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    Regarding trades for an 2G or 3G Silver Shimmer eggs.........(I am always willing to discuss breedings from any of my other dragons. Please feel free to ask.)

    My list is CLOSED at this time.
    As I work through it I may open up a slot or 2: this info will be posted here.

    Just looking for the following eggs as I do not have many of them. CB only please.

    ANY of the NEW eggs for the DC birthday.
    Copper: BROWN ONLY at this time.
    Pyralspite: ONLY from the Alpine or Coast.
    Green Dino ONLY!! : I already have all of the others.

    1st gen Hellhorse or Soulpeace

    Don't assume that I will ONLY accept eggs from my list as trades: these are just the ones I am most interested in as I do not have many of them! I AM always willing to look at other offers.

    Always willing to swap 2G's with other prize winners.

    OH! and Chickens!! Always willing to swap for chickens!!!

    Other offers "may" be considered.

    All offers will be considered carefully before a decision is made.

    I will ONLY respond HERE to PM's regarding egg requests or trades! Do NOT email me!!!

    Also I have a FAMILY and a FULL time job! I am ONLY on DC in the evenings: Pacific time. In other words I am west coast USA. If you live overseas it may be hours before I can reply. Please be patient: I will get back to everyone.