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~Knock On Hell's Door~

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Year ~ 2009

State ~ Texas



In the year of 1993, Persephone, Goddess of the Underworld, decided to take a suprise vacation away from her husband, Hades, without telling him. He was so out-raged, and blinded by pain that he sent a heat wave to kill half of the males, out into the world. He didn't want Persephone to be with any other man. The opening to the Underworld was in Texas, and Persephone just happened to escape there, out of all places. The heat wave wiped out half of the males. Persephone freaked, and hid deeper into the heart of Texas, desperate to just have a few months without her husband. To re-populate, the men got together, starting a program. Women who dared give birth to as many babies as possible joined. A few years had passed, and Persephone decided to return home. Hades held her close, and Persephone told him where she'd gone. He studied Texas for awhile, and realized that the first heat wave had hit there. He watched them try to re-populate. His jealousy suddenly flared, and his compassion burned away. If they re-populated, it meant there would be more men.


Once the women were pregnant with their third child, Hades sent another heat wave. The women didn't know what to do. None of their sons were old enough to start producing with their daughters. There were only thirty boys, and fifty-one girls, and now, the women couldn't bear any more children. Some of the women fell into depression. They didn't feel the need to go hunting. They just wanted to stay in bed, wasting away. These women died. The rest of the women started freaking out. What if they got depressed? They had children to take care of! Food and water was lacking where the depression had started. The women moved far away from the spot, finding more shelter, supplies, and food. They raided the stores, and moved once every year.


Five years after the second heat wave, the children were old enough to start re-producing, but their mothers didn't want to push it upon them to pick up the pieces. Some of the children didn't have their mothers, for the depression had killed them. The children ranged from age 13 to age 18. When the younger children turned 14, the women noticed abilities growing in them. Some children could fly, others could control the earth, water, fire, or air around them. Hades noticed this as well, found out Persephone had helped the children survive and sent Wraiths to kill the kids. The children tried to run from Texas, but Hades had placed a border along the edges of Texas. No man could get in, and no man could get out. Hades had placed a sort of fog over the rest of the states, making them oblivious to Texas. As far as they knew, Texas wasn't there. So the children did what they could, trying to defend themselves, with no help. They won, and for the first time, they noticed how important they were to the race of Texas. They split into four groups and hid, some in abandoned houses, others in caves. Each of the four groups held seven or eight boys, thirteen or fourteen girls, and a few women. Each group uses their powers to stay alive. Every 6 months, the groups meet in a hideout. And here, we start off with the race of the Gifted...




The entrance to the Underworld is located somewhere in the middle of Texas. Once entered, a boat will take you across the River Styx, and you will have to choose between four gates. Cerberus guards these gates.


One gate leads to the Court, where you will be judged on how you lived your life.


The second gate leads into the Fields, or into the cave, where you will labor or mine Hades' gems, for the rest of eternity.


The third gate takes you to the right, where you will help clean out the River Styx.


The last gate takes awhile to walk, and leads directly to Hades' castle.


Hades' castle is gigantic, reaching to the top of the Underworld. The width is longer than four miles. As you enter directly to your left are the cages, where Hades keeps his rare pets. To your right, are the quarters of Hades' guests. These are where Hades keeps his friends. They are treated kindly, and never have to serve anyone but Hades. Guarding each cage on the left are bunches of Skeleton soldiers. Some are from modern era, and others date back to the civil wars. To the right, two soldiers stand guard at each door to the guests' rooms. Straight ahead, you pass a gigantic garden. Persephone's garden. To the right of that lies Hades' court. This is where he judges certain people. Persephone's garden stretches all the way to the left, so you have to go straight. In the middle of Hades' castle lies his throne. This is where he speaks to people. To the left of that, lies Persephone and Hades's room. In the back, Hades keeps his treasures. Gold, Silver, Rubies, Diamonds, and many more valuables.



1. Cursing is allowed, just don't use more than three swearwords per post.

2. 350 words min. per post.

3. No Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus or Anti-Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus.

4. Please be nice to each other.

5. Romance is allowed, just no more than kissing or making out. You may end the post by saying something like,

"And the night went on..." if you want it to seem like they slept together, w/o giving any details, mind you.

6. No super pets. AKA: Flying dogs, fire spitting cats, steel bodied birds etc...

7. All creatures are allowed, even fantasy creatures, once the gifted ENTER the Underworld.

AKA: Tree nymphs, water nymphs, fairies, pegasus, centaur etc... The only creatures not allowed, are unicorns.

