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Anagram Destiny OOC

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So, the intelligent disease called the Dark is wreaking havoc in the dragon world. The age of humans has passed and they are extinct, but ancient carvings from a race called the Amsany refer to an event known as the Spacopeyal, or the Wetfodnehtroheld or Senafoday. (All the above four words are Anagrams, if you can figure them out, good for you! )

The way to defeat the Dark is to find and kill the Manifest, or the strongest victim. But it can't be slain with a sword. All that's left is a riddle by an old dragon named "Avrod, Brother of Sabarath". Avrod is dead, killed by the army of the Dark, so a few heros are left to decipher the riddle and stop the Spacopeyal. This is the riddle.

Where doth the word come from,


Shalt it be the end,


Is it truly yonder,


Shall they truly end,


Shalt the world be gone,


Truly all shall end,


Consult the evidence,


Find the error yonder,


Who be the yonder,


Be the writer gone,


Solve it hither, child, the

Anagram Destiny.

Speak it to yon Manifest, the

Anagram Destiny!

(P.S. Each multiple word line holds a hint to the anagram word below it.)


The Rules

1. No bunnying/powerplaying/godmodding of other people's characters, i.e. "I threw a rock at Ferra and she was knocked out."

2. Do not post a form, include all neccesary info on your character in an RP post.

3. Rawr.

4. The Manifest is a BUNNIABLE CHARACTER, meaning you may powerplay and godmod it. And the only Bunniable character at that.

5. Follow the forum rules and the RP rules.



Here at the OOC, I'll post some little character info thingies. Put all OOC context here please. Here you may post a form, but I will not provide it. Also, PLEASE RP ON THE THREAD. I'm tired of people OOCing and my RP getting lost. I want people to start the actual RP.

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