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  1. I actually feel sort of the way the quote described, but it's not because of there not being a category. For me, it's more that - well, you know the way when you meet an attractive person, and you think that you might like them, and that they might like you, but you don't really know, and you can't tell whether or not they're flirting with you, and what if you say the wrong thing and then turn out to have a crush on them and your entire life hinges on that one person? And it's like that with every attractive person you meet? This may just be puberty, but for me it feels like I can't really trust anyone, because they're a possible future romantic interest. Lucky people just have to deal with one gender, but I can't even trust my galfriends like that. Pretty much the only person who I can talk to about this is my probably-asexual trans friend, and even then I'm not very comfortable. Add this to having gone to an all-girls middle school then being plunged into my public high school, life sorta sucks. Any tips? ... wow, that was long.
  2. "Badly, but with enthusiasm!" "Don't Blink." "Also? I can kill you with my brain." (nerd references are nerdy...)
  3. Hiya, everyone! I'm bi, though still going through puberty, so that may be subject to change. I don't really understand the point of view of 'OMFG THEY WILL CONTAMINATE OUR KIDZ!!!!1!!!' that some people seem to have. As far as we can tell, sexuality is about as contagious as shoes. Also, to bring something to the table, I saw this quote (that I got from Wikipedia which got it from Torchwood): "[being bisexual is] the worst of any world because you don't really belong anywhere, because you are never sure of yourself or those around you. You can't trust in anyone, their motives or their intentions. And because of that, you have, in a world that likes its nice shiny labels, no true identity." -Ianto Jones Opinions?
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    Hm... fluffy, but not too fluffy. My dad's allergic to cat hair, though, so it's sort of a moot point.
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    Ah... I actually have no idea. A cuddly one?
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    I wish I had a cat. Your friend is lucky, Micropeep.
  7. Purple, Black, and... something. I can't remember what else.
  8. "Bury me with my laptop, or I will personally follow you around and haunt you worse than Moaning Myrtle would."
  9. My forum name comes from something completely random. I got a Runescape account when I was 10, and I couldn't think of a username. So, out of the blue, I went with Miz927. It was nice, but it was sort of hard to type, so I thought, hey, why not make a palindrome? Hence 'Mizzim.'
  10. I like the 'hide eggs/unfrozen hatchlings' option.
  11. Shyra was standing on the very hot Hatching grounds. She looked around as some of the eggs started to hatch, and looked to the small greens. Most of them headed in other directions but one was heading towards her and a group of the other candidates. By some instinct, she stepped forward towards the small dragon. "Hello," she said softly as the green's eyes looked up to hers. she reached out to scratch her eye ridge. "What's your name?" ((is her name assigned, or do I pick it? I didn't get it in my PM.))
  12. ((I'm really sorry. I just don't think that I'm cut out for RPs. I don't think that it'll hurt anyone if I don't keep going on? sorry.))
  13. "Thanks, but no thanks." Ayore said. "I think I'm going to hunt." She ran into the forest. she paused for a moment and thought that she could smell a deer. She slowly crept in that direction, eventually coming upon a small clearing. She peered around one of the bushes, and saw that there was a doe with her fawn. She turned around. She wouldn't hurt a mother and a child. She ran off towards an owl that she had scented.
  14. ((I'm sorry, I've been really busy lately. I'll have more time after sunday.))
  15. ((Oops, sorry! thanks.)) "I am Ayore. I was born after the rebels attacked, but I support DraconaRosella. Do you have any idea who the heir might be?" she asked. "Do you think that it's the Shifter girl from yesterday? I got her address." Ayore thought that the girl hadn't seemed very... dragon-y when she had almost shifted, but she wasn't very good at telling.
  16. (I really have no idea what to post.) Ayore walked into the tent and found an empty sleeping bag. She was really tired, since she had stayed up all night. As she slept, she dreamed. She saw a person shifting into a dragon, but she couldn't tell who the person was. just as she was about to speak, the dream ended, and she had dreamless sleep.
  17. Ayore also shifted to her human form. "Hello," she said. "I want to talk. but first, what side are you on? fight for the heir to the DraconaRosella line. those vampires that we fought last night fought for the Rebels of Blood."
  18. Ayore-phoenix sat in the trees. it seemed that the boy didn't notice her. She flew over and sat in front of his tent.
  19. Ayore had followed the shifter girl to her house, and remembered her address. As she was going to her own home, she suddenly wondered where that werewolf, Kiro, had gotten to. All the werewolves that she had experience with liked woods, so she started there. She turned into a phoenix and started looking for them. When she finally spotted him, she realized that he was sleeping near another boy. She settled down till morning to ask them about the girl, the vampires, and, most importantly, what side they were on.
  20. after she had restrained the female, Ayore drew into the shadows. "Who are you working for?" she hissed. when she didn't respond she grabbed her tighter. "who?" the female vampire gasped. "rebels... of... blood..." and burst into ashes.
  21. As soon as the other vampires left the room, Ayore stood up and left. she shifted and flew up to the roof just in time to see the female vampire going for the shifter. She had just enough time to wonder why the girl didn't shift as she humanized mid-air and landed on the female vampire.
  22. Ayore looked at the shifter girl. "Nothing, thanks," she said. She had already eaten. Since this girl wasn't reacting to any of the immortals, she probably hadn't made her first shift yet. But was she DraconaRosella or was she working for the rebels?
  23. As Ayore walked down a city street one night, she suddenly felt a large group of immortals congregate at a certain spot in the city. As she concentrated, she defined them into a shifter, a werewolf, and some other vampires. she quickly darted into an alleyway and shifted into her phoenix form. Since it was late out, anyone who did see her could be proven wrong, because they were drunk. She landed and reformed outside the bar, and cast a small spell that would hide her identity to all but the most skilled immortals. as she walked in, she immediately pinpointed the shifter, the barmaid, and the werewolf, a man who was drinking a glass of water. After a moment's examination, she also pinpointed the two other vampires, who were whispering and pointing, though not to her. As she looked back at the werewolf, she decided that unless he was looking for the rebels, she had no quarrel with him. Since she had been bitten, she didn't feel the normal rivalry, and ignored the difference. She walked up to the barmaid.
  24. Username: Mizzim rp name: Ayore Creature: vampire/ shape shifter (phoenix) History: Ayore grew up in a clan who followed the rebels, but when a clan of vampires attacked and she got bitten, she decided to seek out the descendants of the DraconaRosella clan and help them. Side: DraconaRosella (can I add this?) Description: Ayore has black hair and pale skin. If you look into her eyes, they seem to be on fire to any immortal, but to any mortal, they just seem orange. since she is on the side of the DraconaRosella clan, she doesn't drink human blood. She wears a dark orange shirt and black pants.
  25. I like this. I'll be joining once it's up.