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Hello and thank you for viewing this thread! Here I will post works of mine that you will, hopefully, find to be at least worth your time reading if not better. I can honestly say it has been a while (and by that I mean ages,) since I have actually forced my lazy butt to record my ideas. In other words my writing skills have probably gotten terribly rust. I hope to cure that in the new future!


This first post will be used to catalogue my works, and in the next post I will show the first chapter of a DC story I've had in my head for quite some time. It figures a DC story would be the first I would work on, what with the festivities going on!


I do hope that if you read my works you enjoy them! If you don't, tell me so. No, really! Especially if you can give me constructive critique! If you like them feel free to review and such as well. would be great as well.



Edit 1/4/2012: The newest chapter of Strife out. See the last post for the latest chapter.







Type: DC Story

Chapters: 2

Finished: No

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This is the first chapter of my DC story, Strife. The idea has been in my head for a while and I thought it about time to actually get some of it down. While I may not know directly where the story is going I have a pretty clear picture of how I want it to end.


This first chapter features several of my dragons, but only three are made entirely clear; I’ll post their lineage links at the bottom of this post with some more notes.


I’m not entirely sure how happy I am with this to be honest. It seems to lack voice and I feel as if I left too much essential things out and put too much fluff in, but felt it better to get it down before I lost my motivation to do so. This entire chapter may very be redone later.


Also: the first portion of this chapter is meant to be delightfully (hopefully) ambiguous.


": :" = Dragon telepathy speech.





Chapter One: The Sleeper Awakens



The viscous bodies of images, dreams, visions, and other products of the mind danced around The Sleeper. Some flickered briefly and were gone, others were too distorted and jumbled to get a clear picture of, and still others stuck out from the others with almost purposeful intent.


The Sleeper floated into one that was both a dream and an idea at the same time. Here she beheld an island that was diverse and climate, as well as surrounded off the coast by vast stretches of large, weather and wave beaten rock formations. By appearances it was not close to any mainland. The progenitor of this reality slowly approached the island on storm-whipped waves, conquest his goal. If he had to he would more than readily take the island be force. The scene changed briefly to reflect this line of thought; screams, explosions, and other noises of battle pierced the night sky. The tide churned red with blood, and the waves beyond the shore were stained with a thick, black fluid atop which impossible flames burned brightly. Yes, if needed he could easily employ certain measures to gain what he wanted. However (and at this the vision faded back to its first stormy view,) there were certain problems he would need to solve. From the waves and the sky these “problems” manifested themselves as black shadows and approached, vast and lithe in form. But the progenitor of this reality had gradually become more and more aware of The Sleeper’s presence, and the scene dissipated before she could discern the black shapes.


Slipping out of the dissolving reality The Sleeper found herself slipping backwards into another that had recently danced into existence. Unlike the previous reality there was no build of tension and drama: it was already there, present in screams, wails, violent scenes and a barrage of overwhelming emotions. The images in this reality were distorted and hard to take hold of; the progenitor was obviously trying to conceal this reality from others and possibly their self. What The Sleeper did know is that this was a memory-dream, a violent and traumatic one filled with death and misery. A misery she felt the progenitor did not want to remember.


The memoryscape vibrated violently. The progenitor was, surprisingly, very aware of her presence. Torn flesh, black scale, and a flash of green eyes narrowed in anger manifested into view.




The Sleeper exited the memory-dream, half on her own will and half violently evicted. Unlike the previous reality this one snapped out of existence, leaving her floating once more in the vast, viscous plane.




Someone was calling her from across the Sleeping Plane. Someone with a voice that was both strange and familiar at the same time.




The Sleeper drifted toward the voice. There was a desperate and pleading undertone to it that, coupled with the knowledge of the caller’s identity, could not be ignored. But she did not know how much longer she had. Already the Sleeping Plane was beginning to dissolve around her, and if she did not hurry…


“Yrami, concentrate, stay with me!”


She tried, as she always had, and for a moment the plane stabilized. The other was in site now, gracefully Daydream features becoming clearer as she came closer. But, as always, with her powers over this place not completely honed, her concentration slipped. She reached out with a desperate paw, and managed to give a single cry before The Dream ended:




And then, The Sleeper-





Comatose Crystaldream awoke with a start.


