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Moderator Applications

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Think you can handle the tough, strenuous, and challenging (and possibly dozens of other adjectives) job of a moderator? Just send a PM to me explaining why you think that you are a good fit for your position of choice.


A few formalities/requirements:

  • Don't post here with your application. Posts don't magically turn into PMs.
  • Please include the section you're applying for in the subject of the PM or it may be misfiled or ignored.
  • You must be at least level 3. (A.K.A have at least 100 posts)
  • Being on good terms with the current mods (especially those in the section you're applying for) is a plus.
  • You must have at most a current warn level of 10%. Past warn history will be taken into account, but we're not going to penalize you too much.
  • Application Deadline: Midnight EST, February 3
The positions:

Help Moderator

Help moderators are in charge of the flood of help questions that need to be quickly answered. They also have to deal with the suggestions forum and do almost everything involving Dragon Requests (including but not limited to approving new requests, moving requests to completed, updating the progress list (with help))

Site Discussion Moderator

Site discussion may be a small area, but it gets a lot of foot traffic. SD mods not only have to pay attention to SD topics, but also approve new intro topics and monitor news threads (Like this one!)

RP Moderator

RP mods are in charge of the RP section, including managing approvers as well as personally approving RPs, and keeping RPs and OOC threads on track.

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Applications are now closed.

Application Deadline: Midnight EST, February 3


Good luck to those that applied.


~Moderation applications, are closed at this time.~

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