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  1. I have always been actively unhappy about how intimidating it often is to post in this forum, that's part of the reason I hardly bother anymore. It's not specifically because there were no reactions, but those can help with existing issues, while nearly all the concerns people have are based on hypotheticals. Yes, something might not have worked well in a certain community,but that doesn't mean anything about how it would do in this specific one unless we try it since there are just as many examples of it being totally fine on other forums.
  2. Shockingly, about a month after Endgame I nabbed "Morgan Stark" and "I love you 3000". Had to get considerably more creative to name the rest of my infinity stone dragons but it led to finding "Asgardians of the Galaxy" also available, so I'm not complaining.
  3. People are already afraid to post though, maybe because they aren't confident about their English skills, or because they will then have to argue their point further and they don't have the time/energy to, or because of social anxiety, or because this community can get so intense about certain things that it's frankly more than a little intimidating. As I've said before this thread was revived I don't feel too strongly either way, as in I don't think reactions are necessary but I don't think they're evil either. I would say existing problems outweigh potential problems though. We know for a fact from several examples in this thread that people would use reacts to say "I agree" or "thanks" or "congrats!" while right now they wouldn't post those things at all, yet we don't know that any of the negative consequences discussed would actually come to pass. For someone like me who is mostly a lurker I can definitely say reactions would make me contribute more instead of less. Still in favour of a trial run with set dates, and it would be great if it's possible for people to opt out of seeing reacts of course.
  4. Hmmm. Well bizarrely since I posted it did activate, just later than when I figured it should, and it's still behind other dragons. At least it did do the job, I'm just unclear on why it took an extra round after there were 10+ zombies (they killed two more dragons in that round boo).
  5. Has anyone figured out what's going on with the Soulpeace? I had 10 zombies on the board and in the next round 4 were added, yet nothing happened.
  6. Wow and here I thought we wouldn't be getting new dragons this month, but I suppose the release is...inevitable. Very curious to see the adults, the vibrant ones look quite unique. Also I am not emotionally recovered from watching Endgame - twice. Send help.
  7. Ah darn, I got an upside down mint and was hoping to give it to a friend but apparently they're not tradeable now. Did that change last time already? I remember there was definitely no such limit the first year.
  8. Has anyone figured out how to get Wilda to the dance? I'd appreciate some pointers, she's the only one still eluding me even though I'm pretty sure she's responding positively to all the choices I make.
  9. Glad to hear Olivia's route has been fixed, I liked the banter with her so I'll go replay it. Then I'll only be missing Wilda for some reason...apparently we're determined not to go to the dance.
  10. Yeah same, is it even possible? I pick all the options that seem like the right ones and somehow always end up friends with everyone. Am I just doing all the hard routes?
  11. Has anyone gotten the good ending with Harle? I feel like I've tried all the options but they all end the same...the different music choices all give me negative outcomes. I guess I'll just try some other routes in the meantime.
  12. Interesting event, I just wish it was easier to explore all the different routes, maybe some kind of checkpoint or at least a fast forward for the cutscenes. I apparently am best buds with Wilda and not going to the dance which is nice but a little bit confusing, was there a way to actually go to the dance with her? New eggs look great though, I'm excited to see the adults.
  13. I thought that was the case indeed, but I'm not on my own computer right now and for some reason I seem to be missing that option. Strange. Thank you though!
  14. Wonderful, finally I'll get to spend all my resources and decorate. One thing I really wish we had though is a mute button for the music, I spend a long time messing with decorating games and usually do something else in the meantime like watch a show or listen to music, but the music from the game is so loud that it drowns out anything else I have playing on my browser.
  15. Not being able to enter ever again seems a bit much...there are 6 different prize dragons after all, and even if we consider the 3 colours of each group the "same" (which they're not at all if you care about how lineages look) there are still two different breeds, Tinsels and Shimmers. How is it fair to say that if you win one you will never be allowed the other, even if you don't like the one you got? They're not tradeable so it's not like you could swap. Still, there have been suggestions about winners not being able to enter raffles temporarily...and while that sounds reasonable in theory, the actual difference it would make is practically nonexistent. TJ did some math on that a while ago to prove that point, linked below. In my opinion introducing an alternate way of obtaining prizes is the most effective way of bridging the gap between the "lucky" who might even get several CBs, and those who still hope for just one.
  16. As an original Tinsel prize winner, I disagree. A prize in this context, to me, is something special because it was given to you for free. It's not an award like a trophy or medal that is unique to the person who won it because they achieved something special, it's just a nice little bonus that you just so happened to be lucky enough to get. Raffles generally don't give out things that are unobtainable in any other way; even if we talk about extremely expensive cars or whatever in real life, those are still things anyone could potentially save up to buy with a ton of dedication. That is all people are asking for. Winning a prize dragon is still special, in the same way that winning a vacation in Bali is special because you didn't have to struggle for who knows how long to get it, it comes as a delightful surprise. That doesn't mean everyone else in the world shouldn't be allowed to achieve the same if they work hard enough. I've experienced the joy of winning, and yes I want that for more people (imo the raffles shouldn't stop even if prizes are in store - maybe fewer winners though?). But in my personal experience being a collector I can tell you the long term satisfaction I would get from being able to get CBs of all prizes from the shop would be much greater.
