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My pathetic scrawls

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So I had a (very small) burst of inspiration. It doesn't feel like much, but I wrote something. If there is positive feedback, I'll write more~ pfffft, like /that'll/ ever happen...


Fear is Duct Tape


Fear is duct tape.

Binding, restricting, its hold seemingly eternal, it keeps you in your cage.

Each struggle you make against it only tightens your bonds.

Yet fear is not so mundane as to be limited by one face.

Fear is also an anchor and a muse.

You clutch onto it like a buoy at sea.

You take it and paint portraits for others.

Fear, like duct tape, can mend and destroy. Can make or break.

Fear is a tool, ever waiting for its use.

What will you bid of it?


And a haiku I had written a few months ago:


The Blue Moon


The blue moon rises

only once ev'ry five years.

May luck walk with you.


So yeah, not as beautiful as Walker's, Dear lord, if I could write like that... |'D so I don't know. Critiques? Comments? Concerns?

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