The Vampire dragon’s head whipped suddenly upward, red mane obscuring her vision. She seemed to recover from the ordeal quite quickly however, and used her dainty claws to remove her mane from her face and horns. She was used to waking up violently after The Dream really. Comatose had been dealing with the strange plane practically her whole life.


It did not take long for her vision and other senses to adjust; Comatose quickly realized she had been lying on the damp rock of a cave. Had she not been vampiric most of her senses would not have aided her well in this place. She was born a Daydream, and a Daydream’s senses were not meant for navigation of such terrain, but that hardly mattered to her. What little light there was she picked up with ease, and the long ears that rested on either side of her horns were sharper than that of most of her birth species’. Even the cold and dampness of the place hardly bothered her despite her pale skin.


“: Hello there sleepy head! :”


Comatose turned to face the origin of the telepathic voice: her one companion, her Bite Mother and her mentor, Lachrymose. The Vampire dragon in question sat a ways to her right, back facing toward her. Comatose shuffled in an oddly graceful way over to the tiny Vampire Elder. With her birth parents being a Mint and Light Pink Lachrymose was comically small for such a supposedly terrifying being, but Comatose knew that was, in part, what made her so unbelievably dangerous. Not that she had anything herself to fear; even in her wildest of blood lusts Lachrymose had never harmed her…except during the initial feeding which turned her of course.


Lachrymose turned her head slightly to acknowledge the other’s presence.“:Have any good dreams dear?:”


Comatose settled by her mentor’s side. “: Do I ever? :”


A slight pout, odd for a dragon, appeared on the other’s face. It was true that the places Comatose visited while in The Dream were hardly ever even close to pleasant. What might have been a different experience had she not been “turned” and isolated from her birth family provided nightmares during her “sleep.” “:Not before, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hope for you does it?:”


“: No, you’re right, I apologize. It’s just that this last time was particularly…eventful. :” Comatose paused here briefly. “: How long was I out for? Do you know the position of the sun? :”


“: No need to apologize dearest Comatose, I can see were I could have come off as sarcastic, and for that I should be the one to apologize. To answer your questions, you have been asleep for half a day, and the last I checked the dreadful star had nearly finished its descent on the horizon; that was scant moments before you woke. :”


Comatose always thought their differing opinions on the sun ironic. She had learned from an early age that Lachrymose possessed an uncanny ability regarding the sun. She had been a young chick at the time and had managed to separate herself from her guardian when the light of dawn began to creep across the ground. Scampering for a low and rocky overhang, she knew that she would not make it in time to avoid receiving burns and welts.


Luckily Lachrymose had caught site of the sprinting chick and shielded Comatose with her body. Making it to safety Comatose had discovered that her mentor, while cross, had no punishing marks on her body. Whether because of age, inherited powers, or other means, Lachrymose could stand in sunlight without injury (though she was always quick to point out “that wretched ball of fire leaves an unpleasant itching sensation on my skin.”) Comatose had never bothered for clarification on her mentor’s ability, the fact she had the gift mattered more to her than why.


Especially sine Lachrymose held absolutely no love for the sun and voiced this quite often. As it was, she was content to lay in wait with Comatose until night fell. Comatose, on the other hand, felt nothing but love and warmth for the great celestial body that she had never been able to gaze upon, let alone bask in, without harm. But it was for these later reasons that she voiced a begrudging “:good,:” in reply.


“: Yes, good indeed. We should go hunting tonight. The woods surrounding this cavern appear to be crawling with delicious creatures that I believe you would have no moral qualms feasting upon. I fear I may need to drink more than my normal fill tonight. :”


She turned to stare at Comatose. “: Was there something else you wanted to ask me dear? Something…Dream Plane related perhaps? :”


Comatose blinked in mild surprise. Of course, she should have known, what with Lachrymose’s amazing power of perception and all. There was something she had wanted to inquire about.


“: While sleeping I came to visit a dream where the progenitor was set on taking an island, whether it was given to him willingly or if he felt other means were needed. Other means being very violent and terrible for the inhabitants. I can’t quite recall being able to discern exactly his reasons for this, but I know I did not feel as if it justified his slaughter. :”


“: And being the kind-hearted little dragoness you are you want to try and prevent this, even though it doesn’t concern you, right? Well hun, did you get a good look at the place? I may have traveled far in my life, but ‘island’ only narrows the possibilities so much. :”


Comatose chose to ignore Lachrymose’s scathing comment concerning her uncharacteristic concern for strangers. It was true that it wasn’t exactly common for one of her species and position to be so concerned for others, but she was used to Lachrymose’s little taunts by now. After all, she had only spent the majority of her life with the other.


