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Count till the end of the world gets here!~

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9266 *BOOM*


I lived in East Texas oilfields. One night, the house shook like someone had run a truck through the wall. An long 'empty' (outgassing) oilfield tank explode about ten miles away, because people climbed up there to smoke cigarettes.  Ignited the fumes. 


A couple of years back when the Texas City refinery exploded (again) and there was an evacuation order, and the national news showed doorcam footage, I was like 'that really does not show what it's like to be there when it hapnens.'

Like Lagie and the photo of a neighbor who photographed a fish swimming past thier window during Hurricane Dorian.

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Yikes, indeed!

The lightning from thunderstorm two nights ago set off a fire at Potters Cay dock here.



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