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(Untitled) Chapter One, Part One :: Dream of Meeting

(Untitled) Chapter One, Part Two :: Help of a Friend (Fanfic on hold.)


Completed Fanfictions~

None yet.


Art Sent in for Fanfictions (Fanart)~

None yet.


Short Stories~

Forest Walk




Name :: Ella

Age :: 14

Gender :: Female

Status :: Main Character

Fanfiction :: (Untitled)

Appearance :: Average height, 5'4". Slightly tanned skin with eyes that shift between blue and brown depending on her mood. Shoulder-length, slightly curly brown hair. Most commonly seen in a grass-green shirt with intricate designs in a darker green colour, with jeans that have a long cut on the left leg. Prefers to keep her hair down or in a braid.

Personality :: Generally quiet and more of a follower, she's usually left alone to her devices. But she takes it rather well, and prefers being alone to being around other people. She's an oddity, like Shyanne. Despite it all, she's kindred and helpful to those when they need help.

Siblings :: Matthew

Friends :: Shyanne


Name :: Shyanne

Age :: 15

Gender :: Female

Status :: Secondary Character

Fanfiction :: (Untitled)

Appearance :: Taller than average, at 6'0". Skin is whiter than most from the fact she prefers to stay inside, on a computer, than to running around outside. Her eyes change between azure-blue, blue-green, and green, depending on her mood. Long, smooth dirty-blonde hair. Most commonly seen in a light purple shirt with a heart that has parchment wrapped around it that says "Royal" with various designs behind it, with light capri jeans and white tennis shoes. Prefers to have her hair up in a ponytail.

Personality :: Rowdy and crazy, she's also an outcast like Ella. She loves to write and do art, and makes many references to stuff other people don't know about. She is extremely into the internet and knows a lot about it. She's also kind but not quite so helpful as Ella.

Siblings :: N/A

Friends :: Ella

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Nickname(s):Tangle, Puzzly, Aaries.

A bit about yourself: I really want to fly a mach one jet plane. Dragons are good too, of course!

Habits:Randomness. Potato!



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Username: invi

Nickname(s): invincible.....

A bit about yourself: i wish i could fly :3(what a good way to start...)i love music and playing video games.i WANT a pet dragon and i WISH magic was real.i may seem quite happy and talkative here but in real life...well....let's just say some avoid me.my favorite color is.....silver....i think and my favorite animal is a dragon! what? oh right,favorite real animal is a snake.

Habits: randomness


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Username: FlowerOwl

Nickname(s): Flower, FO, etc

A bit about yourself: I love to rp, I love owls (especially Tyto alba barn owls), I am online very often, I love to read fantasy and most other genres, I am a social owl, I consider myself awesome, I like luminas and tsunamis wyverns, I like to be crazy, etc.

Habits: I used to pull out my hair (and I still do a little) and curl my hair in little hair balls. (I might end up bald sad.gif ) Reading, staying up late, thinking to much about something so little like just saying Hi! to one of my friends, etc.

Other: I AM A BRONY. Fluttershy is awesome! wink.gif Etc.

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Bump, I've changed this from descriptions to fanfics. Sorry to those who had descriptions being written, but I did not finish them and I want to keep this to fanfictions now.

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