“: I remember it being very diverse in climate, even for an island of its size. There is some thing, or some things there which guard the place; even the dreamer seemed uncertain about them. Oh! :” Comatose paused, remembering a specific detail. “: The island was also surrounded by large, odd rock formations. They ringed the island a ways off the coast, and looked to not be natural. Perhaps some form of tsunami or invasion guard. :”


“: Aquinias? :” Her mentor sounded uncharacteristically surprised. “: Yes, I know of it. I know the place quite well actually.:” She chuckled then, in a way Comatose knew quite well. “:The dreamer has every right to be concerned for any ‘invasion’ he plans on attempting. I doubt Resh would take kindly to that. :”


Lachrymose did not deem it necessary to clarify who Resh was. Instead she stood and stretched before heading closer to the mouth of the cave. “:If you’re still worried about it, I’ll see what I can do. I may not be on the friendliest of terms with everyone there, but I’m hardly a villain either.:” She stopped and stuck her head out of the opening. “: It’s not like we have anything particularly pressing to attend to as it is. Well, except for tonight; we need to hunt. :” She stuck her head back in to peer at Comatose. “: Looks like its time. Anything else before we head out dear? :”


Comatose made here way to her mentor’s side. “:I did view a memory, well a dream of one, that was particularly painful to the dreamer. Not only that, but he was so aware of my presence that he quickly confronted me moments after I entered. I have met few with his awareness before, and to say he was displeased with me would be an understatement.:”


“:I can imagine, manifestations of the mind are hardly ever meant to be public.:”


“:I felt as if he wasn’t far from me either. Physically that is. It’s hard for me to discern physical distances very accurately while in the Dream Plane, but I do know that he is close. Relatively speaking.:”


“:I’m sure it’s nothing we can’t handle should the need arise.:”


“:Yes, I figured you would say that.:” Comatose paused. “:My sister tried to contact me again.:”


“: Oh? How did that go?:”


Comatose shook her head and huffed in annoyance. “:Just about as well as it usually does, but I was able to come close to her this time.:” That fact alone was at least worth mentioning. Yrime had been trying to contact her for a while now. It had first started when Comatose was close to growing her wings, and had persisted since. Yrime always appeared at some point when she slept, always calling to her by her birth name. Comatose supposed it was only right her twin would wish to reach her; the two of them had been born into the same egg and had been aware of each other while still in its shell. Yrime had obviously honed her abilities while still young in an attempt to make contact with her.


As a result, Comatose often felt frustrated at her inability to hold the Dream Plane together whenever Yrime called to her. Despite not knowing each other well, and despite Comatose’s vampirism, her sister still tried her hardest to reach her, and that alone she felt was touching. Comatose would have gladly flown and met Yrime physically. If she even thought it remotely possible that the others in her birth clan would not fear and despise her for what she was.


“:Don’t sound so down Comatose dear. If anything it sounds like you’ve made progress to me! I bet you two will be, let’s say, “sleep-talking” in no time. So you keep that pretty little chin of yours up and a positive attitude in that silly little head of yours. Supper always tastes better when you do, trust me. Now come on, dinner won’t catch itself!:”


With that Lachrymose dashed forward and sped off into the night. That was to be the end of their conversation then. Comatose followed suite with a chuckle, amused at her mentor’s hatchling-like impatience.





*Author’s Notes.


Reading the descriptions on Comatose, Lachrymose, and Yrime’s profiles should provide some clarification. However, additional notes are also posted below.


Comatose Lachrymose



Dragon Appearances: I have struggled for a while with overcoming my habit of going into great detail about appearances of characters, i.e. “wardrobe porn.” However, in doing so, I feel as if I may have been a bit vague instead. With Vampire dragons I always imagined that they’d keep some characteristics of their pre-bite species, thus Comatose’s/Yrami’s mane, etc.


