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Banners, Icons, and Avatars, Oh My!

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HollyCollie Graphics

by HollyTheColliegirl


Hey guys! I'm that girl at school who's hunched over a piece of paper drawing while everyone else is actually learning. xd.png I'd say it has paid off, since I feel like a pretty accomplished artist. My ultimate goal is to become an in-cave spriter, but for now, I'm starting small. Maybe, just maybe, with a leetle magic and a lot of luck, TJ will like my work. biggrin.gif



I'm more of a paper-pencil artist, but I've made several banners in the past, and I make a lot of my own avatars on other websites. Also, I'm not bad with digital art (although shading can be a pain) and I enjoy doing this kind of stuff. Since I have a lot of time on my hands, I'll make and give away banners/icons/avatars/etc for free.


All you need to do is tell me:


- Type of image (Banner/icon/avatar/etc?)

- What you want it to say (Username, saying, slogan, etc?)

- Color scheme


Basically, just describe what you want on it. If you have no clue on what you want, tell me what its for and I'll try my best.


Please give credit when applicable, such as banners for DC threads, or when asked where you got something.


I do have a couple rules, like every artist. They are for my benefit, so please, just bear through the torture of reading a little longer.




- Selling my work. You got that graphic for free, so selling it for profit is just wrong.


- Taking the credit. This is because as I said above, I want to prove my worth as a DC artist and if nobody gives me credit, how will I ever be able to do that?


- Bashing my work behind my back. I made it for you out of the kindness of my heart, so treat it like a gift. If you don't want it, return it.



The above will get you black listed, and you will never get another graphic from me.

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Heyyy biggrin.gif May I have a banner and an avatar, I want the banner to say "KatieeeKayyy" and I want there to be a black heart in there, and the colors for the banner to be blue, like a night sky, stars and a moon. and my avatar to be a blonde girl with green eyes, and her hair curly and I want that to look anime if you can and thats all thank you biggrin.gif aalso, I want her hair to have some blue and brown streaks in it.

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OOOO! Awesome idea! Could I get a avatar that says "Raven" in fancy letters and is kinda faded?

Then on the left side have her facing left: http://api.ning.com/files/3tvwqEVSLwq0uhxs...l.jpg?width=314

Then on the right side, her backside faded with the wolf facing the other direction this wolf: http://i386.photobucket.com/albums/oo306/h...srain/14-33.jpg

So it looks like this ( http://banditjoe.files.wordpress.com/2008/...s-rain-kiba.jpg ), but with only the torso of the girl, and the head and chest of the wolf. And it sorta faded.

Thank you!! Oh and a night sky or black back ground please! Please and Thank you!

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Ooh, can I have an avatar too? I would like to be a piece of lied paper that says sparkle10184 and a pencil laying next to the paper, ok? Thanks!

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This is such a nice idea! I'll make a request once you've finished with this lot, because it seems like you've got a heap of work to do.

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Could I please have a animated Avatar depicting chocolate and tigers. Like a tiger crunching on chocolate? in a jungly background? if you can do that! that would be magnificent and also my username on the bottom sparkling. if thats too hard i will go to someone else?

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sorry to double post but has she been doing these artworks?

This thread was posted last year. She probably forgot about it.

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