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Strike, the Electric female dragon, walked through the forest looking for her brother, a Black Dragon named Shadow. The things that the humans called "walkers" have seem to be appearing more and more lately, and there are almost no human survivors; today it was her brothers turn to try and find food; but his shift was over an hour ago. Strike didn't think she could call for him, it could attract walkers' attention to her and flying could still attract too much attention. Strike glanced up and saw a heap of black lying motionless in a small clearing, she stoped in her tracks in pure terror.

"Sh-shadow?" she mumbled close to tears. The she-dragon ran up to the motionless figure, her heart dropped when she saw it was her brother, Shadow. There were bite marks all down his body, a few stab marks down his stomach, two bullet holes were shot through his head, blood covered his body; his lime green eyes open wide in fear. Tears flooded Strike's eyes, how could this of happened? And why to her brother, the only family she had left? The electric dragon let out a loud howl of pure agony before breaking down crying.

"Shadow! Why? Why did this happen to you of all creatures?! You did not deserve this kind of fate! There are those who did but you were certainly not one of them! Ever since we lost mom and dad you have taken great care of me, and you were there for me when no one else was! I'm so sorry I let this happen! I should of came with you but I was foolish! I was foolish to stay at the camp and let you go alone! I'm sorry.......I'm sorry." Strike sobbed. She perked up when she heard a low moan, she looked around, her howl had attracted some walkers and now she was surrounded by them. Strike growled

"Murderers!" She roared in anger and hatered; before jumping up and spinning until an electric hurricane surrounded her. She spread out her wings and the hurricane broke out in all directions killing all of the walkers surrounding her immediately. She looked at her brother, pain still filled her eyes;

"I love you my brother, you will always be with me no matter what and may you find a better place then this world has become." Strike said before nuzzling him and walking away with more tears streaming down her cheeks.


Unknown to Strike; a dark grey, almost black Shadow Walker with lime green eyes watched her as she left. "I love you too Strike, I always have and I always will." he whispered before vanishing into thin air.

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Oooh I like it! Oh did you post this just for us to read, or did you want critiques as well?

Thanks, I'm glad you like it =D! I just posted this for my entertainment as well as everyone else's but critques are always welcomed =3

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