Lachrymose’s Immunity To Sunlight: No, this is not Twilight related. Instead, it has to do with her age and the power she has gained over the course of her life (i.e. I went the route that elder vampires can be exceptionally strong.) The reason I even added this characteristic in is to give some contrast in behavior to Comatose. I can understand where this would be considered an “over-powered” issue, but keep in mind that Lachrymose is limited by other factors. She also will not be a prominent character in the story.


The Dream Plane And Comatose: As explained on Yrime’s page, she has dream-related powers. Comatose/Yrami, being her egg twin (yes, this was inspired by Regalia and SiHazathant from E.E. Knights’ Age of Fire series,) posses the same abilities. However, being separated from her sister and subjected to Vampirism has turned her abilities…weird. She will often sleep and go into trances during which she can view visions, dreams, memories, etc. The exact nature of her abilities are not known to her, and she has struggled with them her entire life.

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Oooh, very intriguing. Hmmm...the only thing I can see is that the beginning is just a tiny bit confusing, but overall, I think you did an excellent job!

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Oooh, very intriguing. Hmmm...the only thing I can see is that the beginning is just a tiny bit confusing, but overall, I think you did an excellent job!

Thanks! Yes, I was afraid of it being a little bit too confusing actually. I felt like I didn't flesh it out enough to be coherent, but I'm glad you found it intriguing!



Edit 1/4/2012: Reposting and editing this reply to bump the topic as the second chapter is out. I'm assuming this is alright since it's been longer than a week when I last replied. If this is breaking a rule, please feel free to tell me. smile.gif




*Note: a few words censored in here. It didn't feel right to completely change them.




Chapter 2: Meeting



Dusk had settled in the forest. Shadows crept across the trees and ground, knitting together in intricate patterns. There were few sounds to be heard, and ones that were present were mostly soft and brief. Night belongs to the predator, following swiftly the trail of their prey. Those who do not hunt are quite with sleep or out of self preservation. They cannot navigate the nocturnal realm and have little chance of fighting off those that hunt them.

Two pale hunters stalked eagerly through the night.


That did not seem to matter to one moose and his lovely lady. The buck had been hard at work courting her all day, fighting off foe after foe with his impressive antlers. Even though dusk was swiftly turning into the later hours of night he felt he deserved to spend some quality time with the object of his affections. The sow was of the same mindset; it was not often that such a strong and hardy buck set his attention on her. He would sire a strong calf or even calves. Both animals had a stronger drive to mate than they did to ensure self-preservation, and that was what proved fatal.


They were swift and efficient, Lachrymose angling her smaller body through the trees to come in from above, while Comatose dashed into them from the ground. In moments the ordeal was over, the sounds of breaking bones and cut-off cries ceasing.


Lachrymose wasted no time after the hunt. She fell on the body of the buck, its neck broken from impact, and sunk her fangs into its twisted throat. The body twitched once in a macabre dance of stimulated nerves and then lay still as Lachrymose continued to feed.


Comatose lacked the zeal of her mentor, taking time to observe their surroundings as a precaution. She then grabbed the sow and carefully set her fangs into the throat. The flesh tore clean, and her fangs slid into place with ease. The taste that greeted her was not exceptional, but it was not terrible either. Metallic, savory, and robust, the blood flowed steadily into her maw, warm as it seeped from the body.


The flow was not as steady as it would have been if the moose’s life had not been already fading, but Comatose preferred it that way. She opted to cause as little stress to her prey as possible, preferring to feed on those whose thoughts were barely lucid, and Lachrymose knew this. Still, she growled in frustration as the buck’s heart finally ceased to beat, making it much harder to drink her liquid meal. She tore open more veins savagely, not wanting to waste time trying to tip the carcass or suck the blood out.


“:Well, well, look what we have here!:”


Comatose froze, blood dribbling from her maw as she ceased her feeding. Her companion’s messy eating had apparently masked any sounds of approach she would normally be able to pick up. She turned her head slightly to catch the owner of the snide voice.


