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Bored Artist Seeks Practice...

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Hi there! smile.gif

I downloaded GIMP about a week ago (because i'm poor tongue.gif ), so to practice Digital art and to play around with all the tools, I decided to make an art thread for free, fully-detailed, requests. happy.gif They take me about 2-4 days, depending on how extreme it is, on and off. (Unless its the weekend, where you would get your request on Monday. I have a life, and not much time to work on it.)

Also, PLEASE let me know if you plan on using it for an Icon or for your Sig! Since I can't figure out how to resize the canvas (if you do, PM!), and I like to know how big of a space I have to use (for details and whatnot).

I also take sketch requests for Dragons only, and it will be posted as a picture (for examples, see Masked Dragon, the Drakenwolf Dragon, the hatchlings of the Cobra Dragon, and the beginning of Wolvon Dragon in Dragon Requests).


I'll attempt anything! But, what you should know:


What i'm "great" at:

~(Almost) Anything from the feline family.



What i'm "okay" at:

~Anything from the canine family.

~Skeletal things



~Underwater creatures (I especially like things with sharp teeth)


What you "shouldn't have high hopes at all" for:

~Humans (especially girls...) dry.gif

~Chibis (it still comes out semi-realistic)


Request one subject at a time, please! When its finished, you can request again. If you don't like my first attempt (or I don't, which I'll PM you about), you are more than welcome to request a second try as your single request.



[B]I want [/B](if it hasn't been made yet, be VERY descriptive):
[B]I want this background[/B] (optional, I can guess):
[B]Other notes [/B](I want this on it, I want this as an icon/full-sized): 



Examples of work (Some are clickable. I love using the Blur and Smudge tools... xd.png ):


"Cloud Nine" (You know what happens when there's a random patch of clear sky in a storm? Its because this happened.)

user posted image


(Angel, the family dog. First actual "drawing".)

user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


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haha, sorry for that xd.png;


I want (if it hasn't been made yet, be VERY descriptive): http://wolffangamer.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d45jw32 this guy. I really don't mind him how you draw him - flying or chewing on his tail. Do whatever you'd like or find good :3

I want this background (optional, I can guess): Transparent or white. :3

Other notes (I want this on it, I want this as an icon/full-sized): Full-sized. c: Maybe I make it smaller for my sig c:


Also, I use Photofiltre for making images smaller. It's free I believe and very easy to use.

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