8. No characters under the age of 13.

9. Advanced semi-literate and literate roleplayers ONLY please. If you wish to join this roleplay, but you aren't advanced semi-lit. then I'm sure if you PM me, I can help you bump up your skills a bit.

10. If your character can control an element, you may only control two.

Shape-shifters can shift into any animal, or three specific animals.

11. Characters do not have to be gifted.

You may also have them become gifted/marked later in the roleplay.

12. Remember, it's hot in Texas, and consider it to be like Revolution

(The TV show) where you have to find your own wood, water and other things.

13. This is a listed roleplay. I will go first, then the next person who joins, then the person after that person who joins, so on and so forth. We will not begin until five people (Besides me) decide to join.

14. If you want to join post,


before anything else.

15. You may have any number of characters. As long as you make sure you use all of them.

If you wish to take out a character or two, PM me and tell me which ones you wish to be deleted, and I will remove them.

16. Please PM all of your characters forms to me.

17. Only send one character per PM please.

18. If you have typos, grammar errors, or anything else like that in your roleplay post, feel free to edit it.

19. Please do NOT godmode or powerplay.

Don't know what it is?


"It means trying to exert too much control over the plot and other characters, usually because the player has no concept of in character or out of character and is there to "win" and satisfy their ego rather than be creative and collaborative.


1) Invincibility

Creating a character so powerful and invulnerable that it cannot take any damage, be incapacitated/hindered, lose a fight, feel pain etc.


2) Dictating other players' responses

Swinging a punch and telling the other player that they are down, that they are unconscious, cut, dead or whatever.


3) Impossibility

Drawing a knife when your hands are tied. Pulling a bow out of your rectum when you're on the ground and hogtied (I wish I were making this up). Drawing a bow out of your rectum at all, come to that. Being held by the hair and with a knife at your throat but whizzing round and slapping the person that is holding you captive, and disarming them.


4) Just plain silliness

Taking the plot to asinine turns purely to avoid your character having to suffer a misfortune too weak for your manly fictitious self. Being shot at and deflecting the bullet with a penny on a string so that it flies back up the gun nozzle. Again, I wish I were making this up.


5) Anything that is used to let one character force the plot and does not enable the story to be a properly collaborative effort with plausibility.


It's annoying, anti-social, counterproductive and makes you look stupid. Nobody thinks the godmoder is strong, hard, cool or intelligent. We think you have no consideration, no understanding of roleplay and no intelligence whatsoever. Don't do it."




"Powerplaying. Controlling other people's characters. This is very looked down upon and is against most rp rules.


Example: 'Kim punched Kelly and watched her cry,' is powerplaying, because who are you to say if Kelly started crying or not."


Thanks to Urban dictionary and Wiki Answers


20. Use OOC when you have something to say, a question to ask, or maybe something about the plot, and BIC when you are going "Back in Character"


OOC: So what part of the forest is *some OC* in?

BIC: She walked on into the night and ran into a tree.....

21. I will NOT tolerate spamming in my topic.

Only use 'ooc' if you have something to say about your character/someone else's character/the plot.

If you must chat, PM the person, or move to another board.

Do NOT use 'ooc' to say things like,

"I have to go"

"I was kicked off"

"Leaving for a few days"

PM me instead.

If you must leave for more than two days, please PM me, and I'll be sure to ask you if we can skip over your characyers until you return.

If you must get off for less than 24 hours, please PM me and let me know.

We can wait patiently for you.

If you must leave entirely, please PM me, and delete your posts.

I will let the others know, and they can edit their posts to fit what has happened.

1x5 will be bumped down to 1x4 and we will continue roleplaying.

Once you leave, you may not re-join. It really messes up things.

So make sure you think things through before you leave.

17. Please do not use chatspeak.

Abbreviate as little as possible.

We are advanced semi-literate to literate roleplayers.

Not toddlers.







Cave Group~

This group has moved out into the desert. The group consists of kids that can fly, control the elements of water, earth, fire and air, and shape-shift.


Town Group~

This group has stayed in a ghost town. The group consists of kids that can control the elements, camoflauge, and track/hunt.


Hill Group~

This group has run to the hills where dead grass can be found. They live in a tunnel. The group consists of kids that can track/hunt, fly, and control the growing of plants.


Lake Group~

This group has moved to the Lakes. They live in the water, under the ground a cave. This group consists of swimmers, trackers, and shape-shifters.

Swimmers = Kids who can breathe under-water.