Comatose’s peripheral vision confirmed the presence of not one but five male dragons at the edge of the wooded clearing. The exclamation had clearly come from the dragon in front, a stout, sneering Red. He was flanked on his left by a burly purple Dorsal and cocky-looking Spitfire, and to his right by a hefty Albino and reluctant-looking Striped. As she watched the Red’s mouth curled up into an even larger grin. That did not bode well,


“: What’s a couple of pale, scrumptious ladies like you doing in a place like this? I must say I never expected to find anything like you while on patrol for trespassers. There’s no need to take from our territory you know. All you would have had to do was ask. I’m sure the other’s wouldn’t mind sharing what delicacies we have back in our cave with you. :” His head cocked to the side then, and his eyes narrowed in a slight squint. “: Would you ladies like to follow us back? :”


It occurred to Comatose then that his posture suggested he had not quite glimpsed a good view of her and her companion. It would certainly explain his lack of disgust; she doubted one such as him would be open to receiving two such “lovely ladies” of their persuasion. This was probably also for the best as she guessed he would quickly become aggressive if he knew the truth. Few took well to her kind; most took quite poorly really. Tilting her head so that her mane fell over the visible portion of her face she gave her reply.


“: Thank you kindly for the offer, but I believe we will both soon be on our way. I apologize for the intrusion and for pilfering your resources. My companion and I were simply passing through, but hunger drove us to take a quick meal. This should be plenty to sate us, and we really should be on our way once we’re through. :” The last part was a half lie; Lachrymose would need to feed more tonight. However, if push came to shove they could attempt to grab something else on their way out.


Her answer, unfortunately, was not good enough for the Red. He took a few steps forward, and Comatose had to coax herself to not move back. She had hoped vainly that he might accept her answer and leave them to feed, but it didn’t appear as if that was going to happen.


“: Now beautiful, there’s no reason to be shy. Besides, your friend there looks quite hungry, and it’s the middle of the night. We have plenty of food for pretty things such as yourselves, and safe shelter to rest in for the night. Not to mention some of the friendliest and most hospitable dragons you’ll ever meet. :” Snorts and snickers sounded from behind him.


Lachrymose had by now stopped her feeding, and was doing her very best to hide her features behind the buck’s carcass. Comatose knew it was more for her sake than her companion’s; Comatose was not one for trouble but Lachrymose couldn’t give a d**n either way.


The Red was closer now and had begun to angle his was around Comatose’s side. She carefully angled her body away from him as he moved; he already thought them “shy” anyway. Despite the hints the large male did not stop his advances; if anything her “shyness” seemed to make him more determined. Faster than she would have pegged him for, he reversed and came around Comatose’s other side. “: Come on darling, what’s the matt- :”

He stopped short upon finally getting a good look at her.


Comatose moved quickly then, dropping the carcass and dashing back away from the Red. By now the rest of his gang had followed him close. Their own expressions matched and complemented their ring-leader’s own, varying in scowls, snarls, and grimaces. The Red himself whipped his head between Comatose and Lachrymose before lifting one side of his mouth in a disgusted snarl.


“: It seems I’ve made a terrible mistake! Disgusting creatures the both of you. How dare you trespass here! :”


Comatose looked warily over to her mentor across the clearing. Every muscle in her tiny form seemed wound tight, and her body shivered slightly as if in slight spasms. Their route of escape had been cut off effectively; the other males moving as if on some invisible cue. Comatose spoke, carefully choosing her words.


“: Again, we have mean no harm. We were both simply passing through, and needed to feed. I do not want to upset you further, and I can assure you we will be leaving to avoid any confron- :”


“: SILENCE! :” the Red proclaimed, roaring in fury. “: You expect me to believe that? You hideous, vile creatures! I bet you were both delighted to find we had a cave nearby. Oh, you’re amiable now, but if we had left you would have no doubt back-tracked our scent to our cave. I bet you would have enjoyed slaughtering every chick and hatchling you could have gotten your greedy little fangs on! :”


The Striped stepped in front of the Red now, shaking his head. “: Bosil, let off. They have done nothing wrong here, and you are making possibly erroneous assumptions. We can escort them out if we must, but I see no need for-:”


Large jaws snapped closed with furious speed inches from his face. The Red, whom she had just learned was called Bosil, towered over the Striped. “: DON’T CROSS ME LETH. I have no love for you as it is, and I will not hesitate to tear out your throat if you so much as attempt to be hospitable towards these monsters. How DARE you deem it alright to show such compassion to those that would, without remorse, slaughter our children? Your actions have always bordered on dangerous you stupid little b**#**d, and I will NOT have them be the cause of our children’s deaths! :”


Comatose leapt for the sky, hoping Bosil’s temporary lapse in attention would give her enough time to take wing. Again the Red surprised her in a burst of speed; he was quite quick for his build and size. His large tail slapped Comatose solidly across her face, sending her spiraling back down to the forest floor. The force of her impact caused her landing to be anything but graceful, and she bounced before skidding across the ground.


