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Dragon Sprites + Digital

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user posted image

(Lame example of Digital Art)


I can do both Digital and Pixel dragon art. I am also a good animal artist; so you may toss some request/commission's with animals in it at me. ^^ I'll get some pixel art examples done in a little while; so just bear with me.


[b]If Fantasy, Reference:[/b]


Good example of animal digital colored art:

user posted image

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First requester!

Ok so I'll give you two choices so you can do whichever you prefer:


Animal: Young Wolf, like teenager age not cub

Pose: stalking/punching

Description: I imagine Echa, this wolf's name, playing hide-and-seek with a friend and then pouncing on the friend playfully.

If Fantasy, Reference: http://i41.tinypic.com/2chxppt.png




Animal: Male Vampire Dragon

Pose: proud

Description: I image him standing next to a pile of vampire eggs, with a smugish expression on his face.

If Fantasy, Reference: user posted image

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Ok. ^^


I'll do the one of Echa, since I need to get a little more practice on wolves. X3


Oh-- do I go wild on the design of Echa's friend, or do you have an idea of how he/she looks?

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Can be a young grey wolf, or maybe even a small critter like a rabbit or mouse. (He kinda makes friends with everyone lol)


Thanks biggrin.gif

Let me know if you want anything in return, I love giving stuff away.

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