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Dragon's Art

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--------------Dragon's Art Thread!--------------


Art Type:

-I work with original/paper drawings best.

-Banners and signitures

-And i dabble with avatars


Requesting Rules:

1-You must submit the correct form

2-Be Patient

3-Do not post your art in this thread!


Requesting Types


-Signiture Scrolls or lineage project's


Requesting Format:



Request: (avatar,sig)

Payment: (Depends on format, some are free)




~Small Signiture Add-on(2 at a time, or 3 or more will cost an hatchling)

-user posted image


-user posted image


-user posted image


~Large Signiture Base-(One of these will cost a hatching)

-user posted image




~Avatar(One Cost A Hatchling)

-Link To Avatar Example 1


-Link To Avatar Example 2


Full Set Like My Sig, will cost one of these-Shimmer, or copper, or Gold/Silver,or tinsel. Any of these will be payment for a full set!


Requesting Slots (OPEN)









Finished Costumer's







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wow thats pretty good, id spend more time with the feet and making sure lines are tad bit smoother but nice Rex

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