She picked herself up as quickly as possible, but was still barely on her feet when Bosil charged with a roar. He lowered his head to create what would be a devastating impact, thick black horns thrust forward. It was all Comatose could do to prepare herself for the blow.


She needn’t have bothered. The air was split by and earth-shattering shriek. It was not a cry of fear, nor of pain; it was a gleeful and hungry sound. In the brief span of time between the sound and the ensuing chaos all of the clearing’s occupant’s shivered in unison. Then Lachrymose fell upon Bosil.


The Red’s surprising cry quickly turned into a bubbling scream as talons and fangs tore into his face and neck. Warm blood spewed violently from torn fissures in his scale, decorating the surprised Leth a pretty shade of crimson. Lachrymose was quite the site to behold. The head fins on either side of her face were held out straight, reminiscent of a cobra’s hood. Her eyes were hungry and penetrating, and hemorrhaged deep crimson at the corners. She was lost to blood-lust now, driven there by hunger and anger.


Bosil’s momentum still carried him forward, and Comatose dashed out of the way as he went crashing by. The two opponents tumbled down into the forest, Bosil desperately trying to pry the smaller dragon off with little success.


Comatose, distracted by her mentor’s actions, barely caught the flash of blue in her peripheral vision. Not bracing quiet quick enough, the Spitfire impacted with her side hard, his cry of “:Freaks!:” ringing in her ears. She allowed herself to be bowled over slightly, and grabbed the other dragon with her talons as she flipped over. He shrieked in surprise before she slammed him to the ground. What may have been dangerous flames became a gasp as the air rushed out of his lungs.


Comatose sat atop her opponent, ignoring the throbbing pain beneath her ribcage. She could already feel the bruise forming, warm and tingling beneath her skin. This was the least of her problems however; she found herself having to give up her position to avoid the gaping maw of the Albino. His head had shot forward in a serpent-strike, fangs closing with a “snap” on the air where her throat had been moments ago. Instead of tasting blood he found himself with his neck caught between the Vampire’s horns.


Comatose was not a big dragon by any means but her Vampirism gave her a slight advantage in strength. Throwing herself backward caused her horns to slide along the base of the larger male’s neck until the rested under his chin. With his head caught, and also being caught off guard, the Albino followed her down, talons scrabbling across the forest floor. His face impacted with the ground with a “crunch,” quickly followed by a “snap,” as his flailing saw him a bad landing.


Rolling over, Comatose watched as her opponent slowly tried to pick himself up. His face was bloodied, and his neck twisted in impossible angles. He took a step forward…and collapsed in a life-less heap.


The Spitfire had again regained his footing, and joined Leth and the Dorsal as they rushed forward. Comatose found herself quickly surrounded by slashing talons and snapping maws. Both the Spitfire and Dorsal looked eager to tear her apart, but it was obvious to Comatose that Leth was fighting simply to finish what had started. The Dorsal attacked with powerful blows, the Spitfire with quick strikes, but Leth mostly blocked any of Comatose’s retaliations on himself and his companions. As she snapped out at the Dorsal his head connected with hers, sending bright spots of light across her vision.


A searing pain flashed across her back as the clearing was bathed in a bright blue light. The Spitfire had managed to singe the skin along her back painfully, the acrid smell of her own burning flesh causing Comatose’s nostrils to flare. At this rate she would have more than just a few painful bruises to show for the fight.


The Spitfire was getting ready to loose another jet of flame when a small black form dropped onto him from the sky, roaring. It hit its target at a tremendous speed, sending them both tumbling across the clearing. Branches and bones snapped as if in symphony, and when the tangle of dragons stopped only the sky-diver stood back up.


