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Section Rules and Guidelines.

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  • Absolutely no lineages political in nature, related to a race/religion/discriminatory or offensive act or event, whether it be in history or present day, real or not. Also no lineages that focus on specific groups in a derogatory manner.


  • Lineage projects are meant to be public projects. If you have a personal project you wish to keep track of, you can have a post in the personal lineage project thread.


  • Do not post topics for RESERVE lineages (a topic for future use).. Any topics on a lineage you may or may not start, when you get around to it will be closed. Individual breeding/ gifting topics are not allowed.


  • All Project Usernames MUST be approved by a SD mod or Global Mod before being made. This is to ensure that someone actually in charge of the lineage project is making the name, among other things. (This does not mean you need approval to post your Lineage/Lineage Project. It just means you need approval to create a new user account to manage that project, if it gets to the point you need/want one.)


  • When requesting a project account, it must be for a successful, existing topic, having enough members to keep the topic active. Please provide a link to your topic in your pm.

    If a project account is allowed, only use it in the topic it was created for. Members using project accounts in other topics will receive a warning.


  • Topics that do not have new posts in 90 days will be closed/trashed. If the lineage is considered a private lineage (Not enough interest shown by members.) It may be closed sooner.

    Bumping does not guarantee your topic will remain open. (Breeding section allows one (1) bump after 30 days with no posts.)

    Deleting your post and re-posting is the same thing as bumping. Members caught deleting and re-posting the same post (prior to the 30 days) will receive a warn.

If you have any questions, you're always free to PM a SD mod .


As a sub-forum of Site Discussions, the following rules apply.

Forum Rules:



Rules and Guidelines, for Site Discussion.



Personal Lineage Project List



NOTICE 2/26/2018: Honoring the guidelines posted here, any thread that has not been replied to in the past 90 days has been locked. Any threads older than 2 years since last post that had less than 10 replies/were spam has been deleted. I didn't post a notice in the locked threads in order to avoid cluttering the first page with inactive threads/burying the active ones. If you'd like your threads unlocked/would like to revamp them, please PM an SD mod or a Global Mod. -EG

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