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The Void

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The Void

The Void - OOC




In the beginning, there was nothing. But then, there was an explosion. The explosion is known as the Big Bang; it created The Void. From The Void, universes were created; trillions of universes were made every time there was an option decided upon in any universe. The universes were fine for billions of years, and life was created some. The life in the universes had many options, and even a simple choice to move created an alternate universe. The options created more and more universes. The Void went on forever and could hold an infinite amount of universes. As technology developed, some universes discovered The Void. People called it hell; once inside, no one could leave.



The year is 100 trillion, and the universe you're in has begun to collapse. Everything in the universe is slowly falling into The Void, and most species have already been destroyed. Although Earth is still surviving, the world's governments have collapsed, and riots are everywhere. Some very rich people have already attempted to buy a rocket to fly away from The Void. In the final year of the universe, a team of advanced scientists made a powerful rocket strong enough to universe hop. A universe hop is a method of getting from one universe to another safely. The rocket was large enough for one million people. Because of its sheer size, it didn't have any rooms or furniture so as to lighten the rocket. It is shaped like a massive capsule with thousands of rockets at the bottom. The Earth's population at the time was 78 billion, so of course the rocket caused thousands of debates on who should survive the universe's collapse. Eventually, it was agreed that 500,000 men and 500,000 women of any age got randomly selected to get on the rocket. Because the world's governments collapsed, there wasn't much security and, as a result of this, over 125,000 stowaways got onto the rocket. In The Void, everything ever thought of could hide, which makes it dangerous. There are dark clouds that randomly appear in The Void; the clouds locate the nearest people and mentally terrify them. To get to a universe that isn't collapsing into The Void, the rocket will pass through other universes. In these universes, everything will be chaos, and at the sight of the rocket, the people in the universes might cause it to crash using missiles and firearms just so they can board and fly to the perfect universe as well. There will be fights, and even wars, when you pass through the different universes.



You either were randomly selected, or are a stowaway. You have to get to the rocket before lift off and get inside. There are roughly 1,125,000 people on the rocket as that many people boarded illegally. If any bit of violence is caused, anyone involved will get thrown off the rocket and into The Void. Penalties are severe, but rewards are normally great.




1. No godmodding.

2. Swearing is allowed, but remember censorkip.gif is your friend for it.

3. Give people time to react if you attack them or something.

4. Keep literate, minimum of 4 sentences per post.

5. Three warnings, then I'll send a PM. If you break a forth rule I'll PM and kick you from the RP.

6. Anyone can say what comes out of The Void's clouds, but I get to control them (Sorry Guys)

7. Don't put anything in the extra section to show you read the rules, not even N/A.






Character Name:

Age: Character's age.

Personality: What your character acts like.

History: Past experiances, family deaths, life so far, ect.


Type: Stowaway/Random Selection

Other: Any other information?

Extra: Any information you want me to know? If none, type N/A



[B]Character Name:[/B]

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