He was a Black, or had been in life. Bits of skin hung from his black and brown scales as if he had started to slough it off and then decided better of it. The gaping wounds leaked little of any fluid at all despite their depth and severity. His horns and spines looked horribly large, but Comatose realized that was not true; his body was in fact small, but it was apparent his spines and horns had continued to grow after his undeath.

The Zombie’s eyes looked at Comatose, the same mahogany color as his underbelly.


The Dorsal looked rapidly back and forth between the two of them, understandably hesitant of the situation. He made as if to move on Comatose again as she was the more familiar target. He did not get far. Another animalistic shriek pierced the night, and Lachrymose launched herself from the trees.


“: NO, NO, GODS NO! :” he shrieked, talons digging into the earth as he made to dash away. He was not quick enough. The quick, white form of Lachrymose skittered up his back rapidly, sharp claws tearing his sails to tatters. His screams became horrible, desperate, pleading as she crawled across his back with her scalpel-like talons. Comatose knew they would go unheeded; the glinting look in her mentor’s eyes, and the hemorrhaging from her eye sockets confirmed this. She was lost to blood lust, and would only come back when her appetite was sated.


The Dorsal’s screams suddenly cut off in a strangled gurgle as Lachrymose’s fangs hit home in his throat. He hit the ground convulsing, Lachrymose’s claws gripping him tight for footing.


Comatose looked away to stare at Leth. He had stopped his assault abruptly after the death of the Spitfire, and now glanced between his three possible opponents carefully. She did not envy him for his position. It had been obvious from the beginning he had no intentions to fight them, and had done so out of duty. But if he continued that duty he would more than likely find himself much like his companions, Finally his posture changed to indicate he would not fight unless in defense.


He shifted his weight on his paws. “: I wanted no part in this. You had done nothing wrong, and now four of my cave-family lies dead because of their own hatred. I cannot guarantee others from the cave won’t act the same way. :” He stared now at Comatose, quickly glancing to the Black stranger as well. “: If you leave the territory by tomorrow, and do not harm anyone else, I can try to see that you will find no more trouble. Understand in my position I can make no guarantees. :”


The stranger snorted then in a mixture of annoyance and amusement, mumbling a “: Whatever buddy, :” but was otherwise silent. Comatose, for her part, responded with the decency and politeness she thought this Leth deserved but only just.


“: We should have no problem leaving this area in that time. I, however, suggest you do your best to keep any more of your…scouts from crossing our paths. I cannot promise there would not be any more fatalities, especially after the ‘hospitality’ we were shown here. :”


“: Nor would I expect you to, :” he answered most politely. “: I will do my best to keep this quiet for now. :” Leth ventured a careful glance in Lachrymose’s direction; she was still feeding quite happily on his dead comrade. “: I suspect it would be most disastrous for us both if I did not. Farewell for now, and quite possibly for the best forever. I should not stay longer, lest I fail to keep my end of the bargain. :” He turned then, cautiously, and paused to give one last look at the clearing in its occupants. Then he was gone, slipping gracefully between the trees.


It was not until Leth was completely out of site that the stranger turned to Comatose and addressed her. “: Now I’m not one to normally go poking my snout into other’s business, but I can’t help wondering how you managed to get yourselves into such a predicament. :” He glanced toward her still feeding mentor. “: That…is with you, right? :”


Lachrymose lifted her head at his remark, and managed to give him an unnerving smirk. The hemorrhaging of her eyes had slowed significantly, and she appeared more capable of conscious thought. Still, her expression and posture suggested primal, hungry urges were still more prevalent than rationality in her mind for the time being. She quickly returned to her loud feeding.


Comatose was too busy inspecting the stranger to answer his unnecessary comment. Something about him struck her as familiar, but she knew not why. She could not recall ever having met him in person, before his undeath or otherwise. She did not think the recognition came from some distant memory either. It was fresh, on the forefront of her mind but just out of reach.


It was the stranger that recognized her first. He had been regarding her coolly up until that point, but after further inspection of her appearance her seemed to grimace, and ground his teeth together. “: You! You dream invading wench! What are you doing here? :”

“: We could ask you the same thing Arvil dear. :”Lachrymose, her blood seemingly no longer at a boil, stood up from her meal.


