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  1. It says closed for me though. Are you logged in?
  2. I think it's unlikely they are on normal scrolls. I bet plenty of people must have clicked those eggs to look at them, but most of them show just 1 view, 1 UV and 1 click each. One thing we could try would be to add them to hatcheries using the code, to see if they'd gain views normally, but that would be going against rules. :/
  3. I feel bad because I know a lot of work has gone into the sprites, but I really really dislike the new Silver sprites -- they look really out of place when seen with the other dragons on the site and the male Silver's body looks horribly imbalanced, and his fur on his head looks awkward. I'm quite sad because the Silvers used to be my favourite dragons on the site. Love the work on the two-headeds though EDIT: I just saw the updated hatchling sprites for Silvers and... umm... at least it's kind of cute how it looks like it's checking its watch or something?
  4. Is it really be so hard to get a Silver from a Pink pairing...? I hear people complaining about Deep Seas/ Falconiforms/ Fever Wyverns and things like that, but Pinks? O.O progeny
  5. I'm going to miss the cute little hick in the Holly's neck. But otherwise, a great job was done with the sprites and I can't deny the new Holly sprite is much cleaner and prettier, even if the old sprite is nostalgic
  6. Missed a CB Magiea, but then caught a CB Silver! I hope this means good things for my exam on Monday... though it probably just means I need to log out of DC and go study T_T
  7. Actually, I see them less than even CB Golds >.> I saw 4 CB Golds over the past few days (but only snagged one ;_; ), while I haven't seen an Almandine since their release. As of now, I still only have one CB Almandine pair, which I know is more than some people, but I'd still like to have at least 2 pairs, in case of refusals.
  8. It's not just you! The "Hide" and "Unhide" options now mention the use of casting spells and magic =) Looks like a new DC update
  9. I'm pretty sure that when I picked it up from the AP, its views were close to 0/0/0 -- when I checked on it after unfogging, it had around 85 views so I don't think it could've been "a few stray views"
  10. Something weird happened to me about an hour ago. Here is a roughly timeline of what happened: 1. I start to get viewbombed. On my scroll was a CB Tsunami egg that was kept fogged because I picked it up at 1 day from the AP so I thought I'd try to ND it. 2. I notice I'm being bombed. I hide my scroll, fog my eggs, etc. etc. 3. I unfog my Tsunami to prepare for ND attempt. At this point I haven't entered it into any hatcheries yet. 4. A couple of minutes later I come back to look at my Tsunami again and I see it's gained views. ??? 5. I check my scroll and it's still hidden. ???
  11. I cannot stop laughing Thank you Rally Vincent! The names of the parents, grandparents etc are amazing.
  12. The picture gave me a heart attack I thought the Thuwed list was open again and panicked
  13. I was totally not expecting this *pokes egg wishing it would hatch faster*
  14. Thank you ^^ Congrats on your 2nd gen Silver too, never thought I'd see a shiny produced from Deep Seas on first try
  15. After about 5 months of frustration my Silver pair has finally produced an egg
  16. I had to stare at it for really long before I realised what was up I saw the earlier posts about "code recycling" so I was staring very hard at all the codes wondering if two of the dragons in the lineage had the same code. Now that I see it, I agree it's really mindblowing Congrats on the catch! If I'd been the one to see it in the AP with my observation skills being what they are I'd just toss it back and not realise anything
  17. Wow, congrats! I envy your alt luck I probably have 20+ Black x Gold alt fails by now... I have to say, the mate looks absolutely amazing
  18. Thank you Terces for this lovely checker
  19. It's called the new Big Brother Google collects a lot of info about you, it will read your emails and your searches on Google.com etc. etc. -- it says it does this to offer you more relevant ads, but who knows what else they do with these info Once, I had emailed a friend about Russia/Russian things, and Google gave me an ad on Dragon Cave about dating Russian people I wish I had screenie'd that :c
  20. The same person recently posted a trade in the trading threads, so I'll assume they have had time to read the message and respond...
  21. I'm so sorry for your loss, people can be quite greedy sometimes Oh well, perhaps in future if you need something so rare to be influenced again, you should try asking someone you actually know, or at least sort-of-know Well-known members are probably less likely to be scumbags Or if the egg isn't too low-time, you can just fog it first, quickly trade for a pink hatchie with the required gender, then influence it yourself ^^ Eggs can be influenced up to 3 days left, so that's around 4 days for the hatchie to grow up, so there should be time c:
  22. My current bad luck are these two horribly fussy Silver pairs: this x this this x this I've been breeding them regularly for months, experimenting with fertilising x days in advance or not fertilising at all, and all 4 progeny pages are still stunningly blank. Oh well, at least they didn't refuse each other I wouldn't know what to do