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http://dragcave.net/user/whimsy Will breed practically anything on scroll for free except 3G tinsel/shimmers. I track PMs. Neither my profile wishlist or IOU list are up to date since I went on hiatus. Feel free to poke me if you think I've forgotten about an IOU! I collect Tsunami_Wyvern_hatchi.gif's. Will give my life for a 2G holly IOU. I take IOUs. Always looking for tsunami hatchlings and metalfails to complete my checkers. Offering 3G checker or stairstep holly from tsunami this Christmas, PM if interested!30020.png

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    I love tsunamis and pretty metal checkerboards. I especially like pretty metal checkerboards with tsunamis in them. PM me if you can breed an unrelated one to mine!

    Currently in need of:
    -2G prize dragons xD (duh). Especially ones from tsunami!
    -Would love another 2G holly if possible <3 I'd love to continue my checker! (holly x tsunami)
    -2G spriter alt offspring (especially ones from tsunami).
    -2G prizefails (especially from tsunami! I have 2G prizes from tsunamis who need mates so I can make pretty checkers)
    -Valentine IOUs! I need another 2G sweetling from alt sweetling x silver, my silver rejected both of mine. Would give my soul for 2G valentines descended from prizes/hollies/spriter alts! (like her, except a valentine https://dragcave.net/lineage/EWXXl) A heartseeker sibling of (https://dragcave.net/lineage/IDpkm) would be my dream!
    -CB gold/silver/rainbow copper (to make pretty checkers)
    -2G gold/silvers (unrelated to my metals) to continue my checkers
    -CB Red/Magi hatchlings
    -2G metalfails (hatchlings preferred unless I have egg slots)
    -Newer CB hatchlings, since I took a hiatus.
    -Always taking CB or nice-lineaged tsunami hatchlings!

    I'm owed a few 2G prizes. If you're curious, PM me!