A snarl emitted from the Black as he whipped around to face the small Vampire. “: How do you know my name hag? :”


If Lachrymose thought the other’s behavior warranted an immediate response she did not show it. She took her time cleaning her gore-streaked snout, and even had the audacity to stretch and yawn in his face before giving her answer. “: I hardly find that any way to treat your elders. But if you must know, your father is a very lovely acquaintance of mine. No, not that way dearest, :” she added at Arvil’s look of disgust.


Comatose knew the conversation was going nowhere good anytime soon, and decided to interject with an apology to the Black. “: I apologize. I can assure you that I did not mean to cause you any distress. Had I known of the private nature of the dream I would have done my best to not view it. What happened occurred because I have a difficult time controlling my…abilities. I did not invade your privacy intentionally, and would never wish to. If it is any consolation I caught little of what occurred there. :”


The stranger, who Comatose now knew as Arvil, considered her for a while, as if trying to determine the truth in her words. Finally his posture relaxed, if only just slightly. “: Fine. I’m more than happy believing that what you did was an accident; you don’t seem to be the malicious type. I can’t speak for your friend however. But you still have yet to answer my question. :”


“: Oh come off it Arvil hon, :” Lachrymose piped as she sauntered over to Comatose’s side. “: I think you know the answer to that well enough. But if it will cease your pestering of poor Comatose I’ll be more than happy to elaborate. I think you already know that there are few places that will accept the likes of us with open arms. We were simply passing through, as I suspect you were. However, I have not eaten in a while, so we had to stop for a quick meal. I tend to get crankier than most of my kind when I don’t feed for some time. :”


“:I don’t think cranky is the word I’d use. :”


“: To each their own Arvil dear. Comatose hun, are you going to finish your supper? I do think it’s time we follow that Leth fellow’s advice and leave. Everyone here is quite rude, and I don’t think I can stand another minute of it. :”


“: I’m not really hungry, :” Comatose answered. It was the truth at any rate; the night’s events had spoiled her appetite quite thoroughly. :”


“: Alright then dear. Come along now, we have some flying to do if we’re to make it out of here by daylight. :” With that she walked past Comatose to a part of the clearing more suitable for takeoff. :”


Comatose turned to follow her mentor, while simultaneously doing her best to annoy Arvil’s staring. She was stopped short, however, when he addressed her for a final time that night.


“: What’s your name? And I don’t mean the one that hag gave you. Your birth name. Your real name. :”


Comatose turned in genuine surprise. Few other’s cared to know here name, and even fewer still would question the one she went by was not her real one. This Avril was a perceptive one. Not only did he seem to know the name he had heard Lachrymose use was not her intended name, but he had also easily felt her presence in his dream, and recognized her before she recognized him. There was something curious about that, and Comatose was a curious dragon.


“: Come along now Comatose, we’re wasting starlight. :”


Lachrymose’s summons interrupted her thoughts, and she turned without a word to follow her mentor. Lachrymose had just leapt into the air, but was swiftly gaining altitude. Comatose followed close behind, her wingspan and build letting her quickly close the distance.


Still, she could not help but circle back once clear of the wooded canopy. Arvil still stood there, silently watching their ascent into the night sky. She really should have just followed Lachrymose. Other two chance (but was it really chance?) meetings she knew nothing of this other dragon. It would probably be best to give a simple thank you, if even that, before leaving him behind, a memory of the past.


“: Thank you for your help tonight Arvil. I wish you well. :” She paused. Curiosity got the best of her.


“: Yrami. My name was to be Yrami. :”


Comatose forced her gaze back skyward, lest the other serve as a further distraction. Without looking back she quickly made haste toward the rapidly fading shape of her mentor, rising into the midnight sky.




Authors's Notes


Still getting back into the habit of writing well. I feel a lot of the characterization in here was flat and/or lacking. I hope I will be able to improve on this in later chapters.


Also about Lachrymose's bloodlust: it's really just something she does when she hasn't fed well in a while, and can be set of early depending on her emotions. Despite her size she has quite the metabolism, even for a Vampire, and needs to feed more than most. As for the hemorrhaging, I'm not quite sure where or why I came up with that. However, it does serve to make Lachrymose hungrier than usual when in blood lust. Loss of blood and thus nutrients+need to consume blood+hungry Vampire=BAD.


This is the second to last chapter of Comatose's introduction ark. Then we move on to Aquinias!


Oh, and Arvil can be found here:


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