Username: username here




Description: You may post picture(s)

Persona: This means their personality


Species: Please take this out if your character is human






Roleplaying Positions

1. Foxx

2. MissDarkCeltic18 - AKA: Unknown

3. Open

4. Open

5. Open

6. Open






Username: Foxxy-Fang

Name: Elizabeth Smith

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Description: user posted image

Persona: Lizzie is quite the out-spoken person. She doesn't really care for friends, but will gladly have a boyfriend. She looks MUCH older than she is, and therefore, is flirted with more than her mom desired.

History: Lizzie was born in Texas, of course, in 1996. Her mom died a year after the second heat wave, and she was left alone. She found a group of kids and women that took her in. Lizzie started developing strange powers, and during the Wraith attack, she found she could detach large chunks from mountain sides, and make a thin whip from a river.

Pets: None

Gift: Lizzie can control earth and water

Marking: On Lizzie's back, on her right shoulder blade, Lizzie has a ball that looks like a rock, with little drops falling around it

Group: Cave Group




Username: Foxxy-Fang

Name: Amelia Larsky

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Description: user posted image

Persona: Amelia is shy when she doesn't know people, but will definitely kick their butt if she has to. She prefers to keep to herself, and stay out of sight, unless she is needed.

History: Amelia is quite shy, yet wild when it comes to abilities. She's rare, having two powers instead of one. She can move things with her mind, and she can shape-shift. She's the only other one of her kind that is female. There are four others, three being male, and the other being female. During the Wraith attack, she used her abilities to defend her now desceased mother. She hopes to one day avenge her family, and make her father that she'd never met, proud.

Pets: She is her own pet

Gift: Shape-shifting; Telekinesis

Marking: Amelia's chest is covered in different kinds of prints of every animal. Ranging from claws, to just little squiggles.

Group: Hill Group




Username: MissDarkCeltic18

Name: Flare Dragonheart

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Description: She has red curly hair down to her chin. She also has emerald green eyes. She is pale and has freckles. She wears a light brown sweater that bares her shoulders. She wears dark brown jeans and light brown boots. She also has a yellow scarf around her neck and wears gold earrings.

Persona: She is shy and quiet. She does appear as meek and timid. She is kind, caring, and loyal to everyone. She will protect her friends if it meant getting hurt.

History: She grew up with her family, but they all died. She did not know her family too well since they died. She hopes to one find a way to get out of the nightmare.

Pet(s): She has a pet dog/wolf hybrid.

Gift: Will appear later in roleplay

Marking: She has a marking of a crescent moon on the back of her right shoulder. Also a yellow rose intertwines with the moon.

Group: Deciding~



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I believe you're ready! Approved. Have fun roleplaying. smile.gif

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I have a question; What's a role playing position?

A role-playing positions means, who will be going next, during the roleplay.


I'll be doing the starting post, then you'll do your post, so on and so forth, and then it starts over again, by me replying, and stuff.


Does that answer your question?

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May I join?


Username: Zevlin

Name: Zevlin

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Description: Zevlin is about five feet and eleven inches, so he's not exactly the tallest guy around. He's not the burliest guy either, but he is pretty strong from his life in the desert. His speed isn't top notch though, but his stamina is. Zevlin could go around jogging for quite awhile. While others are already tired, Zevlin could still go on. He has dark brown hair and black eyes. His skin is tan and smooth.

Persona: Zevlin is a quite person who doesn't enjoy talking to others. He spends most of his time alone and could be considered antisocial. Most of the time, Zevlin is quite hardworking and carries out his daily tasks without any problems.

History: Zevlin was abandoned quite a long time ago by a family who had way too many people which probably is the reason for his lack of social skills. Not much is known about Zevlin and even he is a bit unsure of his past. The farthest he can remember to is of the age of eleven. Anything before that is foggy and nothing really ties together or makes sense.

Pet(s): Zevlin has a pet meerkat named Axel who could be classified as his only friend.

Gift: Zevlin can control both the earth and the air. For earth, Zevlin mostly can lift up huge rocks from at most about ten meters away. The farther he is, the less weight he can lift up. Also, Zevlin can toss the rocks he lifts up at his enemies, which can sometimes use up quite a bit of energy depending on the size and force. Since he has quite a bit of stamina, Zevlin can usually go through the process quite a few times in ease. Besides that, Zevlin can make walls out of the ground, making it rise around him. A hobby of his is to craft items out of the earth which he sells for a living. As for air, Zevlin has a harder time to control and hasn't completely mastered it yet. He can send streams of air which can hurt like a blade if he concentrates hard enough. Since it isn't completely mastered, Zevlin can sometimes end up sending the stream in the wrong direction.

Marking: Zevlin has a strange, dark red marking on his back that looks like the claws of a huge animal has clawed him.

Group: Cave Group

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