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Dragon Scribes~Lives of the Fire-Breathers

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This was a wonderful little thought that I had not long ago about what people would think a normal Dragon's life would be like. Some may see their lives as exciting and breathtaking while others see their lives amazingly similar to ours. So I created the Dragon Scribes to find out what the people think! Care to share your opinion?


Here's the idea. Every two weeks or so we setup a contest where anyone who wants to participate can write a story about a a small chapter in a Dragon's vast life. Too simple? That's alright cause there's more! Every contest we feature a certain Dragon and that's the one you have to write about. There will also sometimes be a certain time or place given with the Dragon prompt. Like a Royal Blue on a Full Moon's night for example. Now it isn't limited to just that moment in time. The story can be any time span you want! For example using the Royal Blue idea. You can write about just that night or a couple of events spanning over the ears leading up to that Night or start with the night. You could make the story any way you like! I know this must seem confusing so I thought I'd draft up a small excerpt for you on what I plan to be the first featured Dragon! The Heartseeker!


The mating season had come.The young Heartseeker, Chocolat, had felt his scales release that lovely aroma which he had grown to love so much. The warm luscious tones soothed and calmed while at the same time compelled him for something more. He had heard about this. He knew it was coming. It was finally time to look for the perfect mate. He stirred from his napping position and let out a long roar that was so soft and made all the nearby potential mates pleasantly drown in peace. With his call for now issued it was time to go search. As he took his first step after almost a year long nap he shook a bit. Then out of pure pride he foolishly broke into a graceful run quickly falling as his knee's buckled.

"Well that's not going to impress any of the ladies."He muttered to himself.


A long hour of soaking in his own and many other potential mates unique scents he finally encountered his first possible love or Cherry's as many other Heartseeker's referred them to. She was a lovely shade of crimson and gingerbread. To top it off her scent was an amazing mix of raspberry and cocoa. Though many humans see Heartseeker's as the same colors and smell the same scents from them this is not true. Only their finely tuned noses and eyes can truly see each other's uniqueness.

"Hey there Cherry. What'cha up to? Just roaring up a storm around here weren't ya?"She snickered melodiously. Chocolat grunted thoughtfully.

"This dame sure is feisty. Just get a load of that bright scent."He thought to himself before purring back a response.

"Now don't get me a wrong I love a fresh smelling Cherry but your a bit too vibrant for my taste." At this she blinked slowly and smiled.

"Well not everyone is ready for a lady like me."She said snout high in the air as she bounded away.


Chocolat wandered farther into the woods with his own unique scent wafting far and wide. His was a complex and sophisticated scent. Scents of Cardamom an spice wafted from, him in waves but somehow the biting scent was low and rich. The natural chocolate background aroma lifted him to great heights among the ladies. They had never smelled such a endearing Cherry.However he got a bit to big for his scales. He was rather arrogant seeming now in his walk. Not that the local Cherries noticed. His high and might stride brought him to a lovely little Heartseeker that seemed to float towards him dreamily. His shoulders instantly drooped at the sight of her. His arrogance was sheared away as he glanced upon this enchanting beauty.With cafe' brown and deep sandy scales she was entrancing. Her voice and her scent sealed the deal for him. He was completely bewitched.

"Well, well, well is this the magnificent spicy Heartseeker I've heard about? What's your name honey?"Chocolat couldn't resist answering her. The pure cinnamon scent had his head drifting miles away from his sense.

"Chocolat...Uh uh w...what's your name?"He stuttered embarrassingly.

"Wow I heard you barely ever asked for a ladies name. Thought you were too good for them from the moment you saw them? Well I hope you see me differently. I'm Torte. Want a squirrel?"She smashed a squirrel between her paws as she lamented to him and began to nibble on it. Chocolat snapped out of his trance. He sighed deeply. Even the Enchanter can't be perfect. He leaped away rather abruptly. Nasty eaters like that just couldn't be for him.


"Cinnamon no matter how fine still has a burn to it."He grunted angrily to himself. He was tired of the searching and longed for the perfect mate. He'd met the overwhelming Cherry and the imperfect charmer. Suddenly he stepped into a large clearing. He saw a group of female Heartseeker's hissing and leering at a shy creature at the other end of the clearing. He couldn't see what it was but he could tell it was obviously a shy creature. Quickly all the ladies dashed towards him vying for his attention. But oddly his eyes could not tear away from whatever they were previously teasing. As soon as she came into view he was mystified. A warm feeling welled up inside him. All the lullaby like voices of the other Heartseeker's were drowned out by this new shy Heartseeker's silence. The most amazing thing about her seemed to by the pure white scales on her back and the chilling blue of her under scales. Her distinct aroma of sweet milk took him like a hook to a fish. He pranced towards her like he had never done in his life. He gently asked for her name.

I'm Skyberry."She whispered.

He gave her a single look and gave her the question that drew gasps from all who saw. A feeling of such confidence egged him on. It was like all the joyful world was instantly intensified by her. It slipped from his mouth rather naturally.

"Will you be my lifelong mate my lovely Skyberry?"

All the bystanders gave small meows of protest but even they couldn't resist such a beautifully romantic moment. The shy unique Heartseeker gave him a look over and you could see Chocolat's same feelings mirrored in her eyes.


Now honestly must I tell you what she said? Should I tell you what happened between them and ruin all the that Chocolat's worked for? He wanted the most romantic moment ever so what more romantic than an ending you make yourself? I leave you to it good readers.



Now your story doesn't have to be this long. it can be a couple paragraphs shorter or maybe even a little longer if you prefer! If I get enough people supporting this idea then I think it would be safe to say that I can get this going. Just post below if you want this to happen!

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Aww, this is such a good idea! I've never had time to commit to a RP, but I might conceivably be able to pop over every month or so and just write a few paragraphs for a prompt. Of course, I should be using the time to write descriptions for my dragons, but... xd.png


Is it possible that this should be in a different section, like Site Discussion, because it's relevant to the Cave itself? Probably a question for a mod. It might get more traffic there.

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