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Ana's Art Shoppe - Mini Mini Hiatus

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Like really mini.. I just won't be on tonight to accept orders or update the slots.... o.o but feel free to place orders.... just remember only the first 3 people who post the form correctly and that I feel I can do the request well will be accepted when I get back... I also realized I never made a section for the bribe slot... o.o But it's fixed now.. XD



I'll eventually get around to making this nice.... >_> Maybe... XD


Anyway.. I do art....


o.o But I'm complicated... so If you don't feel like doing research on your own.. don't bother ordering. XD




Uh... I had something to say.. but these guys sitting behind me are talking about car accidents and I'm losing my train of thought. T^T




My art is FREE!! 8D












Bribe... with what?!? CB Pinks/CB Red/CB Sunrise sunset/CB Nebs/CB Ember/ CB turps/CB metals (pfft yeah right... no one luffs ana that much.. ._. let alone her art)/ any generation WHITE stripe. ( The uglier the better! >] )

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Male, Female, Couples, aminal ears/tail (although it might not come out good), Furry hooomans)




Naughty stuff. (NO WAY!). Furries... I can't do their faces.. adn paws and such. Complicated stuff... Mecha.. guns... swords (unless the base comes with one) add backgrounds , pixelated stuffs... Uh... o.o That's about it.... I think. O_o





1. No BEGGING! DX it's free damn it! there is no need to beg! Totally will take bribes for a bribe slot. X3


2. Don't be rude... I work hard on my art and if you don't like it shove it! DX


3. Uh... >_> I can add more rules as I see fit...





[SIZE=5]I would like some EPIart![/SIZE]
[B]Headshot/half-Body?:[/B]  (You may say which if the base you picked is a full body and all you want is half or headshot... however if your base doesn't have a body and you want full-body...  sorry I can't draw bodies.. hence the needing of a base. )
[B]Line Art/ Color:[/B]
[B]Reference Image/Description:[/B] (PLEASE INCLUDE A BASE and a gaia base for my palette! DO NOT DIRECT LINK TO THE BASE!  I upload all images to my deviant art.. and need to know WHO to give credit to even if it says it's not needed.. if you direct link.. your request WILL be IGNORED!)


Bases can be found on http://deviantart.com

Gaia bases can be made here http://www.tektek.org/dream/


I'm always favoriting bases... for a quick scan of what i already have.. look here http://ulrika-anannsul.deviantart.com/favourites/ and sift through my favorites. XD

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I would like some EPIart!

Username: tigerra79

Headshot/half-Body?: full body

Line Art/ Color: color please

Reference Image/Description: Base: here Gaia base: here

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I loveeee it! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

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Switch your art is done.. you can find it in the Pick Up Section. 8D

Yush, I knows. You showed it to me in the IRC and I commented on it, 'member? o3o

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