  17. I have to say, I'm thrilled with this celebration. The trading and market sections of the site will be extremely useful, and I adore the new dragons. Now all the Harry Potter related names I have saved up will have much more fitting dragons. Thank you to everyone involved. My first batch:
  18. I don't see how this would be any more confusing than anything else already having to do with DC time. Releases happen at midnight cave time, which I know is 7 in the morning for me. Zombies are visible between midnight and 6:00 cave time, which is 7:00 until 13:00 for me. Sunrise/set dragons also have specific hours, which I don't care to remember because I haven't hatched them in ages but I already know I'm 7 hours ahead of cave time so it's pretty easy. This is even simpler; the one thing you need to know is when days change on DC time, which I imagine a lot of people already have some idea about since, as I said, that's when releases happen and events start and end. You only need to calculate once and then remember it in your own time zone. That being said, an exact timer of "you can breed in x days and y hours" is obviously very clear and I would not be opposed to it in the least. But as someone who has experienced the "creep effect" very much, I wouldn't mind eliminating that issue as well.
  19. I have to say I've seen plenty of long responses in suggestions where the person clearly hadn't read even the first post of the thread. To me a like is agreement with what the post says; if there was some kind of stipulation to go along with it, like only agreeing with one part, the person would have probably elaborated. You can't be sure, but a vague "I agree" doesn't offer any more information, and if I understood TJ correctly earlier in this thread he's not a fan of those posts either. I kind of doubt that many people would use reactions for totally random reasons (for example if I got a "haha" reaction at a longer post including a joke, it'd be pretty safe to assume what the reaction is about), but that's the sort of thing we can only speculate over right now. I don't think it'll be that confusing. I also don't think this is a super necessary feature though, so. *shrug*
  20. This has been brought up before, but I've read the whole thread and I've only seen people say they'd use reactions instead of very short posts like "I agree" or "congrats" (which are/were against the rules anyway if I recall correctly?), and in cases where they don't know how to phrase a response because people have already said everything they wanted to. Most of the people in favour of this suggestion have said they'd use reactions instead of NOT posting at all. Anyway, I said it before but I'm in favour of a trial run, with specific dates as others have mentioned. It also seems like the ability to turn off reactions would make quite a few people happy so it would be nice to get a response on whether that's possible or not.
  21. That's the thing, I definitely wouldn't support reactions if this is how they'd end up being used. It greatly depends on the community; I've seen places where reactions are used more sparingly and to actually respond to something, and nobody cares if they get a lot or none because conversations still happen normally. That's why I wish we could have a trial period, it could go either way depending on the habits of the majority of the userbase. As for the matter of ignoring something you don't like, my point with my examples was that someone could be as bothered by the post count as you are by reactions. It's not necessarily something you can control, but your eyes learn to slide over it as long as it doesn't actually affect how the forums work. But this definitely doesn't apply in the worst case scenario of reactions actually stiffling discussion or causing some kind of trouble...that would be an actual issue and not a simple matter of personal dislike. I know you weren't responding specifically to me but just wanted to clear things up some more since I do see your point.
  22. I can't recall if anything has been trialed here honestly, which is why I'm unsure of how it would go. Doesn't seem like it would mesh well with TJ's style. An option to hide reactions would solve some of the issues people have with them, and customization is always great. But I have to say if that's not possible for some reason, as long as the reactions are not something too obtrusive you can easily just ignore them. I might not care how many posts people have, or their location, or their joined date, or when they edited their post, or even care to see their avatars. For example the number of posts could be seen as a popularity/activity status symbol, and that might bother me (this is a random example, not actually complaining). In that case, I'd simply ignore it. There's a lot of information displayed on the forums that we don't even think about, simply because we're used to it.
  23. In this entire thread the only mentions of people who would use reactions instead of posting were when their post would be just "I agree" or "support" or "congratulations!" or such. I don't see that as a negative thing since short posts like that are often frowned upon for cluttering threads. As fuzzbucket has said, warns have been given before for responses of just an emoticon. Yet it's a natural instinct to want to react somehow and acknowledge what someone said, so I think there should be a way to allow doing that without a bunch of 2-word posts. For the record I'm not saying your concerns aren't valid, I don't question that reactions have had a negative effect in other places and the same could potentially happen here. But it's still only an assumption, nobody has said they would refrain from posting their actual opinion if they could use reactions. Personally I'd be in favour of a trial run for a while (which says a lot considering how change-resistant I usually am). However that would require TJ actually taking people's opinion into account after, and I'm not convinced that would happen.
  24. As someone who rarely uses reactions on facebook and generally didn't see the point of them, I don't mind the idea. I only started using them a bit more on a messenger group chat recently because sometimes I want to react to multiple things, and there's no other convenient way of doing that. Most of the time it's just a thumbs up for when I agree with something that was said but it wasn't a big enough deal to warrant typing out a whole message about it too, or a laugh reaction when something was funny. In a forum it's slightly easier to respond to multiple messages by quoting a few different people in one post, but I still often see a lot of those being just "this, agreed" or . I don't see how that offers anything more than adding a thumbs up or a laugh reaction to a post. Also, I happen to be a lurker most of the time nowadays, in part because I usually don't have the time to keep checking responses, but also because a bit of social awkwardness often makes me think and overthink before posting anything. Reactions can make it possible to become a little more involved without having to work out the best way to phrase things (also for people who might not be that fluent), and gradually even overcome the anxiety and end up participating more. If this seems like a stretch, I'll just say it's from my own experience when I first joined a discord channel. I don't have a very strong opinion either way on this suggestion, and I do understand some people might react (ha) very differently than me to such a feature to the point of it being anxiety inducing instead of relieving. Just offering a different view of how it could potentially be a positive thing.
  25. Support if it's not too much trouble to add. This is not something I super need personally, but I can see it being handy and would use it every now and then. It's not just about the lineage though, I sometimes want to show how many of a certain breed of dragon I've gotten from a pairing, or the cool names people have given the offspring. I'd rather send one progeny link than several separate lineage ones, especially on mobile where tabs and copy-pasting is a hassle.