, here's a link to her DA page: http://dragonsandbeasties.deviantart.com/


Now, I want all of you who know her or know her now that I have shown you her, to tell me the truth.


Is she getting worse?


I really, desperately, hope it is just me, but I am afraid the peak of her career was in that one, rainbow, oriental that dropped my jaw and left me gasping for air. Since then, all she has made are mama and baby sculpts, which I say are ruining her.


They are no longer cute.


Oh, they are still cute, but not as much. She has larger wings now, smaller heads. She is moving over the delicate line between detailed, and realistic, and not towards the good side. I say she is letting herself be commercialized to support her art, when in reality her art is suffering because of it! I would be just as happy to buy a DragonsAndBeasties authentic dice dragon for my mom as a DragonsAndBeasties mama and baby sculpt. In fact, more.


Now, tell me. Am I too harsh?


I really don't want to sound like I am bashing her. In fact, I may be. I still have the utmost regard for her as a fellow dragon lover as well as a fellow sculptor and amazing artist. I do, however, think it is a pity that she has let herself (in my opinion) be commercialized by this mother's day. I respect DragonsAndBeasties. I do. I could never make that many dragons, with that much detail and awesomemess, all under the pressure of 20,000 fans like me. She still makes some great sculptures, but in my opinion they are not as great as they could be. Maybe she will get better. Maybe she won't.


This is the part where I ask your opinion. What do you think about DragonsAndBeasties?

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